Donnie Wahlberg on The Rich & Corvino Show recap

4/14/11 Show Recap

4/14/11 Show Recap
Hey guys, it’s Rosie, and it’s time for a recap of yet another entertaining day at the Covino and Rich Show. Today’s show started off with Rich telling us an interesting story, and by interesting I mean gay, literally. Rich was with Sara last night and he asked why all the doors and windows were open. She said, “because it feels good.” And instead of Rich replying, “you know what else feels good? Your mouth around my cock,” he said, “you know what else feels good? Lots of cocks around my mouth.” Rich and Sara could not stop laughing. Rich said he “over thought,” which is why he said what he said, but Covino and Spot think that there is a chance that Rich could be secretly gay, or maybe even bi-curious? What do you guys think? Have you ever had a “gay slip” before?

We had the pleasure of interviewing Donnie Wahlberg. He spoke about his childhood and how he used to wrestle with his brother Mark. Their wrestling matches were pretty intense, they used to jump off tables, and land on top of each other. Even though they play fought, they also had some real fights, which were also pretty intense. Believe it or not, Donnie is a huge fan of reality TV. He mentioned how he watches shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Bad Girl’s Club’ all the time. He’s also a fan of ‘The Apprentice.’ We shifted gears and asked Donnie if he’s a “porn watcher,” he said he’s not into it because anyone can find out what you’re surfing when you’re on the web. He said maybe when porn becomes a little more mainstream and we see it on cbs or nbc, is when he’ll start watching. Overall Donnie Wahlberg, is a very chill guy. He was so down to Earth. He mentioned how he loves to play poker and how he has been playing his whole life, he has even had the opportunity to appear on ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown,’ which he thought was an awesome and humbling experience. Covino and Rich were just so amazed by how cool Donnie was. Donnie Wahlberg brought great vibes to the show and we were so happy to have him. Don’t forget, he has a tour coming up with New Kids on the Block, so make sure to catch him!

And that’s it for today’s show. Thanks for reading and listening. Tune into our next show!
-Rosie (aka Dozemarie)

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