Fit World is open

Good Evening Friends!

What a day we had! Super busy but fun. Fit World is open for business at 5AM tomorrow Thursday Oct 1st!! I will be there working out in the morning around 9 AM-ish and then handing out water bottles and goodies from 4pm to 6pm. I hope to see you guys there.

Tonight was the staff preview and it’s so GORGEOUS! It’s going to be amazing guys. Tons of classes, group training classes with personal trainers….everything you could want in a gym is at Fit World. The locker room looks like a spa, bamboo and teak wood paired with granite and marble so luxurious. The machines are brandy new and it feels so good to work out with weight machines that work LOL. I didn’t take a ton of pics because I wanted it to be a bit of a surprise plus I will take tons tomorrow when it officially opens!

Here are a few little tid bits


On our way!


See he is alive and well, just super busy! It was such a pleasure to meet him. He is wonderful


Me with Sgt Slaughter, AKA Lea from Kick N Abs on Monday’s-LOVE HER


Me with Paula K my AMAZING trainer!!!!


My mecca!!!! I LOVE cardio!!!!

I can’t wait to show you more pics over the next few days!!! AND I can’t wait to meet all of you local GGH’ers that have joined Fit World.

I’m going to sign off for now, super tired and tomorrow is gonna be wild!!

Have a wonderful night and I will see you soon!!!

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Fotos del Myspace de Danny


How I Met Donnie Wahlberg by Martin Kierszenbaum

I've always been a popular music fan as long as I can remember. The New Kids on the Block were inescapable on TV, radio, in record shops, grocery stores, and just about everywhere else in 1989. They had more than a few great, catchy, pop songs so, like any unabashed pop music lover at the time, I ended up with several tasty New Kids 12 inches and CD's in my collection.

Well, fast forward to 2008 and I'm at Chalice Studios in Hollywood meeting with songwriters E-man and Kasi Livingston. They play me the demo version of a new song they've just co-written with some friends. It turns out to be a remarkable tune with a very real-talk lyric entitled "2 in the Morning." I flip out upon hearing it and beg them for a copy. They kindly oblige and I proceed to play it 8 times straight on my drive back to the office.

By the end of the week, I'm playing it 10 times a day and trying to figure which of the artists on the label could cut it because I'm convinced it's very special. As an A&R rep, that's what you wanna do with special songs: nab 'em for your artists to record. I had no idea with whom E-man and Kasi had co-written the song or to what purpose. I just knew that the melody was great and the lyrics genuine. I mean, who hasn't had an argument with a significant other and wished it could blow over before going to sleep that same day.

So, as my obsession with the song grew and I started playing the song for everybody that came into my office, I'd say things like "this is my favorite song right now" and "you wanna hear what a great song sounds like?" Haha! I get passionate about songs that move me.

So, a few days later, I'm in my office at a meeting with some other songwriter friends of mine and - though I usually don't do this (since they're there to play me THEIR songs), I say to them "you wanna hear a great song that somebody else wrote?" They say "sure" and I put on the demo of "2 in the Morning."

I'm playing the track pretty loud when a cat with a baseball cap sticks his head through the door. I instantly recognize him from my 12" covers: it's Donnie Wahlberg from the New Kids on the Block!

I lower the volume and say "Hey! You're Donnie Wahlberg. Hello!" He points to my speakers and says "That's my song."

I say "Yeah, man, isn't it great? That's MY JOINT too right now!"

He says "No, man, that's really my song - I wrote it."

I say "What?! E-man and Kasi wrote that with some friends ... Aaaaaah." I figure it out in mid-sentence. "Wow, and the lyric?" I ask.

"That's about me and girl," he says."

"Woooooah," I say, "That's like my favorite song right now. I can't stop playing it."

He laughs. I ask "Hey, what are you doing here, anyway?"

Donnie then proceeds to explain that he'd been in the office next door about to meet with Jimmy Iovine (Interscope's Chairman and my boss) about a New Kids new album and reunion tour when he'd heard me blasting his song. So, he decided to pop in.

I'm like "Wow, a New Kids reunion?! That's crazy."

He's like "Yep, it's time."

So I say "Congratz on the fantastic song and good luck with the album. It's super nice to meet you."

He says "Thanks," and goes to his meeting with Jimmy.

I resume my meeting which of course includes tripping out about the serendipity of the moment when I get a phone call from Jimmy asking me to his office.

As I walk over and enter, I see Donnie and Jordan Knight sitting with Jimmy. They point to me and say "That's him. That's who we want to A&R our record!"

And that's how I met Donnie Wahlberg - and Jordan again (I'd met and worked with Jordan before on his solo album for Interscope). And, it's also how I got the privilege to work on The Block album with Donnie and the gang.

Most of all, it's how I got the opportunity to become friends with Donnie and learn that he is a very talented, generous and loyal person.


Danny Wood in Boston 9-25-9 Komen Race for the Cure expo

video by mmatuszak76

Scenes from the post Race Event with Danny Wood

Photos from Neighborhood Photo News


Danny Wood on radio Mix 104.1

Karson_Kennedy Audio (Subscribe)
Danny Wood
Danny Wood plays "Boy Band Trivia" and says, 'That's Hot' about something Kennedy did.


In the Pink

Photo by Mark Garfinkel
IN THE PINK: New Kids on the Block do-gooder Danny Wood and WCVB-TV’s Kelley Tuthill, a breast cancer survivor, arrive on a pink Duck Boat to kick off the 17th annual Susan G. Komen Massachusetts Race for the Cure at the Seaport World Trade Center.


Susan G. Komen For The Cure Invite You To “On Track For A Cause”

Susan G. Komen For The Cure Invite You To “On Track For A Cause”
@ LIV Nightclub | Miami Beach, FL
jueves, 08 de octubre de 2009 | 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM EST
presentado por LIV Nightclub
Edades: 21 up


Please don't go girl - NKOTB old school

New kids on the Block singing PDGG live at the show Don't Just Sit There
*so cute *

Donnie Wahlberg hosting Infusion Thursdays (old)

video antiguo anunciando la presentacion de DW en el Infusion Lounge el pasado 9/07/09

New Kids on the Block 's Summertime Parody

Cada vez que veo esta parodia me da risa
Disfrutenla, es muy buena

Celebs Gather at the Boom Boom Room

Celebrities were out in force last weekend for the Emmy Awards, and a few made appearances at the Boom Boom Room Celebrity Baby Gifting Suite.

Jen Lowery/Startraks

New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre stays well wrapped with son Griffin Thomas, 22 months, at the event.

He and wife Barrett expect a second son in December.


Last event with Danny Wood: pics with fans

Pictures from twitter. Thanks to @nerig, @thebostons, @traveloutloud, @bostonprchic, @MZAK976, @liverpool_tx, @cuttersftbll, @southiegirl, @dannywood.


Danny Wood : new blog

sábado, septiembre 26, 2009

I am honored to be here today speaking in front of so many inspiring women. I have met so many women over the past couple years that have courage, pride and hope embedded in them. My mother, Betty Wood, had those qualities embedded in her. As I stand here today, I am truly honored to be called her son. Even in her passing, 10 years ago, September 20th, 1999.... I am so blessed to keep her memory alive. I am also blessed that she has now become an inspirational symbol to so many. It really shows the power one person can have -- not only in life but also in death. I always believed she was more than just my mother, something more spiritual.


Through life, we all accomplish things. There are significant things we accomplish, that we carry with us and we won't let anyone take them away from us, nor diminish them. Our major accomplishments become a part of us. Well, my mother made all the small achievements feel larger than life. For me, it could have been winning a race in track, getting honor roll, or even one of our 1st New Kids shows where we got booed. She would look me in the eye and say, "I am so proud of you," and then she would kiss me just like you see on the cover of the album that I have created in her honor. They were kisses of pride, of love, and of belief. Just like my two daughters, Chance and Vega kiss me everyday.

When I close my eyes and pray, I can’t fight the feeling that is still deep inside me. I still long to hear my mother say "I love you," "I am proud of you." I am so lucky to say that when she passed, nothing was left unsaid. But through the years, I have prayed for one last chance to hear her words again. My sons (Anthony and Daniel) and daughters (Chance and Vega) answer those prayers every day, and through the New Kids reunion, I have heard her words again through so many people. I have met so many women who are now surviving the disease that took my mother's life. But I do know now, as hard as it is to say, she was taken for a reason -- to inspire many and to give new hope.

Today, she would have told me she is proud of me. She would have told my family she is proud. She would have told my dad she is proud. Betty Wood is now a symbol of hope, inspiration, strength and courage. For me, she is also the light that shines at the end of the tunnel where the cure for breast cancer waits for all of us. Thank you.