Donnie Wahlberg interview on Glamour

DONNIE WAHLBERGGlamour: The intensity and dynamic you bring to every scene as Detective Danny Reagan is incredible. How are you managing to balance everything in your life when taking on such a demanding role?
Donnie Wahlberg: I don’t know. I think every now and again, every actor thinks they can play any role, and the smart actors are honest enough to know that they can't. My entire body of work as an actor has prepared me for this role, and this is one of those times where everything was aligned perfectly and I was the right guy in the right place with the right resume with the right experience and the right passion for this gig. It may seem hard, and it may look hard, and I’m sure there are times when I’ve done 18-hour days in cold New York City where I’m like, ‘Damn, this is hard,’ but in all sincerity, it's really easy. And I don't mean that to make light of it, I just really think that this role was meant to be mine.
Glamour: The little boys that play your sons on the show (real life brothers Andrew and Tony Terraciano) are so cute and fine young actors. Do they get what a big deal it is to work opposite you, Tom, and Bridget?
Donnie: In some ways, they are really like the kids of the show. Tom is like their grandpa. He sort of makes jokes with them at the dinner table, but he doesn't have to take them home at the end of the day! [laughs] For me, they come rushing in when I come in the door, and I'm sort of like their surrogate dad. They hang out with my real son all the time. They adore each other. It's just really nice. The family dynamic on screen and off is really special. For Bridget and I, for example, we don't fight as much as we do on screen. [laughs] We are really, really close.
Glamour: So that brings me to my next question. If you were stranded on the side of the road at 3 a.m., which co-star would you call to come pick you up?
Donnie: I could call any of them and know they would come and get me, but I'd call Bridget because she'd come get me looking all glamorous! [laughs] Tom Selleck would come and get me on a horse! And I don' want to ride home on a horse!


Live and Unfinished tour: DINNER & BRUNCH INFO

SEPTEMBER 28th 2012
Hey my Live and "STILL" Unfinished Bloquitas!! Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tour starting next Wednesday in Ottawa!! As of now ALL of our dates are on sale as well as remaining Show VIP Tickets!! Get em while their HOT!!
NOW......Who's ready for some Food & JK!!?
Tomorrow SEPTEMBER 29th, we are going on sale with next weeks Dinner and Brunches and wanted to give you the deets!! As for all of our events, Ticket purchase links will be available at
Hope to see you all soon!!!

OTTAWA VIP Dinner OCT 2nd:
Brookstreet Hotel
7pm - 9:30pm
525 Legget Dr., Ottawa, ON, K2K 2W2

TORONTO VIP Brunch Oct 5th:
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
ONE HARBOUR SQUARE, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6

MONTREAL VIP Brunch Oct 6th:
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
360 St Antoine Ouest
Montréal, Québec, H2Y 3X4


Interview with Jordan Knight on CHUM FM 104.5, - 09.28.12

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original source:

Interview with JordanKnight on B101 FM - 09.27.12

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Donnie Wahlberg on The Rachael Ray Show - 09.28.12

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Moose 99.5 FM: Interview with Jordan Knight 09.26.12 (PODCAST)

Jordan Knight on The Moose by Muskoka Staff

Interview with Jordan Knight on NEWSTALK 1010 (VIDEO)

Interview on "Beyond the mic with Mike Bullard" show 09.28.12

Interview with Jordan Knight on The Beach 98 FM - 09.24.12 (PODCAST)

Jordan Knight Shares Wisdom with Justin Bieber and One Direction

Jordan Knight Shares Wisdom with Justin Bieber and One Direction If you believe anything that the veteran artists say, the fame and fortune can be so overwhelming that it can get hard to stay grounded.  That’s why it’s so important to listen to any pearls of wisdom someone more experienced may want to share.
Jordan Knight, who is best known for being a member of the New Kids on the Block, has shared some words of caution with Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Wanted and any other young artists in the industry.
After almost thirty years in music, Knight has seen people develop addictions to drugs and alcohol and he encourages today’s youth to look out for each other.  He said: "That's one of the great things about being in a band as opposed to a solo artist. For us it was good at that age because we had each other's backs. If one person started going crazy we'd pull them back. So what I would say to these new bands is watch out for your friends -- if they're getting too crazy be a good friend and pull them back to reality."  He’s definitely got a point and, really, NKOTB have had a relatively scandal-free existence.
The 42-year-old singer says he enjoys seeing the next generation of boy bands because it reminds him of how it felt in his own early days. One difference, though, is that the members of NKOTB were a bit more frugal with their spending (and they all had money – the band made $850 million in 1990 alone) while today’s young artists drop unbelievable amounts of money on cars and gifts for their friends and girlfriends.
His theory is that, sometimes, people feel guilty about their success and they try to give some of it away to ease those feelings.  It is a very powerful feeling.  His best advice about that is actually really good: “don't feel guilty about having it. Just be responsible.”
Good advice.


Interview with Jordan Knight on Variety FM this weekend.

Amanda Logan interviewed this last monday to Jordan Knight, this will air this weekend on the  "Top 20" Show on Variety 104 FM Radio (Ontario) on Saturday at 2:00 pm and Sunday at noon.

You can listen Variety online here:

Interview with Jordan Knight on AOL Music

Jordan Knight: New Kid on the Block Cautions Justin Bieber, One Direction and the Wanted
by Leena Tailor
With almost three decades in the boy band spotlight, Jordan Knight has surfed the highs and weathered the lows that come with being a global pop icon. But while his greatest piece of advice for the latest wave of boy bands is "just have fun" the singer knows all too well how fun can spin out of control. Having been in the shoes of hysteria-inducing, young pin-ups like The Wanted and One Direction, at an age where alcohol and drug temptations are at their heights, the New Kids on the Block singer believes it's up to band members to look out for each other.

"That's one of the great things about being in a band as opposed to a solo artist," he tells AOL Music Blog ahead of his upcoming solo tour. "For us it was good at that age because we had each other's backs. If one person started going crazy we'd pull them back. So what I would say to these new bands is watch out for your friends -- if they're getting too crazy be a good friend and pull them back to reality."

The 42-year-old singer/songwriter recently spent time with The Wanted at Hershey's MixTape Festival, where the young Brits joined NKOTB on-stage to perform "Glad You Came." The experience brought back memories of Jordan's days bursting onto the scene as a teen heartthrob.

"It's cool to see the new generation at it," he said. "It brings back the feelings I had when I started. Everything was fresh and new. You have the world at the palm of your hands. I get to relive that feeling through them.
"And it's great to see a British band come here and the girls love them because they have accents and they're British!"

While he believes it's just as difficult for today's "young whippersnappers" to navigate the music industry as it was for NKOTB, he says avenues like YouTube mean a lucky break can come cheaply and "at any moment."

Of course, with that moment comes a whole new world of fame and fortune. For NKOTB, their late '80 explosion saw them topping the charts, plastering bedroom walls around the world and spawning cartoons, merchandise and record sales earning $850 million in 1990 alone.

While the band weren't extravagant spenders, Jordan urges stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction -- who have come under fire for splashing out five-digit figures on cars for friends and girlfriends -- not to feel bad about wealth.

"A lot of people feel guilty and want to give money away to friends, family and everybody. It's a sudden surge of power and everyone wants a piece, but don't let it define you -- and don't feel guilty about having it. Just be responsible.
"And with everything else, just have fun. Be a boy until you need to be a man. Don't take it all too seriously... but don't throw it all away by getting too crazy."

Jordan's words may be drops in an ocean of advice today's chart-toppers have been showered with, but the Boston native has firsthand experience with how life can fall apart after reaching the heights of fame.

At 30 -- five years after NKOTB parted ways and shortly before the birth of his first son -- he stumbled into alcoholism while struggling to come to terms with adulthood.

"They say a person conflicted is a person addicted. And I was definitely conflicted... between growing up and being responsible, and staying irresponsible," he says.

"It started to become a real problem. I was drinking everyday. Alcohol makes you happy when you drink, but the rest of the time it ruins your life and makes you depressed. You become a slave to it and you stop being creative and thinking of other people. You become selfish."

Relationships were damaged and it was six years before a painfully-dreadful hangover saw him wake up one day and go cold turkey to save himself -- and his family.

"Most of the decision was because of my son. I didn't want him to see me in that state anymore. I said, 'No more. I can't do it. He's not going to see that growing up.'"

Attending a few AA classes, most of Jordan's recovery involved reading about addiction and surrounding himself with sober people.

"If you make a decision not to drink you have to deal with your life," he says. "You slowly get stronger and build emotional and mental muscles to live a good life. Those muscles get very weak when you have an addiction."

Six years sober, he says he will always be "recovering," but hasn't fallen back on the bottle. And while NKOTB's 2008 reunion and life back on the road may frequently corner him with old temptations, he has no desire to drink.

"When there's so much at stake it curbs your enthusiasm! I don't want anymore hangovers," he says. "I don't want to walk into the dressing room before a show and feel ashamed.

"I open mini-bars at hotels, grab water and don't even think about the beer right in front of my face now. I never thought I'd be able to do that.
"And I never thought hanging around people who are drinking would be possible. I used to look at people who didn't drink and think, 'It must be so boring.' Now I'm like, 'Thank God I don't drink!'

"But I don't think there's anything wrong with drinking -- as long as you can control it."
Looking back at almost 30 years in the limelight, he says sobriety has been the single biggest obstacle to getting to the "good and balanced" place he has reached personally and professionally.

With another NKOTB album in the works as well as further solo plans, he now has two sons, with wife of eight years Evelyn, to keep him busy when he's not working. Eldest, Dante, is now a teenager -- there are no girlfriends yet, "although I haven't checked his text messages lately!" -- while Eric, five, has inherited Jordan's passion for music.

"He loves listening to me play the "Beverly Hills Cop" theme song. It's so random! He pulls out the keyboard and goes, 'Daddy, play the song!'"

Asked about his proudest moment as a father he says everyday brings new milestones.

"Today Eric drew a bunch of pictures and put them on every single door in the house. It was so artistic and creative. To think, 'What made him put them on every door?' It's cool to see that.
"He doesn't have inhibitions. He feels free and happy and that makes me feel good."

While Eric may be too young to fully understand his dad's fame just yet, it's what he hopes his sons learn from his journey when they're older which today's boy bands can perhaps take most heed from.

"Hopefully they'll learn that you can be a normal person and still do this kind of stuff..." he says, pausing. "Hopefully I'm normal enough that they'll see that."
SOURCE: AOL Music blog

more Blue Bloods news

  •  Watch an exclusive CBS video about the season premieres, wait for Blue Bloods at 10'10''

or watch it here:
  • new DVD just released on september 11th, read some reviews of the 2nd season DVD
- Blog Critics:  
Another aspect about the DVD set that fans will enjoy is how the menu is set up to access deleted scenes. Each disc contains deleted scenes for the episodes for that specific disc. This, it seems to me, is a much better option than having all the deleted scenes on a single, extra, bonus disc.
The episodes are presented in 16x9 full frame with English 5.1 and English Stereo sound. It also includes English SDH, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. The complete running time is approximately 926 minutes.
Overall, Blue Bloods: The Second Season is a great DVD set for television fans to add to their collection. From the dramatic episodes to the special features, the audience truly gets a well-rounded look at the second season of the series.
DVD Review >> ‘Blue Bloods: The Second Season’
DVD Review: Detailed Featurettes Round Out Set For ‘Blue Bloods: The Second Season’
  • A blog called "Pardon me for asking" posted some photos of scenes being filmed on the street:
'Blue Bloods' Turns Sal's Pizzeria Into Salducci's On Court Street Today
  • @DonnieWahlberg will be tweeting this friday for premiere #CBSTweetWeek

  • and here some short videos from the Blue bloods set:


Ooooooh Canada!!!
Thank You to all the fans for your continued support!!! Jordan Knight Live and "Still" unfinished is getting closer and closer by the day!!
A couple of exciting announcements!!!
We want to welcome Jesse Labelle to the Live and "Still" Unfinished Show!! Jesse is an incredibly talented Canadian Singer/Songwriter and will be opening up for Jordan on ALL of the Upcoming Shows. Be sure to check out Jesse and his music on the links below: 

Yes!!! JKVIPDAY is happening this Saturday September 22nd!! This will be the On-Sale for ALL 9 of the current Live and "Still" Unfinished Shows. VIP UPGRADE includes:
-Early entrance for the Live and "Still" Unfinished Pre-Soundcheck Party where you can hang out and see Jordan warm up on stage and sing a few songs before the Show!!
-One on One Picture with JK to be posted on within 72 hours
-JK Trivia or Games
-All around good fun with JK
***Please note that ALL VIP TICKETS are sold as an UPGRADE to your existing Seat or GA Ticket. In order to gain entrance to VIP, you MUST have a General Admission or Assigned Seat Ticket!! Just a VIP Ticket will NOT get you into the Show. You need BOTH!!
JKVIPDAY On-Sale Times!!
Saturday September 22, 2012
10AM EDT: Centrepoint Theatre - Ottawa, ON
11AM EDT: The Guvernment - Toronto, ON
12PM EDT: Metropolis - Montreal, QC
1PM EDT / 2PM ADT: Casino Nova Scotia - Halifax, NS
2PM EDT / 3PM ADT: Capitol Theatre - Moncton, NB
3PM EDT / 1PM MDT: Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, AB
4pm EDT / 2PM MDT: MacEwan Ballroom - Calgary, AB
5PM EDT / 2PM PDT: Venue Live - Vancouver, BC
6pm EDT / 3pm PDT: McPherson Playhouse - Victoria, BC
Wishing everyone best of luck this Saturday with purchasing your VIP Upgrade Ticket!!!

We are working hard on getting you all of the details for our upcoming Brunches and Dinners!! This will include Locations, Pricing, On-Sale Times and ALL other Info. Just know that most of the Brunches start around 10AM Local Time and Dinners start around 8PM Local Time. We will be sure to keep you posted just as soon as we are ready!!
We are working on some cool new items to have available for ALL of our Upcoming Shows.

We want to address some of the questions that have been sent to us regarding the Gold Circle Pre Sale. We understand that for our Pre Sale, Ticket Holders were unable to select a seat. While we know that can be frustrating, because of the arrangement with some of these venues, we felt it was more important for us to guarantee that we were able to sell Gold Circle seats to the fans directly before the Venues went on sale with their tickets. We also understand that some of the seats sold were not front row, but our Pre Sale was set up to guarantee we would have allotted Gold Circle Seats and because of the Venue arrangements, we were unable to take all of the inventory for just the first rows. The seats had to be divided up accordingly so that ALL FANS would get a fair shot at getting Tickets. We promise you that your seats and all seats or GA Tickets will be great and as always, the Show will be AMAZING!!!
We look forward to hopefully seeing as many of you as possible on Tour, and again we really appreciate ALL of your support for Jordan and the Live and "Still" Unfinished Shows!!!!


New NKOTB newsletter - + cruise info

Dear Fans!
NKOTB CRUISE 2013 is off to the races! Are you on the boat?! If you are, HI-5, ahoy and welcome aboard! We are so excited that so many of you have booked a spot on Cruise #5. Cruise 2013 will be one for the ages aboard our new boat, the Carnival Victory, which offers new and exciting features and a fresh new layout!
We wanted to let you know that there are a very small amount of cabins left…
We promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all cruisers! Already booked? Repeat cruiser? What could NKOTB possibly do to top the last four??
We'll fill you in...just a little...
  • That's right, we like A/C too!  Come get up close and personal with us in the Theater in 2013 for an unforgettable one-of-a-kind show! Like previous theater shows, cruisers will enter the concert on designated evenings with your assigned group and in your assigned RESERVED seats. This theater is one of the most intimate venues NKOTB will play anywhere in the world…and this one even floats! Bananas!
  • Everything you've wanted to know about NKOTB CRUISE and MORE. We will screen the DVD together on the lido deck on the big screen! We'll host a Q&A following the showing. Even better, each 2013 cruiser will go home with their very own limited edition exclusive NKOTB Cruise DVD included with your cruise package.
  • We're inviting one lucky cabin each night to spend one day and evening in "The VIP SLEEPOVER SUITE" located directly among the NKOTB cabin area, right in the middle of all the NKOTB action in our hallway. Each day, until the following morning, a different group of winners will take over this amazing suite and be welcome to come and go as they please! Mingle with the guys in the hall, in the suite or even on the adjoining balconies to the guys' cabins! Each day's winning group will also have VIP Access to all of the night time theme deck parties and be escorted with the guys to that night's event and then back to the SLEEPOVER SUITE when the night winds down. Late night gab sessions????  Room service??? Anything is possible! The keys are yours! This takes Face Time to a whole new level!
  • Keep it cool and keep it casual on Half Moon Cay, no worries, no NKOTB event to line up for, just go for a swim on the beach! NKOTB will be out there making sure nobody gets too crispy while having a blast with you!
And much much more!! We promise lots of new and thrilling days, and longer (is that even possible?) nights! Even a few more surprises...
Don't wait, book your cabin now, the few that remain WILL go fast, and join us for another all-timer, the NKOTB CRUISE 2013!
Welcome aboard!
NKOTB Signatures


Wahlberg-produced reality show “Boston Metal” airs Friday

Reality TV could soon become wall-to-wall Wahlberg. That’s because in addition to the previously announced reality showMark Wahlberg is making about the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the one Donnie Wahlberg is currently working on about the Boston Police Department, Bob Wahlberg has produced a pilot called “Boston Metal,” about a family-owned scrapyard in Brockton. (The first and so far only episode airs Friday at 9 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.) “We’re hoping, based on ratings and response, that it’ll be picked up,” Bob Wahlberg told us Friday. (Donnie is executive producer of “Boston Metal.”) The show follows the Morrissey family, owners of ECO Recycling Systems Inc. in the city of champions. What makes the show appealing, Wahlberg said, are the people: John Morrissey Sr. and John Morrissey Jr. are both former mixed-martial arts fighters, and the daughter has a knack for finding treasure in the trash. (Think “Storage Wars” or “American Pickers.”) “It’s a scrapyard so it brings in a different kind of character,” said Bob, who’s become something of a reality TV connoisseur while working on the show. “Most are super honest people, but some are trying to sneak something by. I think people will find it entertaining.”
SOURCE: The Boston Globe

Watch a preview of the premiere episode, (airs this friday sep 21st- 9PM ET on NatGeo):

BOSTON METAL - PREMIERES FRIDAY, 9/21 at 9P/8C on NAT GEO from Jarrett Creative Group on Vimeo.
  • Related links:
Official Boston Metal Page on Nat Geo

More Blue Bloods News

  •  Watch a video with part of the bonus features of the new DVD: Season 2:

"I love episodes in Blue Bloods where the family all has to rally to the same cause, or is affected by a situation -- if the crime somehow impacts everyone," says Donnie Wahlberg, while Bridget Moynahan explains, "I think different people are responding to different relationships on the show in the family dynamic."
  • New DVD has been released on september 11th, if you haven't yet, here is what you'll get:
"Blue Bloods: The Second Season" includes a slew of never-before-aired deleted scenes, a special inside look from the set with stars Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes, a two-part documentary on the making of the series, and an exclusive interview with music legend and season two guest star Tony Bennett, the must-have collection will be available just in time for the third season broadcast premiere this fall.
Special Features:
-On the Set with Donnie & Will
-Keeping it Real, Season 2
-A Higher Standard, The Story of the Reagans, Season 2,Part 1
-A Higher Standard, The Story of the Reagans, Season 2, Part 2
-Gag Reel
-Deleted Scenes
-Meet the Maestro: Tony Bennett
-Audio Commentary
  • Actor Louis Ozawa will appear on episode six.

LOUIS OZAWA CHANGCHIEN will play the role of Raja.
Louis has appeared recently in the Bourne Legacy and Predators.
Here is the description
Late 30s, this Malaysian drug trafficker is an "arrogant hard-ass" who ran the New York drug trade for his kingpin brother back in Malaysia. Sentenced to 20 years for his crimes, he's being brokered as the "ransom" for a kidnapped cop. Regal and disdainful, he's convinced that he and his brother have the police exactly where they want them -- but Danny and the team have an unusual way of making him talk
  • Watch a few short promo videos of the new season:

  • Watch a promo of the season premiere:

  • In case you missed it before, here are some details about the upcoming episodes of the new season:
Episode 1
Episode 2
  • TVGuide is doing a sweepstake where you can win a copy of the BB Season 2 DVD. Click HERE to apply.

Blue Bloods S03x01 - Info

Title: Family Business

Date: September 28th

A dangerous criminal from Danny’s past comes back to seek revenge and kidnaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie meets his new partner, while a young officer is shaken after he accidentally shoots an innocent man, on the third season premiere of BLUE BLOODS, Friday, September 28 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs”) guest stars as Benjamin Walker, a dangerous criminal from Danny’s past, and Corbin Bleu (“High School Musical”) guest stars as Officer Blake, the distraught young officer.

Blue Bloods S03x02 - Info

Tittle: Domestic Disturbance

Date: October 5th

When an injured woman recants her claim of domestic violence, Danny and Jackie look into it further, only to find that the woman is involved in a secret relationship with a high-powered councilman – who also happens to be a friend of Frank’s. Meanwhile, Linda goes back to work, which causes upheaval for Danny, on BLUE BLOODS, Friday, Oct. 5 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Richard Burgi ("Desperate Housewives") guest stars as Councilman Mancini.

Photos: -

NKOTB Cruise - related blogs

If you are new on this cruise adventures, there's a list of worth reading blogs to help you start:

  • on NKOTB Forum:
NKOTB Cruise May 18-22, 2013
  • NKOTB Cruise on RoseTour
  • NKOTB Summer Blog
Your No-Stress (Okay, Low-Stress) Guide to Booking a Cabin
  • Yikes Blog
We're sailing away...again. And again.

NKOTB Cruise 2013 - Official Announcement


Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 7:05 AM
Cruise 2013
sound the horns again...
MAY 18-22
NKOTB celebrates 5 years on the high seas on the CARNIVAL VICTORY! We depart May 18, 2013 from the Port of Miami, returning to your favorite beach paradise HALF MOON CAY, then on to the clear blue waters of NASSAU, BAHAMAS, and finally cruising home on May 22, 2013.
Presale for Block Nation and past cruisers begins THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 13 @ NOON EST — you will receive an e-mail with instructions how to book shortly. If you're not a member of Block Nation, sign up now!
Public on sale begins FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 @ NOON EST.
For more information, please be sure to visit
Good luck and welcome aboard!
*No guests under age 16 will be permitted to sail!
Cruise 2013