[ NKOTB concert:  Jockey Plaza. Lima - Peru. June 22nd, 2012 ]

Before the concert:

Diario El Comercio:
Integrante de New Kids on the Block quiere pasear por Lima en bicicleta

About their arrival:

Diario 16:
¡Los New Kids on the Block ya están en Lima!
La Republica:

New Kids On the Block llegaron a Lima para ofrecer hoy concierto

America TV:
Integrantes de 'New Kids on the Block' fueron recibidos por multitud de fanáticas en el aeropuerto Jorge Chávez
Los New Kids On The Block ya se están en Lima

Jordan Knight de los NKOTB: Perú, estoy muy feliz de estar aquí

La Republica:
New Kids On The Block felices con el pisco y curiosos con el cuy
Diario El Comercio:
Los New Kids On The Block empezaron a llegar a Lima

New Kids on the Block, sorprendidos por la existencia del cuy
¡Donnie Wahlberg de los "New Kids on the Block" ya está en Lima!


Periodismo en Linea:
New Kids On The Block desataron fiebre en el Jockey Club

Conciertos Peru:

New Kids On The Block: show de nostalgia en el Jockey Club
Los New Kids on the Block revivieron los noventa en Lima

Diario El Comercio:

CRÓNICA: New Kids on the Block y su entrega total en Lima
Crónica: New Kids on the Block llevan a la locura a miles de eternas adolescentes

New Kids on the Block en Twitter: "Muchas gracias, Perú"



Radio Oxigeno: NKOTB cantando One Song y The right stuff

Radio Oxigeno: NKOTB cantando Cover Girl y Hangin' tough

Radio Oxigeno: NKOTB cantando Please don't go girl

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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in Monterrey 26.06.12 (RECAP)

NKOTB. Arena Monterrey. June 26th, 2012.

El Porvenir:
Las dejan satisfechas...
New Kids On The Block “Triunfa en Monterrey”

Reviven regias éxitos de New Kids On The Block 

Enloquecen a sus admiradoras

Entre el pop y la nostalgia


Televisa Monterrey:

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G1 Brazil: Ex brazilian boyband members interview NKOTB ( Danny Wood )

Braulio Lorentz From G1, in Sao Paulo

The boy bands have lost some strength, it is true, but still among us. If that is the quintet New Kids on the Block, now consisting of forties, can be called "boy band". To interview Danny Wood, one of the boys of New Kids, the G1 with the collaboration of former members of three of the most famous boy bands in Brazil.
Afonso Nigro (Domino), Sander Mecca (Twister) and Andrew Marino (Broz) sent questions to Danny, answered the phone. The singer of 43 years returns to Brazil for the New Kids concert in Sao Paulo on Sunday (17), HSBC in Brazil.
Os integrantes da banda New Kids on the Block, que se volta ao Brasil para show em São Paulo (Foto: Divulgação) Danny Wood (1 º to right) back to Brazil with the New Kids on the Block to show in SP (Reuters)

If you started today, which they believe would be the response from audiences and critics? A similar group launched in 2012 would now take revenge?

Danny - I like to sing with my fellas and there's chemistry. Do not know if it would work, but the fans will approve. There are new boy bands and they are great. My daughter loves it. The music is very good. These guys [One Direction, The Wanted] respect us. When we started, there were Jackson 5, New Edition ... But we were the largest example, when they started using the term boy band.

There embarrassment of returning to active duty now, you are older? Rola ashamed to sing certain lyrics, do certain dances?

Danny - right Every dance has its proper context. Today, I believe we are better than when we were younger. We are more experienced, sing better. We danced more than before, and better. We are setting things up for the musical style today.

The height of his fame always brings excesses (of spending, spree of stardom ...). Which of these excesses more 'caught' for you, becoming a problem?

Danny - This was not a problem. We are lucky because no one was lost in this lifestyle. We are very simple families of Boston [U.S.]. This source helped all the way. We are better behaved today. Not taking part in more parties after the shows, just go to the hotel and rest a little. We believe much more in music today.

Do you still feel like the New Kids on the Block?

Danny - We're the same band we were because of our fans, since we got back in 2008. Fans in Brazil have been asking for us to return since the end of the group. We are very excited about everything that is happening. That's what makes us happy and feel the same band. We are lucky.

Do you sing the hits, or just sing new songs?

Danny - We sing some new, but basically sang hits. Where do the show the audience wants, you can be sure. Do not let any famous song out.

All members were agreed to comeback at the beginning?

Danny - the music was all we had new things ... Donnie played a song and enjoy the time. We returned to the studio, it was simple. All 100% stumbled on time.
In our time we rolled a bias for a boy band, and it was just bothering him, doubted because of our talent, saying he did not actually sing, it was playback. This happened to you?

Danny - We were the first, then no one really understand what we were doing there. Either loved or hated the band. Today is quite different. The negative things are smaller, less feel their presence. Today we have nothing to prove to anyone. We're just in this for the fans.

Reached a career season in which we turned over 'celebrity' than singers. We did a few shows, but we were in the media. They passed it?

Danny - We did fight in 1995, but returned. It's very different now. I do not think in the past, we have only to think about this. I do not think the negative things of the past ...

Fans of years ago are still present or even take their kids to tan for the New Kids? 've Rolled a few stories like that?

Danny - Some fans are bringing children. And we realized that young people have fun. My daughter is 13 and likes our music. Young children will leave with their parents and fans.

New Kids on the Block in Sao Paulo
When: June 17 (Sunday), 20.30
Where: HSBC Brazil - Street Braganca Paulista, 1281, Finca San Antonio


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