Donnie Wahlberg turns 40, heads on birthday tour: second stop, Boston

And it's the man behind the glasses that they love (Photo: Newscom)

August 28, 10:14 AM
And the ladies? Went wild.

Arguably the hottest bachelor (meaning unmarried) from Boston, Mr. Donnie Wahlberg had a birthday, and all of his fans? Knew about it.

For the big 4-0, Wahlberg decided to take his sexy self on a city tour, hitting up Mohegan Sun last Tuesday, Rumor nightclub in Boston last night (Thursday) and onward to TX, Vegas, and Cali (and maybe more).

So women of all ages, from all over the place, buy tickets (that cost $25 each) and show up to the given party pad (this time: Rumor in Boston) at 10PM. They wait in a very long line and don't set foot into the club until after 11PM. The club is way over capacity, and one can't help but think that if there was an emergency, half of its patrons wouldn't make it out alive. Getting drunk is a great option, other than the drinks cost $12 a pop ... so what's in it for the hundreds of New Kids on the Block fans? For some? It's a glimpse of Donnie Wahlberg. For others, it's the chance to elbow through the crowd to get a hug from him. For even less, it's a chance for "face time" - and yes, Wahlberg will talk and get to know people. He offeres autographs, picture-ops, hugs, and kisses - but it's a select few and always seems to be the same few that are guaranteed the time "alone" with him.

He got on the mic and told the sardine packed club that he wanted to make babies with everyone there. Women screamed while I laughed at the prospect of diseases and over population.

By 1:30AM, the average working person (in many cases wife, mom) is just ready to get her face time and get to bed. Well if you want to have a chance to talk with him, you have to be willing to withstand the wee hours of the morning ... we're talking 4, 5, 6AM. The reality is that any one of those girls in that club would punch you square in the nose at any given time if you bumped them on their mission. That ONE mission, held by hundreds (of thousands) is to get near Wahlberg.

Last night, Wahlberg went outside to take photos with fans and a fight broke out. A major fight. Wahlberg had to leave for security reasons. Sound like fun? Many girls will tell you that it comes with the territory and that drama is inevitable. Many of these same women think that they actually have a shot at "being" with Wahlberg. They follow him all around the country and many claim to have intimate conversations with him. Others just like the guy, and honestly who wouldn't? The man's heart is gold. The smiles he puts on people's faces is like nothing I've ever witnessed.

So since I will probably never get my chance to tell him, I'll say it here. Donnie, people are crazy, but you rise above. No matter what happens, you remain loyal to your fans. They love you more than love can withstand. The smiles that you induce are electrically charged. Thank you for making so many people share so many smiles. Smiling makes the world go 'round, and it's people like you who keep it spinning.


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