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Six years after the reformation of the group, New Kids on The Block leave on tour and this time, they will be at the Olympia in Paris. The opportunity for to take with Joey McIntyre, who tells us the preparations for this very intimate show ...
They filled the largest stadiums, sold hundreds of thousands of records. Thirty years after the first steps the group, New Kids on The Block are still there, and this year, they go back on tour. With their new album 10 carried by the single Remix (I Like The) they leave this time not to conquer the larger rooms but intimate scenes.
A decision assumed, as explained Joey McIntyre , one of the five members of the group: "It was already intimate performances at various festivals or radio and that we always liked Although this is exciting. playing in large halls or stadiums, it is even more play more intimate scenes. It's more fun, it is closer to the public, and especially, it is unpredictable. One never know what might happen. "
This tour is an opportunity for Joey, Donnie Wahlberg , Jon Knight , Jordan Knight and Danny Wood revisit their greatest hits - old and new - and to offer acoustic sauce: "Sure, we'll play our hits and the idea is to present some new way. "
Reformed in 2008 after a split in the mid-90s, the boys had some success. For example, their latest single Remix (I Like The) has been quite well received as Joey explains: "It works pretty here (in the United States, ed), much like the clip on the Internet and runs well in TV . This is a good thing for us too to have new tubes in our repertoire. " But nothing was gained at first, as he says, he did not expect all this renewed success: "You can never expect that it works, even though every time we work for. a hard fate, it is the same thing, the same stress, the same expectation, especially after a break of fifteen. And the reception we received filled us with joy and pushes us continue ".
Indeed, it is clear that the sauce has taken since boys will soon receive a star on the famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard . Consecration which makes Joey very proud: "This is clearly an honor for us. I make music and I feel very fortunate to live in what I like It's good to be credible in that.. are doing and receive this star is a great reward. Especially since I live in Los Angeles and I run a lot on the side of the Boulevard. I think it's awesome. All these names are legendary and we will know soon with them, it's just great. "
On 11 May, the five singers will be on stage at the Olympia . A return to the mythical scene, five years after passing the Zenith in Paris. But in addition to this triumphant return, the boys continue multiple projects. Thus, Donnie Wahlberg is the star of the Blue Bloods series since 2010. Joey, he just shot a pilot for CBS, The McCarthys. But he assures, despite all these projects, the tour is a visit not to be missed: "We managed to organize Donnie and I are doing the TV, so we usually timetables. complicated. Sometimes it is difficult to juggle between solo and group, not to mention privacy, but we still managed to get by far. "
New Kids on The Block in concert at the Olympia Sunday, May 11, 2014. Reservations in the usual outlets


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