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2011 Wrap Up

Posted by Danny Wood on December 31, 2011
Well, our fundraising for 2011 is done! Our total for the year is $263,118 and the total since 2008 is $743,749!! There were 81 active teams this year. That's 4x the number of teams from '09, and almost 3x the number of teams from last year. With the way TEAM BETTY is growing, we will play a big part in finding a cure to breast cancer.

Highlights for 2011-
* Over $99,000 from the Harley Davidson raffle
* Over $23,000 raised by Miami Team Betty
* Over $23,000 raised by Team Betty Canada
* Over $16,000 from Pink Night (should we do it again?)
* An additional $11,000 + from the Cruisers donations
* Over $15,000 raised by the Boston 3 Day team
* 3 Day teams in Boston, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle (most ever 3 Day teams, but 2012 will have even more!)
* Over $9,000 raised by Batting For Betty in Boston
* First ever teams in Chile, Panama, Greece, Germany, South Korea, UK, and The Netherlands
* 600+ Team Betty walkers
* Cat's 200+ mile bike ride for Remember Betty
         2011 was an incredible year. But let’s make 2012 the biggest yet. Let’s get past $1,000,000 raised in the fight against breast cancer. We can do it!
         I want to thank all of you for all your hard work. I also am so grateful for all the sentimental gifts you give me. Pictures of my mom, videos, interviews, etc. I will never be able to thank you enough for the bond you have created between my children and Nana Betty Wood. They know who she is, what she stood for, and how much she loved me. This is because all of you continue to share your special memories of Betty with my children and me.  I am proud beyond words to know my mother’s memory has influenced so many. Everything I am and continue to be I owe to Betty Wood. She shines down on all of us everyday.

         Mom, I love you and miss you.


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!
Just to wishing you all the best for the next year and thanks for choosing this blog all over this 2011.
We wish 2012 brings you bright hopes, new success and many new reasons to smile
May prosperity reign in your home on New Year’s Day and beyond!
Have a great 2012!!

Feliz Año Nuevo!
Escribo este post para desearles todo lo mejor para el año que viene, gracias por haber elegido y compartido a traves de este blog, las noticias de los NKOTB.
Deseamos que el 2012 les traiga esperanzas, éxitos y muchísimas razones para sonreír.
Que la prosperidad reine en sus hogares en este año nuevo y mucho mas!
Que tengan un Excelente 2012!!

Celebs ready to ring in New Year [Joey on Enews]

Wait for Joey almost at the end of the clip:
video from

Jordan Knight to host SWRV Takeover on January 4th

from :
Don't miss our fave fomer NKOTB member, Jordan Knight when he hosts SWRV Takeover. Find out what music videos made his personal playlist on the newest SWRV Takeover premiere, Wednesday, 1/4 at 6p ET.

The NEW KID in Town - Jordan Knight's solo tour comes to town []

Remember 12?
Twelve years old and the quivering, nearly nauseous feeling that would develop in the pit of your stomach when you favorite singer came on the radio. Rhiannon Meyer, 34, remembers.  “I was 12 years old, absolutely loved New Kids on the Block. I got the chance to see them concert, I was loving the music, the dancing  and when they did that pelvic thrust”, she giggles like she’s right back there, “something happened, I didn’t even really know what that thrust meant, but my knees got weak and my stomach starting quivering.” 
For Louisville thirty-somethings,  part of that quivering feeling is coming back to town.  Jordan Knight, one of the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - #NKOTB for the hipsters, is doing a show at The Hard Rock Café on 4th Street Live on Saturday, February 11th.
Knight has a new CD project (Unfinished) which brings about the solo tour.  Tickets are on sale now, CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.  For fans like Rhiannon and her friend Erin Ryan, 27, who have been to 19 concerts and 3 New Kids Caribbean Cruises, they’ve already starting making plans.
These two ladies and other BLOCKHEADS, as they’re known, are preparing for a wild night, living and re-living those teenage dreams.  Something I talked to Jordan Knight about by phone.
I wondered if, after all these year, the fanatical nature of the fans surprised him?
“Our fans are the best, I think we’re part of that time in their life when things were simpler, but we also attract new fans.”
Excited to be doing your own tour?
"Well, in between dates on the BIG TOUR, which starts up again in April, 2012.  I’m getting a chance to do some shows on my own, and I love it. I get to do songs that I would never get a chance to do with the guys.  And, it’s chance for fans to get UP CLOSE and Personal", he added with a laugh.
Is this a stripped down, acoustic show?
"NO, NO, NO -  I’ll have a Full Band, Dancers – it will be a party!"  
This is your first solo project in 5 years, is there a story behind the name?
“One of the reasons the album is titled Unfinished is I’ve been working on it for a year and a half,” he explains. “But it’s also about realizing that even when people count you out, even when they say you’re finished, you’re not. As long as you’re alive, your life is never finished. You can always learn something new. You can always grow. You can always learn a new craft, a new art, you can always take what you do and breathe new life into it. It’s a hopeful message.”
You (and NKOTB/BSB) were just here at the KFC Yum Center in the summer, how was that?
"It was a blast that arena was amazing, I love coming to Kentucky and can't wait to get back!"
The tickets for Jordan Knight at the Hard Rock Cafe are extremely limited, so If you relive that 12 year old crush, click and get your tickets today!
Photos by and Erin Ryan 


from Stuff Magazine: Get Close with ... Joey McIntyre

Scott Kearnan

He lives with his wife and kids in LA, but Joey McIntyre remains one beloved Boston boy. At 38, the Jamaica Plain-raised musician makes grown women swoon like the teenage girls who worshipped his poster during New Kids on the Block's '80s heyday. That was the scene when he stopped by Woodward at the Ames Hotel to play an intimate set from his new holiday album, Come Home for Christmas, after his public performance for the city's Christmas tree lighting. We chatted with him about his busy year touring with the Backstreet Boys (as part of the boy-band super-group NKOTBSB) and recent television work on Psych and CSI. He also has a small role in New Year's Eve, the new flick starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher, and just about everyone else in Hollywood. But NYE is a big day for him off-screen, too. December 31 is McIntyre's birthday, and this New Kid is counting down to the last year of his 30s.

How was it being back in Boston for the tree lighting?

It was a great way to kick off the season. You appreciate it all so much more when you're older - especially having kids and wanting them to have Boston in their lives.

What do you miss most about Boston?

Jamaica Pond. And the Golden Temple Mai Tai. You know, that place in Brookline? But not the regular mai tai! The Golden Temple Mai Tai.

Why was this the year for a holiday album?

I got off the road in August from the NKOTBSB tour. It was amazing, loads of fun. Then I came home and jumped into daddy land. But creatively, I got itchy. I had this album on the back burner for a while. . . . So I jumped right into it with Rob Lewis, our musical director from the tour. I decided to do it in October, which is rushing it, but in this digital age I was able to turn it around in time. I'm really proud of it.

How was it touring with the New Kids again?

It's been a huge blessing to work with those guys again. You relive some of the tough parts, too, but as an adult. Imagine all that stuff you went through with friends as a teenager or in college, all that shit you went through - then to come back 15 years later and go, "Okay, how would I work that out again?" I bet everyone has that experience: you get back with your friends, and even though you're totally different people, the dynamic is the same. That's kind of how it was. Luckily, we're great friends.

Was there some sense of boy-band fraternity with the Backstreet Boys?

Absolutely. There's a soldier vibe, like, "This guy did a few tours." You know what I mean? There's kind of a weathered vibe to us. . . . Both groups have seen it all and been around long enough to know that it was an awesome opportunity to do it the way we did it again. There was a lot of gratitude.

The tour hits Europe and Australia in 2012. Any new music coming?

We just started talking about that. I think new music would keep it fresh, and fans would be excited. Everyone has to stay excited. The minute we're doing stuff just because we can, it's going to show.

How'd you wind up in New Year's Eve?

I was hoping for this one role, and when I finally asked [director Garry Marshall], it was New Year's Eve last year. . . . I said, "There's a part in the movie where, if Matt Damon's not available, I'm your guy." Next thing you know, I get an offer. Then I read the rest of the email and was like, "Who's this? What role is this?" [Laughs] Anyway, it's a great role [and] a great movie to be part of. Plus, with the Psych thing and CSI, I'm focusing on the acting in a way that I haven't.

You'll be 39 on December 31. So what's the biggest lesson learned in your 30s?

What am I trying to learn is more like it. Well, that you can never be too kind - and that takes a lot of effort sometimes. That sarcasm doesn't really work. And that I always have more time than I think I do.


Listen: Not Over You by Joey McIntyre and Ashlyne Huff

"NOT OVER YOU" written by Dave Harris & Rob Thomas. Produced by Dann Huff, Keith Thomas, and Robert Venable. A charity single for the David Lynch Foundation.
Available on Itunes soon.


(Rob Thomas, Dave Harris)




























©2011 Songs of Murdock/BMI & U RULE MUSIC/EMI APRIL ASCAP

new blog from Joey

12/24/2011 - Merry Christmas

Listening to my all time favorite Christmas album- Acoustic Christmas by "Various Artists"- so good and brings back so many Christmas memories of Old Green Hill, my house just outside of Boston I lived in for most of my very young adult life.
Whoa, there were some good moments in that old shack, but some scary ones too. But Christmases there were always meaningful. Some blue and wintery and others like a wonderland. I would listen to that album on repeat and decorate the tree or trees in my house- it was a bit of a rambling house.
But now I'm in LA- a world apart in so many ways...especially at Christmas. The last few days Griffin has been saying "I wanna go to Boston for Christmas." A big part of me loves hearing him say that. I used to be homesick at this time of year, but now this is where my own special family is. Maybe we'll get back for a few Christmases in years to come, but for now we're are just fine in LA.
We have family and friends here- the holidays are maybe a little simpler but there's nothing wrong with that. They are no less exhausting however with three kids. So I'm gonna sign off because we have to get ready for Santa! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much for helping make my life full of so many wonderful gifts.
Merry Christmas, everybody!

new LIVE and UNFINISHED Tour dates

Jordan Knight just announce this new dates for his next solo tour:

ATLANTA on Thursday Feb 9th
Loft @ Center Stage. On Sale Monday 12/26 @ 10AM EST
to buy tickets here:

LOUISVILLE on Saturday Feb 11th
Hard Rock Cafe! On sale Monday 12/26 @ 10AM EST
to buy tickets here:

TORONTO 2nd SHOW on Thursday Feb 16th
The Opera House. On Sale Monday 12/26 10AM EST
to buy tickets here:

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL on Saturday Jan 28th
Viper Alley. On Sale Friday 12/30 @ 10AM CST

Joey with the Boston Pops at Children's Hospital Boston

Joey McIntyre and Mario Cantone on The View 12/23

here is the performance of "Baby it's cold outside"
or watch this vid for the whole segment

video by yikes77

Joey McIntyre Spreads Holiday Cheer, Opens Up About Kids

Dec 22, 2011 by JENNY SCHAFER

Joey McIntyre Spreads Holiday Cheer, Opens Up About Kids

Joey McIntyre, the youngest member of New Kids on the Block, joined Keith Lockhart and members of the Boston Pops to spread holiday cheer among patients and their families at Children’s Hospital Boston on Tuesday (December 20).
The father of three kids - sons Griffin, 4, Rhys, 2, and daughter Kira, 6 months - opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the "gratifying" experience, his daughter who has just started crawling, his sons who "love" having a baby sister, and the upcoming NKOTB and BSB tours: "The Comeback continues."
CBS: Tell us about partnering with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops for a special concert at the Children's Hospital Boston.
JM: "It is a double whammy - a privilege to sing with the Pops and more so to do it for the kids and families that can enjoy a break from the stress of being in a hospital. Meeting these kids and their parents is very grounding, but you are really lifted up by their strength and complete devotion to their children."
CBS: What did it mean to you to spread holiday cheer among patients and their families?
JM: "It was gratifying. One patient actually had just had to miss a performance of the Pops because he wasn't feeling well enough. And two days later there in his room were horn players from the Pops playing Christmas music for him."
CBS: Congratulations on recently welcoming your baby girl Kira Katherine! How is she doing?
JM: "Kira is doing great. She's basically crawling, which came after about a month of her doing 'downward and upward dog' yoga movements. She sees her big brothers doing so much that she is ready to get rolling with them."
CBS: How are your sons with baby Kira?
JM: "They love her. My 2-year-old is extra sweet with her, getting into her face with big soft 'Hiiiii!! Yah...' He calls Kira 'Yah.' My 4-year-old and Kira I think are going to be quite the tandem. A fierce relationship is brewing already."
CBS: What's up next for you? Can we expect more tours/albums from NKOTB in the future?
JM: "NKOTB and BSB will be touring Europe and Asia and Australia in the spring and we are talking about some summer dates in the US as well. The Comeback continues."
CBS: Do you and your fellow NKOTB bandmates get together with your families over the holidays?
JM: "We are all pretty spread out so not really, but I spent some time with Jordan as he sang a duet on my Christmas album. And spent sometime with Jon and Donnie. But to be sure, we are a 'family' so we check in during the holidays."

Mcintyre, Boston Pops perform for Children's hospital ( WHDH TV - 7 News videos)

McIntyre, kids sing

McIntyre singing
Read more here:

Joey McIntyre performed with Keith Lockhart and members of the Boston Pops at Childrens Hospital Boston (Dec. 20, 2011)

Holiday music will filled the halls at Children’s Hospital Boston as Keith Lockhart and members of the Boston Pops performed at an exclusive holiday concert for Children’s Hospital patients today Tuesday, December 20, at 10:30 a.m. Joey McIntyre, the youngest member of the New Kids on the Block, joined Keith and members of the Pops to spread holiday cheer among patients and their families with Yuletide tunes such as Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and Sleigh Ride, as well as a seasonal sing-along.
Mr. McIntyre also followed the Pops back to Symphony Hall this afternoon to appear as a guest narrator on A Visit from St. Nicholas (“’Twas the Night Before Christmas”), and a vocalist on Winter Wonderland and O Holy Night during the 4 p.m. matinee Boston Pops performance.
The concert will be aired throughout the hospital on closed-circuit television. Following the performance, several Boston Pops musicians will make individual in-room patient visits.


Joey McIntyre Performs Children's Hospital Concert with Boston Pops

PHOTO FLASH: Joey McIntyre Performs Children's Hospital Concert with Boston Pops

By Dan Bacalzo • Dec 20, 2011

Joey McIntyre performs with the Boston Pops
(© Stu Rosner)
Joey McIntyre performs with the Boston Pops
(© Stu Rosner)
Broadway veteran Joey McIntyre, perhaps best known for his work with New Kids on the Block, joined Keith Lockhart and members of the Boston Pops for a holiday concert for Children's Hospital patients on Tuesday, December 20, at 10:30am.
McIntyre appeared on Broadway as Fiyero in Wicked, with other stage credits including tick, tick... BOOM, Happy Days, and Babes in Arms. He played Matt in the film version of The Fantasticks.


Joey McIntyre, Boston Pops Perform At Children’s Hospital

Joey McIntyre and the Boston Pops performed for kids at Children's Hospital Boston.
Joey McIntyre and the Boston Pops performed for kids at Children’s Hospital Boston.

BOSTON (CBS) – Singer Joey McIntyre lent his vocals to the Boston Pops on Tuesday.
For the second year in a row, the New Kids on the Block front man teamed up with the Pops to sing for the kids at Children’s Hospital Boston.
As a father of three, McIntyre says seeing the kids’ smiles is one reason he’s back this year.
He also admits a bit of nostalgia brought him back.
“Number one, I’m from Boston and I came here as a kid; had a broken leg when I came in here and they popped it back into position… and I screamed like a little monkey,” he said.


Joey McIntyre interview with KISS 108 FM - 12/20


From Kiss 108 FM:
We talked to the New Kids On The Block member about his annual performance with the Boston Pops Holiday Concert for the Children’s Hospital.

Boys on the block have now become men

New Kids Cruise
The New Kids on the Block, from left, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight
THEIR Australian tour isn't until May next year, but New Kids On The Block lead singer Jordan Knight is already getting excited about his visit to Adelaide.
"Americans when they think of Australia, they think of kangaroos and great white sharks," Jordan said this week. "But we have been to Australia and Adelaide before, and it was the most beautiful country we have been to. The people were so beautiful inside and out, so I'm looking forward to getting back there."
However, Jordan (inset in his 80s heyday) did admit that after almost 30 years of touring, some things have changed for the boy band.
"I guess we're a lot tamer then we were in the '80s and '90s, we can't party like we used to, we're much more responsible," he said. "In fact when I'm off tour, I actually feel worse then when I'm on tour. My body slows down and everything settles in - that's when it's really tough."
The show, which the band is double headlining with the Backstreet Boys, will be the largest NKOTB tour to date, but it was their support act on the 2008 reunion tour that went on to become one of the world's biggest stars.
"Lady Gaga was our support act and she wasn't famous, but she was exactly the same as she is now," Jordan said. "She came in like she was famous. She actually was on our record and after that she just blew up, not that I'm saying we're responsible for all her success . . . but you know" Perhaps some of Gaga's over-the-top stage antics have left their mark on the boy band, with Jordan promising a show of spectacular proportions.
"There's a lot of times where all nine of us are on stage together and there's loads of big dance numbers and a bit of a battle between both boy bands," he said.


new Jordan Knight Live and Unfinished Tour dates: Dallas and Houston

Jordan just revealed new dates for his upcoming solo tour:

DALLAS on Feb 25 at Lakewood Theater
Buy your tickets here:
HOUSTON on Feb 24 at Stereo Live
Buy your tickets here:

Hang On Set with Mark Wahlberg Raffle

Here is your chance to hang out with Mark Wahlberg, on set, as he films his latest movie "Broken City!"
Tickets are Just $2.00 Each (Minimum Purchase of 5 Tickets)

Entry Deadline: 11:00 AM ET on Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawing Date: Monday, January 16, 2012

Grand Prize:
  • Winner will hang on set with Mark Wahlberg as he films his latest movie "Broken City" in New Orleans
  • Winner will be able to take photos with Mark Wahlberg as well as receive autographs
  • Winner will receive up to $1,500 (if needed, if used) towards travel allowance to New Orleans for airfare, lodging and food expenses
  • Winner will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of $635.25 to mitigate the Winner's tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($525.00) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($110.25). The actual amount awarded may be adjusted proportionally based on the value of the actual prizes received.

Proceeds Benefit: The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

Buy your tickets here:

new Jordan Knight Live and Unfinished Tour dates

Jordan just mentioned this next dates for his next solo tour LIVE AND UNFINISHED:

Nashville Feb 10th at Mercy Lounge
Buy your tickets here:

Louisville Feb 11thEnlace
Toronto Feb 17th at The Opera House
Buy your tickets here:

Check out him on twitter for VIP updates and more.Enlace

NKOTBSB is going to Indonesia

Jakarta NKOTBSB Date Added

Dec 15, 2011

NKOTBSB will be coming to MEIS Ancol in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 1st 2012!

The Block Nation presales for Jakarta will be as follows:

Block Nation Full Service Presale: Tuesday, December 20th at 8am WIT
Block Nation Premium Presale: Tuesday, December 20th at 8:30am WIT
Block Nation Full Service VIP Nation Presale: Tuesday, December 20th at 8am WIT
Full Service password will be posted here.
Block Nation Premium VIP Nation Presale: Tuesday, December 20th at 8:30am WIT
Premium password will be posted here.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, December 23rd at 1pm WIT.

Donnie Wahlberg on The Talk 12/14

video by

Joey McIntyre on Good Day New York 12/14

MYFOXNY.COM - Joey McIntyre is less a 'New Kid On The Block' these days and more into singing solo.

While he can still be heard belting out a tune with one-time bandmate Jordan Knight in an upcoming holiday album, McIntyre is stealing the show on his own.

He performed 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' from his new album 'Come Home For Christmas'.

Joey McIntyre:

Joey McIntyre on past private xmas shows

Jingle Balls


Winter Wonderland

videos by

Joey McIntyre on The View next december 23rd

Joey will be taping this week an episode with the hosts of "The View", other guests on this episode: Meryl Streep and Mario Cantone.
This episode will air next on December 23rd on ABC.
Set your DVRs!

JORDAN KNIGHT "LIVE & UNFINISHED" show in Minneapolis on january 26th

Event Image
Cabooze Presents:
Jordan Knight : Live & Unfinished
Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 7:00 PM CST
Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN
You can buy your tickets here:

JORDAN KNIGHT "LIVE & UNFINISHED" show in Chicago on Januay 27th

93.9 Lite FM Presents
Jordan Knight
All Ages, 21 & up to drink - Doors at 7:30pm
$35 ADV; $40 DOS

For more information visit or

You can buy your tickets here:

For VIP tickets, just wait to Jordan Knight make an announcement on twitter.

Jordan Knight interview with 93.9 Lite FM 12/12

McIntyre invites New Kids fans to “Come Home for Christmas”


McIntyre invites New Kids fans to “Come Home for Christmas”

Have yourself a very New Kids Christmas this year with the youngest New Kids On The Block’s newest holiday offering.

Joey McIntyre (I always have hard time calling a 38-year-old guy “Joey”) has released “Come Home for Christmas,” his new CD of Christmas standards. From “Jingle Bells” and “Winter Wonderland,” to “O Holy Night” and “O Come All Ye Faithful,” Joe’s CD is a great mix of both secular and religious Christmas songs we all know and love. My favorite is a collaboration with fellow New Kid Jordan Knight on “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy,” the classic duet made famous by Bing Crosby and David Bowie back in 1977. For longtime New Kids fans like me, it’s the closest thing we’ve gotten to a full NKOTB Christmas recording since the group’s 1989 release “Merry, Merry Christmas.”

Looking for a new take on some of the most loved Christmas songs of all-time? Then let Joe “Come Home” to your iPod or CD player this December!

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys heading to Perth

From: PerthNow 
December 07, 2011
New Kids on the Block
BOYBAND BONANZA: New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are bringing their tour to Perth in May 2012. Picture: Supplied. Source: PerthNow
BOYBAND fans rejoice.
80s megastars New Kids on the Block are bringing their international tour with their 90s counterparts the Backstreet Boys to Perth.
The two groups, who boast combined record sales of more than 200 million, will play at Burswood Dome on Tuesday May 29.
New Kids on the Block disappointed their fans when they cancelled an Australian tour in 2009.
Tickets go on sale Friday December 16 through Ticketek.

Perth NKOTBSB Date Added

Perth NKOTBSB Date Added

Dec 6, 2011
NKOTBSB will be coming to the Burswood Dome in Perth, Australia on May 29th 2012!
The Block Nation presales for Perth will be as follows:
Block Nation Full Service Presale: Thursday, December 8th at 9am WST
Block Nation Premium Presale: Thursday, December 8th at 9:30am WST
Block Nation Full Service VIP Nation Presale: Thursday, December 8th at 9am WST
Full Service password will be posted here.
Block Nation Premium VIP Nation Presale: Thursday, December 8th at 9:30am WST
Premium password will be posted here.
Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, December 16th at 9am WST.

Joey McIntyre Croons Atop Woodward's Bar

Just like the old days, Joey.
Just like the old days, Joey.Photo: Facebook
Sure, Donnie Wahlberg might have burst back onto the scene with his glamburger shack, Wahlburger's, but fellow NKOTB heartthrob Joey McIntyre isn't doing too shabbily, either. In fact, it seems he has a budding career as a lounge singer.
The teen idol was spotted crooning to patrons at Woodward the other night after appearing at the Boston Common tree-lighting ceremony. At one point, judging by Woodward's Facebook album chronicling the whole experience, it even seems that he mounted the bar. Apparently he has a holiday album out. We think he's retained his boyish good looks, don't you?


Joey McIntyre at the premiere of New Year's Eve in L.A. 12/05

Check out this videos fom the red carpet:

-Joey McIntyre talks to LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman at the premiere of "New Year's Eve."

video by

Joey and other celebs arrival on the red carpet

video by

- Joey arrival:

video by

See pics of this event here:Enlace

A New Kids Christmas

(Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein Globe Staff / December 2, 2011
Boston lit its official Christmas tree on the Common last night, and New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre was there to seranade the crowd. The singer, who has a new Christmas album, arrived early to collect toys on behalf of the Home for Little Wanderers, and went to Woodward at the Ames later on to perform songs for group of lucky fans.

Lighting Boston’s Christmas tree ( Boston Herald video)

By Omri Rolan Bostonians gathered at the 70th Annual Boston Common Tree Lighting and enjoyed performances by New Kids on the Block Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight, American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus, Rockapella, and many more.

... New Kid Joey McIntyre collecting toys for the Home for Little Wanderers at “Stuff-a-Truck” at Boston Common before headlining Boston’s Tree Lighting Ceremony ..

Joe Show on Boston 12/01 (videos)

video by

video by Stephanie

video by

videos by

videos by

‘Home’ for the holidays - ( Boston Herald article)

New Kids, Siobhan shine at Common tree lighting

By Sara Gaynes
Friday, December 2, 2011
New Kids on the Block Joey McIntyre,...
Photo by Stuart Cahill
New Kids on the Block Joey McIntyre, left, Jonathan Knight, center, and Jordan Knight appear at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the Common yesterday.

“It’s so good to be home,” Joey McIntyre told the cheering crowd at the Boston Common tree lighting ceremony last night. The New Kid dedicated his solo hit “Stay The Same” to his hometown and also sang “O Holy Night” before bandmate Jordan Knight joined him onstage for “Little Drummer Boy” and “Peace on Earth.”

“Boston’s been so good to the New Kids, and it was really special to be able to perform with Jordan,” McIntyre said. “The tradition (of the tree lighting) is so great, and it’s really wonderful to be able to do it on the Common with all that history.” McIntyre gave a private concert of songs from his new album, “Home for Christmas,” at the Woodward at the Ames after the tree lighting.

Besides McIntyre and Knight, the crowd heard Cape Cod native and “American Idol” alum Siobahn Magnus perform “Greensleeves” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” Star of the show: the 45-foot tree, a gift from Nova Scotia, illuminated with 3,000 lights.

Joey, Jordan (and Jon!) at Holiday Lights 12.01.2011

video by yikes77 on youtube

Jordan Knight calendar teaser

12 Month Teaser...and Update.

Thu, Dec 1, 2011

JK Fans, this is for you! We've got one last final teaser for you. Check out the final back cover of the calendar that is now in production! That's right ladies, this is 12 months of pure goodness.

There are still calendars available, so get one now in the store.

If you've ordered your calendar already, these are scheduled to ship out the week of Dec. 12, right on time for the holidays!

Jordan Knight interview with Juice FM Liverpool 12.01