The freshmen hit 'Glee' just aired its Madonna episode to high praise. With the popularity of the show's songs on iTunes, it's no wonder other artists would want a piece of the musical pie.
For example, one Britney Spears. Her manager, Adam Leber, tweeted about wanting an all-Britney episode, hoping to make it a trending topic on the social media site. Then 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy told
that he was considering it.

While we love Britney's music, there are others who could use a little 'Glee' muscle -- like New Kids on the Block.

We think the original boy bands' hits would be perfect for the series. (And so does member Joey McIntyre, who told PopEater, "I think our music would be a great fit for 'Glee' -- and selfishly speaking, I think I
would be too. So I say to the NK Nation, 'Let's get this!!'"

If we were writers on 'Glee,' this is how it would play out.