Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Joey's Blog

Day 3

Last night I was up in the middle of the night beating myself up, because I was sure this day 3 blog was gonna be one word: Done.
I am not being dramatic- although it felt very dramatic. I woke up from a nightmare: I was getting into a little private jet with four people and one of them said to me, “I thought you said you know how to fly this thing.” They were dead serious. It was not funny. And so I wake up from that dream making the clear connection that it was all from my fear surrounding the marathon. “What are you doing??!” “Its irresponsible. You don’t have the time. You’re too busy. You’re sabotaging all the other more important things in your life.” I was actually perspiring a little. All while my second son Rhys is finally out of the crib and in his own bed- therefore when he wakes up he comes in our room and I take him back in and put him back to bed- which is divine cuz he is an absolute angel. But this adds to my being up in the middle of the night… thinking.
But man, somehow, I woke up, and while not forgetting my dream and not completely letting go of my fears, I followed my trainers guidelines. I had the right breakfast- the diet for this thing is really good actually.
Before I left, I tried to help get the kids ready for school, kiss them goodbye, and then I was off for a 12 mile run.
My immediate obstacles right now are my right meniscus- which flares up almost immediately- and my lower back- a dull pain that lingers throughout the run. But the knee actually loosens up as I run more and on this particular run, I realized that if I straighten my posture I take the pressure off my back. Huge difference!!
I ended up doing closer to 13 miles. And it went really well. And then got to have 20 oz. of chocolate milk! (Apparently it helps the healing process after the run…SWEET!)
So I’m back on track!! Hopefully no crazy dreams tonight.
And rest day tomorrow!

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