Donnie Wahlberg: still 40

Marc Andrew Deley/Crammed Media

When Donnie Wahlberg says 40 is the new 20, he means it.

The New Kid on the Block celebrated his 40th birthday last night by partying at Mohegan
Sun's Ultra 88 Nightclub with 1,000 fans, three cakes, and a list of VIP guests that included model Jaizen Homiller, nightlifer Seth Greenberg, Boston-bred Star magazine reporter Melissa Cronin, P. Diddy's "Making His Band" judge Rob Lewis, Wahlberg's protege Jimmy Marsh, and El Tiante Cigars CEO Dan Tiant. Highlights of the night included a performance by Wahlberg, who dropped his pants for the crowd before taking the mike. So
much for being a grown-up. After the club closed, Wahlberg had an after-party in his room until about 5 a.m. Earlier in the day, Wahlberg golfed with friends -- including Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey. He also received a surprise box of birthday cigars from Luis Tiant, who wrote a note to Donnie that said, "From one Boston icon to another."

Donnie, whose actual birthday was August 17, hosts yet another birthday celebration tomorrow at Rumor. You can find out more about the party on his Twitter page. Donnie explained to us last week, "I party long and hard. Wait -- that doesn't sound good, does it?" No, Donnie, it doesn't.


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