Walhberg: It's about the character

So let's cut to the chase. If you follow my Twitter feed then you know, I'm a BIG fan of this man. Maybe you heard of him...

His name is Donnie Wahlberg.

I promise not to fan girl. I've already done it enough. So let's talk about what he said during a recent interview.

The interview as well as Wahlberg's performance was an eye opener for me. Though I know he's an actor, and a good one at that, I know him best as a member of New Kids on The Block
(not former member as other publications will lead you to believe).

Donnie, the actor, is serious about his craft and was excited to tell us about that, his mission as an actor, and his guest spot on ...
In Plain Sight (tomorrow) 10/9pm central on USA.

He talked about being a character actor, wanting to dig inside the character and use that to motivate his performance. For his IPS guest spot, he arrived in New Mexico a week
early and stayed in near isolation to get the feel of his character --

"For Jimmy, I think it’s certainly not the same type of preparation process. But what I did similar is I engaged in things that would help transform me. I went into New Mexico early and I kind of laid
low. I usually end up in a ….and I get on the Blackberry and start
Twittering and meeting with fans and having dinner and stuff like that. I
have no problem going out and about in towns that I go to and meeting
people and engaging people.

When I went to New Mexico, I really wanted to lay low. I wanted to feel alone and not really attract a lot of attention. In fact, I wanted to do the opposite and I did that. I
spent probably the first week just sort of hiding out
and not really being specific to
anyone about where I was. In doing that alongside of my preparation for
the character, I think I did isolate myself and create a little bit of

loneliness. I only had about a week to prepare
for the show, so that’s really all I could do, but it helps. Every
amount of preparation helps. Every little ounce of it helps and so I did
as much as I could and being isolated down there in New Mexico wasn’t
really the same as having been in the witness protection program for a
long time, but I certainly got enough of a feel and an energy around me
that I was able to bring that do work everyday. "

Wahlberg is in turn influenced by other character actors:

I look at actors like Gene Hackman and he does the kinds of roles that I aspire to. He’s the kind of actor I hope to be like one day. He’s very much a character actor, but he’s also capable of being a
leading man at times as he did in
The French Connection
and being incredibly good at it. But like James Gandolfini is another example. And then
there are actors like Michael Parks, who a lot of people don’t even know
who he is, but every time I see a ….movie and he pops up in a totally
unrecognizable role, I’m just amazed by him and I love to do those kinds
of things myself.

I think had I jumped into acting just because the opportunity was there because I was very famous in the musical group, I’m not sure I might have taken the time to A, put in the
work that was necessary to be the best actor I could be, but also B, to
identify what I really wanted to do and the kind of roles I wanted to
play. When
The Sixth Sense came along, for example, that’s a role
that I jumped all over it. My manager at the time told me to pass on
it. It’s like it’s a day of work, what good is that going to do. It’s
blah, blah, blah. I said this is the best script I ever read and this is
a character that could be very memorable if I could commit myself to
play it. I would have done that part for free.

To be able to have that sort of sense of what I wanted to do and what was important to me, it really came from hard work and I’m building a career and not just having one handed to me. So while it was
the biggest struggle, I’m certainly glad that it went that way. I
appreciate the kind words you said and I think that’s really it.

Sometimes people will say do you want, do you ever
compete with Mark for roles or stuff like that. We never do. He’s a
movie star. He’s a leading man and I’ve always thought of myself as a
character and I take great pride in that. It’s really all I could ever
hope for is to be having a good reputation as a really solid character
actor. That’s really a great place for me to be in my opinion.


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