Jordan Knight on Cover me Canada - episode 07

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BoomWriter Gets Boston Students Writing with New Kids On The Block’s Jordan Knight


Whenever I hear “Step by Step” by the New Kids On The Block, I can’t help but swoon. I’m a complete sucker for boy bands. On my list of favorite things, they’re pretty high up there, somewhere near cheeseburgers and creative writing. Because of that, I became insanely jealous when I discovered that students from grades four through 12 were being given the opportunity by BoomWriter to get creative and write with NKOTB’s Jordan Knight.
Launched this March by Chris Twyman in Cambridge, BoomWriter blends social media and education, providing schools with a free, interactive creative writing program. Comprised of a group of educators and technology experts who share a passion for reading, writing, learning and social media, the team has been able to provide global support for teachers and students with more than 500 schools, both local and abroad, currently using the program. Between 30 and 40 countries are involved, including Russia, Australia, Iceland and India, and 20 to 50 new schools are signing up for the program every day.
Through the program, guest authors write the first chapter of a story. From there, each student in the class writes what they think should be the next chapter and then submits it online through BoomWriter. Once all of the second chapters are in, BoomWriter uses an algorithm to send them out in chunks of four, allowing students to read and vote on the chapters they enjoy the most. Gradually, students start communicating with each other through creative writing, but in a form that’s fun, fresh and interactive, providing an alternative to boredom in the classroom.
After each winning chapter is determined, the class can choose to write off of that or finish their book. The average number of chapters in one BoomWriter book is around six, and there have, so far, been 80 completed books published in total. Because students sign up with an avatar, the site is also safe for everyone to use.
With all of BoomWriter’s recent success, Twyman said he began approaching local celebrities to make the program even more appealing for kids. Jordan Knight, who has children the age of the students using the program, agreed to kick off the celebrity series and penned the first chapter of a book called “The Dark Star Rises.” The contest will be launched on Halloween, and BoomWriter will formally publish the final book and give copies of it to winning participants.
“I’m really excited to help BoomWriter promote this contest,” Knight said in a press release. “It is a really innovative and creative way to help school age kids better develop their writing skills leveraging social media in a collaborative environment. I just posted this on my Facebook page to get the word out to my fans.”
When talking to Twyman, he told me a story of one project being completed inside a Brookline school. A teacher phoned him and told him to listen in.
“I can’t hear anything,” Twyman said.
“I know. That’s because all 30 students are writing.”


Mark Wahlberg and family on "Anderson"

Here you can watch the entire interview with Mark Wahlberg here: ( video thanks to )


and/or check out this episode segments of "Anderson":

Anderson Joins the Wahlbergs for Family Dinner 
Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:56PM
The Wahlbergs invited Anderson to join Mark, along with brothers Donnie, Jimmy, Paul and mom Alma, for family dinner -- at their new restaurant Wahlbergers in Hingham, Mass. Take a look at their dinner and see who the brothers claim is mom’s favorite...
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Mark Wahlberg on Taco Bell's ‘Graduate to Go’ Program
Thursday, October 27, 2011 9:05AM
Even though Mark Wahlberg quit school after the 8th grade, Taco Bell encouraged him to be involved in their "Graduate to Go Program," which helps kids get a hands-on look at what an educated future holds. 
"The Graduate to Go Program is amazing," Wahlberg says. "All of the kids that I've met from the Taco Bell Graduate to Go Program are awesome. I mean, these kids are going to become our future." 
Anderson talks to Mark about his involvement and what the Graduate to Go program is doing for today's youth.

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Wahlberg Named to Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame: 'A Crowning Achievement'

Friday, October 28, 2011 5:50AM
While visiting the Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester, Mass., Anderson asked many of the employees if it was true that Mark Wahlberg was actually kicked out of the club. Anderson told Mark, "None of them would actually say you were kicked out. They'd be like, 'He chose to get involved in some other activities.'"
"I did," claims Mark. "I got banned for life." From getting banned to being named to the Hall of Fame, Mark talks about how special it was to be honored the Boys & Girls of America. Watch this clip from Friday's show...

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Mark Wahlberg: 'Jail Was a Wake-Up Call for Me'
Friday, October 28, 2011 8:29AM
Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg grew up in a tough neighborhood in Boston -- a neighborhood where it could have been easy for Mark to end up like many of his friends today -- incarcerated. Instead, he decided to make a change.
"Jail was a wake-up call for me," says Mark. "I was 16, and I was arrested and tried as an adult. And I ended up going to jail, and a lot of the guys that I looked up to in the neighborhood were actually there and I had become one of them."
Watch as Mark talks about the determination it took for him to turn his life around...

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Jordan Knight on Steven and Chris 10.27.11

video by yikes77

new stills of Joey McIntyre on" Psych"

This Psych's 4th episode "The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2," airs on wednesday, Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. on USA Network


Shawn and Gus investigate the whereabouts of a mysterious, masked vigilante named The Mantis who is trying to take down a local drug syndicate called The Caminos. The SBPD is also trying to take down The Camino Syndicate, however The Mantis seems to always be one step ahead of everyone's game.
Joey McIntyre and Miles Fisher guest star in "The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2," premiering Wednesday at 10/9C!

Watch this two episode previews from USA Network

Jordan Knight backstage interview on "Steven and Chris"

Backstage with...Jordan Knight

From "Cover Girl" to Cover Me Canada, Jordan Knight has been blowin' our minds for a cool quarter century. And judging by our studio audience's reactions, the ladies still love him. I caught up with Jordan backstage to talk music, CMC and his—er, sleeping arrangements. Here's what I uncovered.

By Beth Maher

Q: What's your favourite song to cover?

Jordan says... "I did a cover of a Prince song called 'I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man,' and to me, it's a great cover because I didn't do it verbatim. The song was originially fast and kind of bouncy, and I switched it to a ballad. I made it my own, but you didn't lose the song—actually, I think the song was enhanced by what I did to it."

Q: What does it take to do a kick-ass cover song?

Jordan says... "Doing a cover is tricky, because you don't want to ruin it. If you pick a song that's already great, then the only place you can go from there is down. You almost want to choose a somewhat obscure song that might not be an incredible hit so you can do something different and interesting to it. It's a fine line: You don't want to insult the song by doing it over, but because it's a good song, you want to do it over."

Q: What's been your fave performance to date on Cover Me Canada?

Jordan says... "Who's Army just did Paul Anka's 'Lonely Boy' on the show, and that was a classic example of to do a cover well. They switched the timing of it and made it their own but still maintained the emotion and spirit of the song. You could really feel the lyrics with what they did. I think if you do something interesting musically to a song, but the lyrics still come across, then that's the best marriage of technicality and emotion."

Q: What one word would you use to describe each of the remaining competitors?

Jordan says... "Who's Army: professional. Ali Milner: organic. (She seems like she's a little shy, but that works for her, because you want to take a look behind the curtain and see who she really is.) Warren Dean Flandez: ambitious and hardworking. Melanie Morgan: solid."

Q: Do you like to sleep with the covers on or off?

Jordan says... "I sleep with the covers on. And I need a t-shirt. I can't sleep without a shirt on. And not a tank top either; it has to be a regular cotton t-shirt."
Jordan revealed some other big news to S&C: Cover Me Canada is launching their ultimate superfan contest! One lucky winner will score a VIP trip to Toronto to watch the CMC finale in true rockstar style: They'll be hangin' tough with Jordan and the judges (not to mention the bands!) and receive backstage passes and access to the awesome after-party! For details on how to enter, stay tuned at


Jordan Knight on Steven And Chris (behind the scenes)- Thursday, October 27

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Interview: Jordan Knight (NKOTBSB) with Entertainment Focus

Jordan KnightNew Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys took fans and critics by surprise when they announced they were merging to form supergroup NKOTBSB.
Having spent most of 2011 on the road together on tour, the group is bringing their hit show over the UK next April.
To find out more about what we can expect we called New Kids On The Block singer Jordan Knight and he gave us the lowdown.

How are you today?
I’m pretty good. Can’t complain.
What have you been up to so far?
Today? I’ve done a bunch of interviews. I’ve done some laundry. I did a little exercise, had some coffee. That’s about it.
Sounds like quite a nice day?
Yeah it’s nice and relaxed.
Tell me about NKOTBSB. How did New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys join forces?
It came about from doing a performance with them. They came to one of our shows and ended up performing with us on stage. We just wanted to end our tour with a bang at Radio City Music Hall so we invited them down as special guests. We got such a great response from the fans and more so in the press. There was such a reaction to it; to the fact that two boybands would even get on stage together and sing a song together just for the fun of it. That got such a reaction from press that it couldn’t be denied and we couldn’t get away from it. We started talking about doing a tour because of the response we got.
It’s a genius idea. You don’t see two boybands getting together on stage Did you have reservations about taking the idea forward or did it just feel right?
No it felt really right. They’re really good guys. They have a lot of respect for us and likewise. I knew that people would pick up on our respect for each other. I knew that it would create a lot of buzz; two boybands shouldn’t be touring together and performing together that’s just unheard of. A lot of people thought that our egos would get in the way or that our fans wouldn’t allow it but we went ahead and did it anyhow. I think more so that it’s all the songs, all the music and all the fun that people can have coming to see that show, that’s what brought people in. That’s what I thought would make the tour so successful. I was all in and ready, so was everybody else.
You’ve been touring in the US this year and you’re coming to the UK next year. What can UK fans expect from the show?
A lot of hit records. A lot of familiar material. A lot of good old fashioned entertainment. A lot of moments. We’ve created a lot of fun moments during the show – crowd participation and interaction. There’s slow songs, tender moments, fun songs, dancing, dance breakdowns and just really good music. There’s new songs, old songs…it’s a rollercoaster ride really.
Is it difficult to get all 9 of you on stage at the same time?
We open the show together but our stage is so huge. There’s no bad seat in the arena because the stage covers almost the whole floor of the arena. There are 9 of us on stage but it doesn’t look crowded. There are only a few moments where we’re all on the stage. The opening we’re all on stage and there are a couple of times where we join forces. Its one super boyband group but more so it’s both groups together doing their thing, doing their hit songs and being themselves on stage.
Alongside the tour you’ve got the album featuring both groups’ greatest hits and a couple of new tracks?
Yes that’s right. Most of the songs on that album will be sung in the show.
We’re ridiculously excited about NKOTBSB coming over to the UK next year…
Wow! I’m glad you’re excited because that makes me excited. It may be like Take That and Westlife joining forces and doing a huge tour. It’s a big deal.
Yeah but New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are way cooler than those groups….
You think so? (laughs) Maybe that’ because we’re from here (the US) that you think that? We tend to think that British rock groups are cooler than the rock groups here. We have respect, like we do for the Backstreet Boys, for Take That and the groups that are over there (the UK) as well.
Is NKOTBSB going to be a permanent fixture or haven’t you decided that yet?
We haven’t planned that far. We’ll just see where it takes us. The thing is, if people want to hear and see us we’ll do it. We love doing it. We had a real blast hanging out with each other backstage and onstage. It was cool getting to know the Backstreet Boys. There’s a few songs that I’ve grown to really love of the Backstreet Boys because I’ve toured with them, that I didn’t know. It was just cool to get to know them personally and see how really talented they are. To do it again, I would love to. It was great seeing their fans in the crowd and they loved seeing our fans in the crowd. It was good to see all of our fans meshed into one. It was an awesome experience.
Can we expect a new album from NKOTB to follow-up ‘The Block’?
It’s not planned yet but I think it’s a good idea that we do one. I think everyone is ready to do one and all of our fans are ready to hear some new material and see something new from us. That will definitely be in the works.
‘The Block’ was progression and evolution for NKOTB. Do you think the new record would build on that or would you do something completely different?
You don’t want to try and reinvent the wheel too much. You have to let your creativity take you where it’s going to take you without it getting out of control. You don’t want to try to be something that you’re not. You just want to give good solid music to people – something they can relate to and connect with. Not something that’s too out of space. I think we’re good at that. We’re good at hitting the bullseye; doing something creative but commercial at the same time.
You were one of the first bands to work with Lady Gaga…
Yeah (laughs). We did a duet with her on our album. She’s on the same record label and our label were like ‘we’ve got this Lady Gaga chick that you guys have met and really like and we want her to tour with you. Is that ok?’ We said ‘yes that’s fine, it’s one big family here’. She’s great. She walked into the studio one time and we were like ‘who is this chick? She is a star.’ It turns out we were correct. She warmed up the stage for us and now getting her on the phone would be quite a task.
You had a solo album out earlier this year. Is the solo career something you’re planning keep doing on the side?
The solo record is a great outlet for me. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes when you’re in a group there’s things that you can’t do and don’t have total control over. When I do a solo album I have total control and it just gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to do that also. It doesn’t take away from the group, it enhances the group. It gives the fans new material to listen to and it’s a lot of fun for me. It gives me something to do when the New Kids aren’t touring. It’s something that I will always continue to do. It’s something the fans love and I love doing solo stuff.
How do you find the time to do it all?
I don’t know. I think when you just love doing something you find the time. It’s hard because I do have a wife and two kids along with everything else. They have to put up with me being on the go. When I promoted my solo album I did it in conjunction with the NKOTBSB tour. It wasn’t like I did the NKOTBSB tour and then went off on another tour. I did them simultaneously. Now I’m home and I’m having some good time at home.
When you come over to the UK you’re going to have to teach the EF team how to do your dance routines. We don’t want to be the only ones getting it wrong in the audience…
Maybe I’ll make a YouTube instructional video and send it to you privately so you can practice the routines for months before we actually get there. You’ll be ready.
It’ll take us months to learn it trust me…
I know. It definitely seems like it takes a long time but then it starts clicking. It’s funny, you’ll be in the dance studio thinking ‘I’ll never get this, it’s too much’. Then all of a sudden when you least expect it, it just clicks. Your body just takes over and you go on auto-pilot. It’s really kind of a phenomenon.
Well when you come over look into the crowd and the ones dancing horrifically will be us…
(laughs) I don’t think you’ll be the only ones. It’s all about just letting go and going crazy!
NKOTBSB bring their tour to the UK in April 2012 starting in Belfast on 20th April and ending at London’s O2 Arena on 28th April. Tickets go on sale on Friday 29th October 2011 at 9am.


Donnie Wahlberg Talks Red Sox and New Kids on 'The Ralphie Radio Show'

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Donnie on Mohegan Sun's 15th Anniversary

video by

*watch for Donnie Wahlberg on the red carpet at 1'20" - 1'48"- 3'05" *

articles/ news about the opening of Wahlburgers

Marky Mark's cooking up new TV project

Mark Wahlberg and Family Open Wahlburgers Hamburger Joint in Boston!

Wahlburgers From the Wahlberg Brothers, Opening Today

Wahlberg brothers open up burger joint in Hingham

“Wahlburgers” is now open for business. (And could soon be a reality show).

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s Burger Restaurant Opens Today

Celebrities and Athletes Come to Hingham for Wahlburgers Grand Opening

Mark, Donnie Wahlberg Opening "Wahlburgers" Restaurant

Hollywood invades Hingham for Wahlburgers opening

VIDEO: Donnie Wahlberg makes fan's dream come true

Celebrities flock to opening of Wahlburgers in Hingham

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg to Open Restaurant Named ‘Wahlburgers’

Congratulations to Paul Wahlberg and his Brother... 

Wahlburgers is Now Open for Business!

Wahlbergs celebrate opening of Wahlburgers in Hingham


Wahlburgers: The Funky Bunch's Burger Joint Opens in Hingham


Mark Wahlberg opens Wahlburgers with brothers

Alex and Ani at the Grand Opening of Wahlburgers!
MIX 104.1
Gregg and Freddy at Wahlburgers VIP Opening

Here you can watch videos about the opening:

and check out pictures from the opening here :

Celebrities flock to opening of Wahlburgers in Hingham

Celebrities flock to opening of Wahlburgers in Hingham

Oct 25, 2011 @ 05:16 AM
Hundreds of exuberant fans gathered in Hingham on Monday as local athletes and celebrities came out to celebrate the grand opening of the Wahlberg brothers’ newest dining venture, Wahlburgers.

Mark Wahlberg and Family Open Wahlburgers Hamburger Joint in Boston!

Mark Wahlberg joined his mother Alma Elaine Wahlberg, and his two brothers Donnie and Paul Wahlberg at the grand opening of their new hamburger restaurant, Wahlburgers, in Hingham, MA yesterday. The famous family has the perfect name for a burger joint, and Paul will serve as the chef at what is sure to be a hot spot in Beantown. Mark is currently between projects since being replaced by Bradley Cooper in David O.Russell's The Silver Lining Playbook, but Wahlberg does have a number of titles coming out in 2012. We were recently treated to the first trailer for Contraband, his upcoming heist movie, and he'll also show off his funny side opposite Mila Kunis in quirky comedy Ted. Mark is also enjoying the success of Boardwalk Empire, which he produces and is currently in the midst of its second season on HBO.

See all the pics here:

Wahlburgers opening on WHDH TV 7 News

Jordan Knight on Cover Me Canada - episode 06

pics from twitter @jordanknight/ 2deborah_cox/ @CBCLive

If you want to see only Jordan Kight scenes, check this video out, thanks to yikes77 

and here you can watch the entire sixth episode of Cover Me Canada:

Marky Mark’s cooking up new TV project

Donnie Wahlberg, mom Alma, chef Paul...
Photo by Matt Stone
Donnie Wahlberg, mom Alma, chef Paul Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg open Wahlburgers last night in Hingham. 
By Gayle Fee And Laura Raposa With Megan Johnson / Inside Track
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 -
It was a family affair at the Hingham Shipyard last night where Hollywood sibs Mark and Donnie Wahlberg joined their chef bro, Paul, as they threw open the doors of their new burger joint, Wahlburgers.
“It’s a lot of fun and we’ve brought a lot of the old neighborhood with us,” said former Dot rat Donnie, who stars in CBS’ “Blue Bloods.”
“Obviously, we’ve had success with Alma Nove (the three boys’ upscale eatery across the street),” he said. “But this is something that is a little more fun and a little more of the spirit of the family. You can have a drink, some fries, a shake or a frappe. And the government cheese — just like we had as little kids.”
“And the onion rings are great,” added clan matriarch Alma Wahlberg.
There was talk of a Wahlburgers reality show, but Mark reported that Paul is “apprehensive.”
“He’s a real working chef, he’s in the kitchen cooking,” said “The Fighter” tough guy. “This is my brother’s dream, and he’s obviously concerned with the idea of doing a reality show. Because when he hears ‘reality show’ he thinks ‘Jersey Shore.’
“But I think of it as a docudrama,” said the Tinseltown producer. “I think it is very compelling. It’s about someone trying to build a real business, and he’s very passionate, and nothing makes for better TV than that.
“I told him ‘I’ve been very successful in the television business so far and you’re very, very successful in the restaurant business. So why don’t you trust me like I trust you?’ ”
Now, Paul is starting to warm to the idea, said Marky, adding that they plan to shoot a “sizzle reel” soon and bring it to HBO, which has right of first refusal on Mark’s TV projects. If the cable network passes, they’ll continue to shop it.
Burger-lovin’ boldfacers made the scene such as Dan Paille of the Boston Bruins , Patriotstight ends Rob and Dan Gronkowski and corner back Kyle Arrington, Red Sox [ slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz and teammate Kevin Youkilis and Olympic hockey hero Mike Eruzione. We also spotted Mark’s big screen alter ego “Irish” Micky Ward.
Inside the 120-seat retro modern burger joint there’s a Wahl of Wahlbergs complete with childhood snaps of Alma’s nine kids, prom pics (!) and photos from the original NKOTB and Funky Bunch days. Now, that’s worth the price of admission ...
And speaking of Mark and “The Fighter,” it appears his falling out with director David O. Russell won’t put the kibosh on the star’s plans for a sequel.
“I’m still doing ‘The Fighter 2’ — hopefully sooner rather than later,” Mark told the Track.
He said the script is being written and he’d like to begin shooting by the end of next year.
“I’m not getting any younger,” he groused.


Celebrities and Athletes Come to Hingham for Wahlburgers Grand Opening

By Tony Catinella

Celebrities and athletes came to Hingham Monday evening to get taste of  the new Wahlburgers.
 Celebrity Owners Mark and Donnie were expected but they decided to surprise fans by bringing a few of their  friends. Among the special guests at the Hingham restaurant’s private opening were David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox;  Rob and Dan Gronkowski, Kyle Arrington, and Dane Fletcher of the New England Patriots; Danny Paille of the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins and former WBU champion boxer and Lowell native Mickey Ward.
Hundreds of fans lined up at the Shipyard to get a glimpse of Mark and Donnie, but the two brothers were sure to turn all of the attention to their brother and co-owner Chef Paul Wahlberg of Hingham.
Both Donnie and Mark raved about Wahlburgers new, all natural burgers and told the media something Hingham residents already know, that Chef Paul makes some great tasting food.
“He’s not a fake chef, he’s the real deal,” Donnie said. “It really started with Paul..Paul wanted to open a great burger joint in Hingham and once we all got involved, it kind of took a life of its own.”
Even though the Hingham burger restaurant has received national attention, Paul said he is not looking to make Wahlburgers a national chain just yet. He first wants to get the new restaurant off the ground in Hingham.
“The only person I am trying to compete with is myself,” Paul said. “The only thing I want to do is put out the best possible burger that I can put out.”
Mark Wahlberg said Paul loves burgers and feels especially excited to help Paul open the restaurant of his dreams.
“As good as chef as Paul is, all he eats is burgers, and now he’s finally in his element,” Mark said.
Paul will cook up  all natural beef burgers,  salmon burgers, french fries, and frappes.  He has created a special burger sauce and alcoholic frappes for customers.  But with all the creative dishes and drinks, Donnie said the restaurant has chosen to use Government cheese for the burgers. Government cheese is processed cheese that was provided to welfare and food stamp recipients in the United States, and Donnie said it is the cheese that the Wahlberg’s grew up with. It is a symbol of how the new restaurant will represent the Wahlberg family.
“We want to represent our family, we want to represent our home town, we want to represent our life experiences,” Donnie said.
Although the restaurant will not open to customers until 4 p.m. Tuesday, Mark said the burgers are so good that he ate four in one day.
On Monday athletes like Ortiz and Youkilis got first dibs on the burger.
“I haven’t seen a burger I haven’t liked,” Youkilis said. “As long as it’s medium cooked, it’ll be pretty good.”
Ortiz said he made the trip to Hingham on Monday because he enjoyed the Wahlberg’s other Hingham restaurant, Alma Nove and he wants to support the family.
Wahlburgers is anticipated to be approximately 4,367 square feet, with 120 seats that will serve traditional burgers, fries, hotdogs, and shakes. The doors will open Tuesday to the public.


check out the photos here:

and a video here:
Mark, Donnie, and David Ortiz speak about Wahlburgers

Wahlberg brothers open up burger joint in Hingham

Updated: Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011, 8:43 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011, 8:42 AM EDT


(FOX25 / - A couple of hometown boys are serving up a side of Hollywood at their new burger joint.
Mark and Donnie Wahlberg opened up their new burger joint "Wahlburgers" in Hingham last night where the grand opening felt more like a Hollywood premiere.
The Wahlberg brothers invited their mom, Alma Wahlberg and 200 other guests including Red Sox players David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis.
"It is a burger place and it's fun and you're gonna have a drink and you're gonna have some fries and a shake or a frappe. But we brought the government cheese with us just like we ate as kids and ya know. We’re bringing a little Dorchester with us" Donnie tells FOX25.
"Wahlburgers" is located in the Hingham Shipyard across from their Italian restaurant Alma Nove.

Read more:

NKOTBSB interview: 'We can see why we were huge'

For those in need of a quick recap, founders of the boyband genre New Kids on the Block teamed up with '90s heartthrobs the Backstreet Boys last year to form the tongue-tyingly titled NKOTBSB.

After a string of sold-out dates across the US and even a joint album, the supergroup recently announced a series of UK shows for next year. Excited, we caught up with BSB's Howie and NKOTB's Jordan Knight to find out more.

Are you excited about bringing the NKOTBSB tour to the UK?
Howie: "Very excited - it's a great show! The fact that two massive fanbases are able to come together and join this amazing show is incredible. I always say it's a girls night out - anywhere between three and four generations are getting away from their husbands or boyfriends for a great night out - meaning it's also great for single guys!"
Jordan: "I think it's been three years since NKOTB have been over in the UK. To go to a foreign land and be accepted is always a great thing."

It's quite an unusual idea. Were you worried about upsetting any hardcore fans?
Jordan: "There were a lot of fans on both sides crossing their arms saying they didn't want to deal with certain fans who just wanted one band for themselves. I think they've since seen that the show plays out really well."
Howie: "There are obviously some very territorial fans on both sides, and it seemed to shock them at first. Once they accepted it and we did our first show and they saw that both bands got equal stage time and it fitted together well, it was all good."

Do you each have favourite of your back catalogue that you think stands up well today?
Howie: "It's so tough to pick just one song! 'Quit Playing Games' is one that the fans particularly seem to love, but 'All I Have To Give' has been one of my favourites since day one. 'Drowning' is also a huge crowd-pleaser. We're blessed that we have a lot of timeless songs."
Jordan: "I love 'Step By Step' and 'Valentine Girl' - they always go down very well at the show."

Are there any particular moments from your past you now cringe at?
Howie: "There are definitely a few of those! A song on our first album, called 'If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)' is one that we still joke about. Whether it's hairstyles, clothing or songs, it's all a learning process!"
Jordan: "Anyone who looks at old pictures of themselves tends to cringe, but there are a few where I think, 'Yeah, you looked pretty good' too! I look back at some photos and you can see why we were as big as we were."

The show is two and a half hours with 34 songs in total; is it a pretty gruelling schedule?
Howie: "It's not that bad actually as we each get time off stage while the other band is on. We all start together and then take it in turns and get a 12 to 15-minute break. We actually get bathroom breaks if we want them, which I think is a first for a tour!"
Jordan: "The great thing about the show is that because we get a break it's always high energy. Surprisingly, Nick Carter is the most energetic out of all of us - I've never seen someone with that kind of energy night after night before!"


Aside from the tour, are the Backstreet Boys/NKOTB still together?
Howie: "BSB are absolutely still together. We're giving each other some time for solo projects, but we're also in the process of putting together the next Backstreet Boys album. It's too early to say what the direction of the record will be - right now we're just writing and gathering songs. We always try to top ourselves with each album."
Jordan: "NKOTB released a hits album to support the tour, but we're not recording any new material together. We all have separate lives and careers and we all join up when it's necessary."

Howie - you release your first solo album next month; have the nerves kicked in?
Howie: "I'm very excited about it. One great thing about Backstreet Boys fans is their support for individual stuff - because they know it's only temporary. I think it's how we've managed to stay together. There is an understanding between the fans and within the group that we'll always be together in spite of our solo projects. I think my new album is pretty shocking - I've worked with some great producers and written more than ever before. It has a similar sound to Taio Cruz, Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta."

Jordan - you released your fourth solo album this year; can we expect any more music in the future?
Jordan: "There may be a couple more singles from me, but there won't be any new material from me until 2013 or something. I'll always make music - I'll never stop. Everybody still knows my first single 'Give It To Me' - I've had so many pats on the back over that song and video! It would be nice to be credited for my other music that I've worked hard on, but that's the way it goes!"

You've both been in the industry for a fair while now; would you like to lend your expertise to American Idol or The Voice?
Howie: "I'm a huge fan of those shows, so I absolutely would! I've actually partnered up with a guy who used to be in the band 3Deep and we've been working on breaking new bands in Canada. I've always been into helping other artists and giving them advice."
Jordan: "I'm doing a show in Canada right now called Cover Me Canada and I'm one of the judges. Are there any ones in the UK that will hire me [laughs]? Those shows are much more sensationalised and have a lot more money, but the show I do has some fantastic bands."

Do you think shows like the The X Factor are a good breakthrough opportunity for bands today?
Howie: "I'm a big fan of The X Factor and I'm excited to see Simon [Cowell] come back. He's a great mentor and somebody who has a great ear for talent and is very honest. I think it's a great way for new bands to get recognised - we performed on the UK version while we were on tour and I thought the mentor setup was spot on. You'd never get the kind of coaching before!"
Jordan: "I think YouTube is a huge platform these days - look at Justin Bieber. I think it might be easier to get discovered now because record execs can look at people from all over the world. Things are so different nowadays."



Star-studded opening of Wahlbergs' latest

(NECN: Josh Brogadir: Hingham, Mass.) - It was a big opening night for Wahlburgers, perfect name for the new ground beef stomping grounds of Chef Paul Wahlberg and celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie, who walked the red carpet at the Launch at Hingham Shipyard.

Joining the Dorchester natives were Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and most important - their mother Alma.

Inside the restaurant - fries, frappes, tater tots on the menu - and of course, burgers, including the triple decker: billed as "a triple stack, like the house we grew up in."

Chef Paul also runs Alma Nove, named after his mother and the nine Wahlberg brothers and sisters.

But much of the decor in the restaurant is devoted to the singing and acting success of Donnie and Mark.

It showcases movies such as the Departed, and on this day we learned of a new Whitey Bulger movie project with Matt Damon playing Bulger, and Ben Affleck directing.

We asked Mark if he would be in the movie and he said "After The Departed it's not really something you need to go back to."

He was excited about the "Fighter 2," though.

Wahlburgers has a Thanksgiving burger, a salmon burger.

More NKOTBSB 2012 Spring Tour Dates Announced

October 23, 2011

More NKOTBSB 2012 Spring Tour Dates Announced

Announcing more dates for the NKOTBSB 2012 SPRING TOUR! Now’s your chance to catch NKOTBSB together on ONE STAGE. ONE NIGHT.
If you're a Fan Club member, as always you get FIRST DIBS on excellent seats.
Visit and for more information on Fan Club presales and VIP packages.
And now for the TOUR DATES (As of October 24, 2011):
FRI 20-APR Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey
SAT 21-APR Dublin, Ireland - O2
MON 23-APR Liverpool, UK - Echo Arena
TUE 24-APR Manchester, UK - MEN Arena
THU 26-APR - Newcastle, UK - Newcastle Arena
FRI 27-APR Birmingham, UK - LG Arena
SAT 28-APR London, UK - O2 Arena
TUE 1-MAY Rotterdam, Netherlands - Ahoy
WED 2-MAY Antwerp, Belgium - Sportspalais
SAT 5-MAY Stuttgart, Germany - Schleyerhalle Arena
SUN 6-MAY Leipzig, Germany - Arena
MON 7-MAY Berlin, Germany - O2 Arena
WED 9-MAY Hamburg, Germany - O2 World
THU 10-MAY Oberhausen, Germany - Kopi Arena
SAT 12-MAY Herning, Denmark - Jyske Bank Boxen
SUN 13-MAY Malmo, Sweden - Malmo Arena
MON 14-MAY Oslo, Norway - Oslo Spektrum
For complete ticket, VIP/Fan Club, and tour information, visit,,,, and

Donnie Wahlberg talking about Justin Bieber

 We caught up with Donnie at Mohegan Sun’s 15th Anniversary event on Oct. 22 and he knows a thing or two about being a teen heartthrob like Justin!

Donnie Wahlberg is a Belieber! The New Kids On The Block frontman tells that he actually got a chance to meet Justin Bieber! Keep reading to find out what he had to say!
“I met him he’s a nice kid,” Donnie tells us. “It is what it is. Everybody has their own path I’m not big on telling younger entertainers who are doing similar things to what I did like any advice, they’ll figure it out.”
But when asked if his fans are the best in the world he responded: “I know we have the most devoted fans! NKOTB fans are the best out of any in the world!”

NKOTB rose to fame in the 80s and Donnie says Justin is at an advantage with the advent of social media.
“We didn’t have the outlets for information in 1988 when we broke out that’s available now,” he says. “On the one hand that’s a curse because if you sneeze it makes major news all around the world. But on the other hand if you make major news around the world and it’s negative, it’s gone tomorrow. It used to be if you had a scandal your career was over. Now if you have a scandal you’re the most famous person in the world … you make a lot of money.”
Check out the video of Donnie talking about Justin on the link:

20 Celeb Moments from Mohegan Sun 15th Anniversary

October 24th, 2011
20 Celeb Moments from Mohegan Sun 15th Anniversary
Posted by Megan Johnson at 12:20 am

Mohegan Sun’s 15th Anniversary Celebration has come to a close, and boy, what a weekend it was! I was standing in the press line for so long in heels, curved over behind a guy with a video camera, that I lost sensation in my toes. But you know what? It was worth it. So may I present to you, the ultimate collection of Celebritology: 20 Delicious Celeb Moments from the 15th Anniversary Celebration.
15. Donnie Wahlberg: Donnie is the man. He’s just always 100% enthusiastic about everything, and SO SO SO sweet. He’ll be in Hingham on Monday for the opening of Wahlburgers with the whole Wahlberg clan. In fact, on Sunday night Anderson Cooper tweeted that he just finished having a family dinner with the whole Wahlberg family in Hingham. You know, just Anderson, the precious Silver Fox, hanging around with the Wahlbergs in Hingham, no big deal.

Halloween Costume: He says he may do some sort of Halloween on the Hudson type, where he rents a boat, takes out 200 Blue Bloods fans, and puts on a mask so none of them know it’s him until he chooses to reveal it. Just a sweet, sweet guy.


Taken from:

Jordan Knight interview with We Are Pop Slags

WAPS talks to Jordan Knight about NKOTBSB tour!

Jordan Knight Unfinished 520x520 Read: WAPS talks to Jordan Knight about NKOTBSB tour!
First we brought you Backstreet Boys’ Howie D – and now we’ve got the only and only Jordan Knight! NKOTBSB fans who are waiting patiently for the joint tour in Spring 2012, keep reading….

WAPS: Jordan – thanks for talking to us today. We recently spoke to Howie D about the upcoming tour, and we wondering how performing now compares with your experiences in the late 80s/early 90s?
JK: Well, I always tell people now that…I kinda view each tour as ‘the last tour’ – but back in the day I was like, ‘My God, it’s never gonna end!’ So then I would tour and take it for granted, but now, to me it’s like every tour is the last tour – this could be the last time we come to the UK. Is that true? I don’t know, but that’s how I’m looking at it. I just try to soak it up a lot more, and really connect with the audiences, and be in the moment a lot more.
NKOTBSB perform ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’ on Dancing With The Stars:
WAPS: Are there going to be any differences between the European and US legs of the NKOTBSB tour?
JK: I don’t think we need to change much, because it’s pretty damn excellent I think! Haha. We might need to change it up a little bit here and there if we get bored of any parts or we feel like there are parts that could be improved, but for the most part it’s going to be the same show, probably 90% similar.
WAPS: Any spoilers for us?
JK: Hmmm…. Can I give you spoilers…are your ready to get your socks knocked off?
WAPS: Yes!
JK: Well first of all, we sing all the hits, and we all get along – we genuinely like each other, and you’ll see that from the show. The good thing about the show is that there’s a lot of energy because it’s kinda like a tag-team [between the two groups.] BSB will go on stage and hit it hard, and we’re backstage getting ready, then when they’re done, we go on and we hit it hard – and each group gets a little rest period in between the songs. So whichever group is out there, they’re going at it full-blast. It’s very energetic and fast-paced.
Jordan Knight ‘Give It To You’ (from 1999)
WAPS: What do you get up to in your downtime in the road?
JK: We mope around backstage when we’re not onstage! There’s not much time to go see each city, unfortunately, so a lot of our time is just spent travelling on the bus from city to city. We do some meet-and-greets, have a little catering, play a little ping-pong….then we’re up again!
WAPS: What songs do you most enjoy performing on tour?
JK: I like performing Valentine Girl, Step By Step…the new song we did with BSB (‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’), I love performing that one.
WAPS: And do you have a favourite BSB song?
JK: They really do have a lot of great songs! I’d say one of my favourites is ‘Incomplete’. It used to be ‘I Want It That Way’ but I didn’t like saying such an obvious song – you know, of course everyone knows ‘I Want It That Way’! But now that I’ve toured with them I know all their material much better, and ‘Incomplete’ is definitely my favourite.
WAPS: And out of the two groups, who is the biggest troublemaker on the road?
JK: Well there’s old Joey Mac…old Joey McIntyre is a jokester – actually so is Nick [Carter], he’s a jokester too.
WAPS: Aren’t they the youngest of each band?
JK: They certainly are, and Nick in fact is the youngest person on the whole stage. Maybe Nick is the biggest troublemaker onstage, and actually A.J [McLean} is a little bit of a troublemaker too, also onstage.
WAPS: What pranks have they played?
JK: You know, we’ll be singing some serious song and we’ll hear howling coming from underneath the stage and it’ll be Nick singing off-key and trying to put us off. Not so much that he’d mess the show up though! But if you hear any bad notes, it’s not me….
WAPS: We’re having a bit of a boy-band resurgence in the UK at the moment – what advice would you offer them?
JK: Have a lot of fun, take your work seriously but don’t take the criticism too seriously. People just yak because you’ll get a lot of attention from girls, and critics will want to knock you off your pedestal, but that’s kinda normal.

WAPS: You released your third solo album ‘Unfinished’ earlier this year – can you tell us about that?
JK: ‘Unfinished’ is an album that I recorded while off the road with the New Kids, and it was kind of a hobby that turned out to be a really good album. I had a lot of people saying ‘You need to release this commercially instead of just letting your fans hear a couple of new songs’. It turned out to be a great body of work and I’m really proud of it. I’ve released a couple singles, which got a great response, and it’s something I can do when I’m not with the New Kids. I’ve got some solo gigs coming up, it’s nice to have an outlet to do my own thing and the fans are really supportive.
WAPS: Is it coming out in the UK?
JK: I think there was a plan by the label to release it in the UK – man, I would love to. That would be a dream of mine to tour the UK and do some performances solo. I’d love that.
WAPS: Any chance you could do that when you’re in Europe next year with NKOTBSB?
JK: Well, maybe….I did that here in the US and it was really gruelling to promote both things at the same time. I may do that, but there’s not much time to do both. I can lightly promote my solo record while I’m there touring, but after the tour it would be kinda fun to spin-off and do my own thing also.
WAPS: Just one last question from us – any chance that NKOTB will be performing the Lady Gaga collaboration ‘Big Girl Now’?
JK: We did actually perform that live a couple of times in the US, she opened up for us back when she was still just Lady Gaga – and y’know, now she’s LADY GAGA….we can’t even get her on the phone anymore, haha.

Actually when we did that she was a really good sport, and when she came in to write with us we were like, ‘She’s such a star, we need to make it a duet – get her on the album!’ And that was before she was famous.
WAPS: We do like that song – it’s quite filthy.
JK: I know it is. Haha.

Taken from:

Celebs on the red carpet at Mohegan Sun's 15th Anniversary

Check out this short video at 1'00 to see Donnie Wahlberg on the red carpet at Mohegan Sun's anniversary party

video by

‘Blue Bloods’ transforms Whitestone bar

‘Blue Bloods’ transforms Whitestone bar

Whitestone resident Cathy Wild laughs as Donnie Wahlberg, star of CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” holds her son Jake during a break from filming a scene of the television show on a neighborhood street. Photo courtesy Cathy Wild
By Connor Adams Sheets
Television stars aligned in Whitestone Monday for the filming of the CBS police drama “Blue Bloods,” drawing a crowd of onlookers to several sites in the neighborhood.
Dozens of neighbors lined 14th Avenue at 150th Street while a large crew filmed a scene featuring actor Donnie Wahlberg, who took time between takes to talk to residents and pose for photographs with them.
The End Zone bar, at 149-44 14th Ave., was transformed into the Sun Bright Lounge for the occasion, where a number of scenes were shot, including one that included a motorcyclist speeding up the alley adjacent to the watering hole and others inside the bar and the backyard beer garden.
End Zone’s owner, Jim Farnochi, said a CBS location scout approached him about allowing the bar to be used for filming, which he did for a fee.
“They liked the look and they needed the alleyway for the motorcycle scene, and they asked if we’d be interested and we said, ‘Sure,’” he said. “It’s exciting for the neighborhood.”
The show, which also stars Tom Selleck, Jennifer Esposito and Bridget Moynahan, and is currently in its second season, also filmed scenes at Gleason’s Funeral Home, at 10-25 150th St., the facade of a home on 11th Avenue and other neighborhood sites.
None of the crew members or organizers at the location were able to speak about the filming, but signs put up by CBS throughout the neighborhood last week to warn people not to park on the streets gave some official details about the endeavor.
“CBS Productions is currently in production of ... ‘Blue Bloods,’ a drama about a multigenerational family dedicated to New York City law enforcement,” the signs read. “We will be filming in your neighborhood on Monday October 17th, 2011 from approximately 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.”
The production was done in cooperation with the mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.
Whitestone resident Kim Karafiol brought her 4-month-old daughter Paige to watch the action from the sidewalk on 14th Avenue across the street from End Zone.
“I just thought it was awesome that there was something very interesting for the neighborhood and good for the local economy,” she said. “It’s exciting for Paige, it’s her first celebrity ever. Donnie [Wahlberg] was a nice guy, he was really down to earth and he was a genuine guy.”
Melissa Loccisano, of Whitestone, was on a walk with a friend when they happened upon the filming and took a few moments to experience the scene and take photos with Wahlberg.
“I love the fact that they’re doing a TV show in our neighborhood. It’s always cool to see Whitestone on TV,” she said. “I’ve loved him since New Kids on the Block. My little-girl dream was to see somebody from New Kids on the Block, so that was nice.”