Backstage interview with Jon and Joey at the NNNAwards

by Michelle Collins
As has now been established, I was commissioned by Logo to do backstage interviews at this year’s 2011 NewNowNext Awards. And I remember thinking, at the end of the night, “Good job, Collins! You were funny and professional. Everyone loves you!” Note that I have never before had this thought in my entire life.
Today, the video footage has emerged from that evening. My interviews with some of the Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Kristin Bauer, some Angry Birds and about a million drag queens. And it’s like “Ohhh, you were foaming at the mouth. Well done.” Maybe it was the coffee, or the vodka, or the kilo of Hillbilly Heroin I had with me, but I was out of control.


Ahead, me taking BSB’s A.J. McLean’s last name a bit too seriously as I “McLean” my entire body on his shoulder while also interviewing NKOTB’s Jon Knight and Joey McIntyre. Slight possibility I drunkenly offered to be Jon’s surrogate at the afterparty (100 percent possibility). He didn’t not accept… which means I am heading to the printer to get our “New Kid On The Block” birth announcements ready to go, just in case.
How much do I adore BSB and NKOTB? Uhhhh like a ton. But even more so after this interview, where the guys and I share a special, touching moment together — not sarcastic on this one either.

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