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Day 6

Hangin’ tough! “LB”, my trainer, is mixing it up for me. Hills one day, cross training the next- elliptical, and today an easy 4 mile run with 4 x30 second speed bursts- not easy.
My right knee is ok, but when I’m in bed at night there is a dull pain- I have two positions that are comfy, after that I wake up. But nothing too heavy.
Tomorrow is pretty chill because Sunday I am doing the Pasadena Run Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! I did it last year- it was my first. So beautiful over there. I’m excited to be back in the race environment and feed off the energy. I’ll be running with LB so she can see how I run. I don’t think I’m gonna try to go “all out”. This is a race but its all prep for Boston!
I’ll let ya know how it goes on Sunday. Thank you for all your support and feedback- cool to get different takes on it all.

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