Just Music France: Interview with Danny Wood

INTERVIEW: Meet Danny Wood (New Kids On The Block)NKOTB
Everyone remembers the tunes "Step by step" or "Let's try it again!" New Kids on the Block will soon start on a European tour and come to Olympia on May 11th. Despite a very busy time, Danny Wood has agreed to answer our questions.
JustMusic.fr: You will soon start a European tour how do you feel?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): We are very excited to go back on tour across Europe and regain the public.
JustMusic.fr: You will be at the Olympia on May 11th, do you remember your last concert in Paris February 4, 2009 at the Zenith?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): We are very happy to return to Paris and the Zenith concert was great. I still remember especially that Jordan had lost his passport as often (smile) and he had to take the train to come.
JustMusic.fr: There are more boy band, is that some make you think about your debut?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): In America I know "One Direction", "The Wanted" or the "Big Time Rush". They are different groups of our generation dancing and singing, we were "entertainers".
JustMusic.fr: What do you think 1D example?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): I do not know much about their music, but we met in London and they are nice guys. In terms of their songs, it will ask my daughter (smile).
JustMusic.fr: The Backstreet Boys will also make their return to France and will occur at the Zenith March 18, 2014.You who have worked with them for the "NKOTBSB," how it happened between your two groups?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): It was an amazing experience and we were very happy to meet all together. We toured the United States and Australia in particular, lived extraordinary moments! They are great guys and we were delighted to see our respective fans on our concerts. We hope we can work together again in the future and go back on tour together.
JustMusic.fr: After all these years of career what is the thing you're most proud of?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): The thing I'm most proud of is being able to take my girls on tour and they have to show my work, what I like to do most in the world (smile).
JustMusic.fr: The French love you but why do not I found your last album "10" with us?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): The record industry is becoming more difficult and it is true that for the time we did a lot of TV shows and concerts in the United States. It is a challenge to successfully sell records today and we hope we can showcase our album in many countries as possible. Even if you do not find in stores now, with new technology, you can find it on the net, on iTunes for example.
JustMusic.fr: Do you think the next album already?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): We released "The Block" in 2008 and "10" last year so we will have to wait two years before leaving the next.
JustMusic.fr: Do you remember your first visit to Paris?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): I think Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world! The first time we came we were overwhelmed by the splendor of the city. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to visit, but since it was well caught (smile).
JustMusic.fr: What do you think your French fans?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): They are amazing and they have such a passion for us is great! It is for them that we decided to return to Paris as we like.
JustMusic.fr: Of all your songs which one do you prefer?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): I would say "Step by step" because I still think it's an excellent title. It was # 1 with this song and our best memories are attached to this piece.
JustMusic.fr: Before you do you have a little message for your French fans?
Danny Wood (NKOTB): We are eager to return and see it is hoped that many will be waiting for you. We will give them a real show and we can not really expect more (laughs)! Thank you to them for always being there and for your support.Take good care of yourself.


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DR Culture Interview with Jordan Knight

New Kids On The Block star: Today our fans ease moderately hysterical

Jordan Knight from the mature boy band welcomes the group's fans have put hysteria on the shelf. He says in an interview with DR Culture
                    By Marie Ravn Nielsen
Imagine that you step onto a stage. 20,000 screaming teens eagerly, many of them crying with joy, while others pass out. For many of the fans is the highlight of their young lives.
Does this sound like the wildest dream? Certainly. But even though Jordan Knight from boy band New Kids on The Block lived the dream again, it's not a situation that he misses.
- Our fans are of course excited now, but in the old days, the fans so overwhelmed with excitement that I sometimes thought: Everything we do means nothing. All we needed to do was just stepping onto the stage.
So says the now 43-year-old pop singer more than 20 years after his group - also known as NKOTB - topped charts around the world.
- The fans were so filled with emotion at the time that they were not able to concentrate on the music and our show, he told BBC Culture on a phone from the U.S..
          Glad to fans relax more
On 8 May faces NKOTB back to Danish reason when Jordan Knight and the other four adult men from the group appear in Falconer Salen Frederiksberg.
It is the first time they played in the metropolitan area since 1991. In 2012, the group appeared in Herning in a joint show with colleagues from the Backstreet Boys.
- Today we feel that we become more appreciated for the art we deliver in such a show. And our fans relax a little more and can better enjoy the concert, says a satisfied Jordan Knight.
He looks forward to going on a spring tour in Europe, where the big stadiums and arenas are replaced with a series of more intimate venues. On the whole, he is more to the way the aging boy band working on now - and yes, the group still call themselves a boyband, says the singer.
- We better take it all in now, but we still have a very busy schedule. We play concerts at night, afterwards we keep after parties and before the show we hold meet-n-greet with fans, says Jordan Knight.
Perfect balance between work and family
But being Falconer Salen not just full of old fans who had posters of Jordan, Donnie, Joe, Danny and Jonathan stuck for more than 20 years ago? Not necessarily.
- I see some younger fans who follow us on Twitter. Many of them are teenagers, so I think it's pretty cool, they like us. When I was a teenager I might even like the older artists. One discovers the groups even have disintegrated long ago - as the Beatles.
When you see a boy band like One Direction, do you miss the intense attention that I got at the beginning of your career?
- For me, we have achieved the right balance between work, family and ease moderate hysteria from fans. When we broke through it was all a bit too much. I would not want to return to it. I have so many wonderful memories, but as it is now is absolutely perfect.
                   Young and ready to move
The good memories could be for example the recording of breakthrough album 'Hangin' Tough ' from 1988.
Even though NKOTB released his latest album '10 'last year, the group's second album still Jordan Knights favorite.
- 'Hangin' Tough 'is the album I'm most proud of. There are so many good songs and good memories with this album. We were all so young and ready to go - we were sharp and had a finger on the pulse with everything he says.
"Almost as if we've never been away"
There are currently no plans for a new NKOTB album, but ahead of you, as I said a month on Europe's roads. This brings the five singers again to sit with your thighs apart.
- We live in different areas of the U.S., so we do not see much of each other when we are not on tour. But when we meet, we are very together on the job. We still share locker rooms, traveling in the same tour bus and so on. We are still very close, said Jordan Knight continues:
- It's almost as if we've never been apart. Even when we made our comeback tour, it was as if we had just come home from our previous tour, although it was 10-12 years ago.

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