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Joey mcIntyre joined the Boston Pops for their Christmas concert at Children's Hospital Boston

Donnie Surprises Customers At Wahlburgers

Wahlburgers Co-owner Donnie Wahlberg stopped by the Hingham burger joint on Saturday.

Donnie Wahlberg was in Hingham on Saturday.

The celebrity singer, actor and film producer and brother of Hingham Chef Paul Wahlberg surprised guests at Wahlburgers on Saturday, according to the Hingham restaurant's Facebook page.

Jill Benway a customer at Wahlburgers posted a picture of herself with Donnie at the Shipyard restaurant.

Donnie and Mark commonly make guest appearances at their Hingham restaurants and part of the excitement of dining at Alma Nove and Wahlburgers is that you could see them at anytime. 

Jordan Knight on "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" 02.29.12 [previous Videos ]


Jordan Knight On The 'Thing' He Shares With His Fans
February 29, 2012
Jordan Knight developed a fiercely loyal fan base when he was just 14-years old. Nearly three decades later, he says they still share a special relationship.

George: When you were young you had to be everyone's boyfriend. You had to be 'the guy', right?
Jordan Knight: True. (laughs) I still .. you know... we kinda still have a little 'thing.' (laughs)
George: I can imagine that at some point that was exciting but at some point that had to be a really interesting prison to be in.
JK: No! I like it! It's still fun!
George: Yeah - but I imagine your brother would have struggled with it ... when he had to come out of the closet...
JK: Yeah - I was talking about that today. It must have been tough, I mean, back then. Now, he's out with it and he's always been fine with it, but would just be like 'why do I have to shout out I'm gay to the world? It's my business' ... But sometimes I'm like 'Jon, how do you get motivated before a show?' I mean, you look in the crowd and there's not a lot of guys out there! (laughs)

EQ Interview with Joey McIntrye of New Kids On The Block and Howie D of Backstreet Boys - NKOTBSB!

by Raj Rudolph
I won't lie.  I'm a massive fan of New Kids On The Block.  Growing up in rural Oregon in the late eighties, if you didn't listen to the likes of Garth Brooks, AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen, well you were pretty much a girl.  You wanna talk about bullying...try being a sixteen year old teenage boy and wearing your "Hangin Tough" tour jacket to home room - it was pretty rough to say the least.
Whilst most boys my age were out cow-tipping, getting shit-faced in the middle of cornfields and knocking up their girlfriends in the backseat of a car at the local drive-in cinema, I was pretty much happy to be a voluntary prisoner in my own bedroom which had the likes of New Kids, Tiffany, Depeche Mode and Madonna posters adorning the walls.  On repeat were CDs by the likes of Martika, Thompson TwinsBros and Bananrama.  And when I needed a boyband fix, you could most certainly find me with headphones strapped to my ears playing the likes of "Please Don't Girl", "Step By Step" and getting teary-eyed to the lyrics of "This One's For The Children" - Yes, I was that cool back then.
You can't deny either that Backstreet Boys continued to carry the boyband torch and legacy once New Kids On The Block went on hiatus.  With mega hits like "Everybody" and "I Want It That Way" blazing up the international pop charts, you can bet I secretly held a deep appreciation for what they were doing, even though at the time I was more likely singing the praises of more hip acts like Bjork and Deee-Lite instead.  Secretly inside, I was a Backstreet Boy too...
So what happened when you put me in a room with Joey McIntyre of New Kids On The Block and Howie D of Backstreet Boys?  Well you'll just have to hit play below to find out.  A little preview?  OK, we DEFINITELY had a little discussion about The Jonas BrothersJLS, The Wanted and One Direction...

NKOTBSB take over the O2 Arena on April 28th in London - you can bet your ass I will be there.
Check out a little sneak peek of the show in the exclusive video after the jump!

For more information visit


Metro UK: Joey and Howie talk about the NKOTBSB tour [Video]

Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys talk about their upcoming tour.

NKOTBSB are ready to embark on European spring tour. [REUTERS videos]

Following a successful tour in America, boy bands New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys will be taking their new show to Europe this spring.
Two of America's best selling boy groups of all time have formed a supergroup, now called NKOTBSB, which is taken from the two band's nicknames NKOTB (New Kids on The Block) and BSB (Backstreet Boys).
Backstreet Boy member Howie D. and New Kid Joey McIntyre came to London this week to speak about what their fans in Europe can expect.
"You know these two groups coming together was something we hadn't done", McIntyre told Reuters Television.
"Both groups have kind of seen it all but coming together we took it to another level. And you know the show is, at the end of the day it's got to be a great show. And I think across the board it's been really well received in North American and we start the show together, we trade off, it's one big roller coaster of a show. It's not just two bands you know separately doing their thing. And I think that makes it special and the fans are consistently you know it never stops. They're entertained pretty much every minute. And we're excited to bring it here cause both bands have such a past in the UK and Europe and you know the fans are a little bit different here, they're a little bit more excited. I feel like it's a little bit heightened, it's probably we're excited to be in a different country. Different culture, all that stuff so everybody kind of ups their game just a little bit," he said.
New Kids on the Block, which formed in the 1980s, broke up in 1995 and reunited in 2008, were made popular by hits including "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" and "Hanging Tough." Members Donnie Wahlberg (brother of actor Mark Wahlberg), Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight will all be touring.
The Backstreet Boys rose to fame in the 1990s and became the best-selling boy band of all time with hits including "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "I Want It That Way" and "Everybody". The current line up includes Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell.
Just like their mainly female fan base, the boys have grown from teenagers to adults, with some of them now looking after their own sons and daughters.
But unlike at the height of boy band mania, Howie D. says he enjoys to finally being able to hang out with fans.
"In the height of things, you know it definitely brings us back to the days when it was crazy. Like I say the pitch tone is a little bit not as squeaking, cause they're kind of a little bit older. But you know it's one of those things that now that you know we have gone through the height of it and the craziness and still being able to continue on, obviously at the same magnitude as it was before but at the same time still the same magnitude on a different level. Now we're able to have a bit more quality time with our fans, you know before in the past either group couldn't get out of their hotel rooms or be able to really get a chance to hang out the venue without fearing or having you know security all over you," he said.
Both McIntyre and Howie D. say the bands are excited to work together and are not worried about competing egos. However, when it comes to who has more fans at the show, McIntyre jokingly suggests his band has an age advantage.
"We know we have more fans," he said.
HOWIE D. SAYING: "(Laughs) Because they are a little bit older so they have their kids and their kids."
JOEY MCINTYRE, SAYING: "Yeah, exactly, yeah. We tell our fans to brainwash their kids and you know so when it's so obvious that we have more fans."
HOWIE D. SAYING: "They got three generations coming, we got two generations."
JOEY MCINTYRE, SAYING: "It's amazing how and it makes sense I mean you know we both you know people who grew up with the New Kids or in that generation, whether they were fans or not, they were like that was the biggest thing in the world, oh my gosh, it was so huge. And no one can argue with the Backstreet that they were the biggest thing in the world you know. And so that's the good thing about it. Like we've done it all, we've seen it all, so we're not gonna, we don't have to argue about it. And the great thing is -- that's what makes it so good that it's so even handed. Very different, we bring different things to the table you know. But they're equal, and so we respect each other. And you know like I said within each show we inspire each other. So if they're kicking ass, we wanna kick ass. And that's great for the fans."

Watch the videos here:

TV Guide: Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg is Hangin' Tough

Donnie Wahlberg
Taking a break between scenes, Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg places two smartphones within easy reach. The onetime teen heartthrob is so connected to social media that instead of watching his hit cop show on Fridays at 10, he reads real-time Tweets to gauge what viewers like or don't. Happily for the actor who plays Det. Danny Reagan, the "likes" win — Blue Bloods and Wahlberg rule the night.

His fans are a large, loyal bunch. Long devoted to him from his boy-band days in New Kids on the Block (now reunited as NKOTB), they inundate the show's Brooklyn set with inspirational books, photo collages and vintage action figures. Many have even followed their hero to his CBS series. "Every day we're on a stage, [his fans] know where we're shooting," says Tom Selleck, who plays patriarch Frank Reagan. "They hang out all day. Donnie will go over and talk with them — he's good that way."

Fifteen years after he made the transition from music to acting, notwithstanding roles in such prestigious movies as The Sixth Sense and TV projects like Band of Brothers and Boomtown, the 42-year-old has the part he seems born to play. Chalk it up to good fortune. The show was casting in Toronto and Wahlberg just happened to be in Canada en route to a concert in Alaska when he got wind of the opportunity.

"We were having trouble finding an actor to play Danny," recalls exec producer Leonard Goldberg. "I looked at Donnie's reel and said, 'That's Danny Reagan!' He had the energy and the physicality. If Tom Selleck's police commissioner is the foundation of Blue Bloods, Donnie is the engine that drives the show. He brings such passion — and a little danger — to the police stories that it allows us to pause and do the family scenes that are the heart of our show. Without Donnie, it could become a little boring."

Wahlberg also nails the intimate interactions with both Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) — Danny's partner on the force — and wife Linda (Amy Carlson). Notes Goldberg, "We hear from viewers that their relationship is so real, and for the first time they're seeing what it's actually like to be married to a cop." Danny and Linda's marriage is one of the most solid TV relationships since Friday Night Lights' Taylors, a portrayal that Carlson wanted to emulate from Day 1. "Love is the basis of the relationship," says the actress. "Linda and Danny may drive each other crazy, but they are crazy about each other!"

Tonight's episode movingly combines the procedural with the show's family values when an undercover detective, who's a friend of the Reagan family, is killed in a drug bust — after Danny and Jackie arrive a minute too late. "Danny knows it easily could have been him," says Goldberg. "And he has to call Linda because she's the godmother of the dead cop's new baby, who's soon to be christened. It hits him on both sides."

The episode ties into what's become a common theme on Blue Bloods: "Everybody is confronted with the life that he or she has chosen," says Wahlberg. "Whether it's the bad guy, his drug-dealing mom or the cops whose lives are in danger." A divorced father of two, Wahlberg says he can relate: "I'm in New York and my kids live in L.A.; I'm lucky if I can catch a little Skype time with them, because this is the life I chose."
Humor is the weapon Wahlberg chooses to cope with the long hours and freeze-your-butt-off New York weather. "He works more hours than anyone on the show, and he's doing jokes at 2am with the same energy that he had when he started at 2 in the afternoon," says Goldberg.

That geniality doesn't surprise Wahlberg's uncle Archie, visiting the set one February day. "Donnie was the comedian in the family," he reveals. "He was great fun as a boy, a great kid, and he's now a nice man."
Wahlberg cops to being a cutup, dancing around the set and trying to make everyone laugh, even if the director has called for quiet. "Jennifer and I do everything in our power to keep the crew having a good time," he says. Despite his goofiness, no one should doubt his acting chops, Carlson cautions. "He's a prankster and he can get my goat, but I always have to be on my toes because he's so smart and so passionate."

The showbiz veteran also never forgets how far he's come as the eighth of nine poor kids (actor/producer Mark Wahlberg is his baby brother) from a tough Boston neighborhood. "I'd get punched if I'd talk about wanting to be an actor," he says. "I'm enough of a self-critic to keep it honest. There was a time when I was frustrated because I thought, my band is better than I'm given credit for and I can act as well. I have finally proven it, but it took 20 years. I probably wouldn't have been ready if everything was perfect years ago. Now when I'm out chasing bad guys, I pinch myself and say, 'This is outrageous! This is too good to be true.'"

Wahlberg's next step: directing an episode. "I have some homework to do first. I don't take the responsibility of directing Tom Selleck lightly. Tom is a formidable man. I want him to say, 'Hey, when are you going to do the next one?' as opposed to, 'Let's not try that experiment again,'" he says, imitating Selleck's sonorous voice. We'll bet on the kid from Boston.
Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.


Metro UK: One Direction need more attitude, say New Kids On The Block star

One Direction have to get their swagger on if they are to win over American girls, according to the country’s two biggest boybands.

One Direction

The X Factor youngsters were given some tough advice on how to crack the States by members of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block.

The 90s groups delivered their verdict on Simon Cowell’s doe-eyed lads when they touched down on our shores to promote their joint  NKOTBSB British tour in April.

‘Even though the UK and England are big, it still sort of has a small town feel,’ 39-year-old New Kids singer Joey McIntyre told me.

‘That’s why you guys love your artists so much but boybands are so personality driven that sometimes it’s about connecting with that and if the American girls don’t connect with that swagger, it’s hard.’

He insisted that attitude would be the ‘biggest piece of the puzzle’ to crack for One Direction if the teenagers are to build on the impressive debut of What Makes You Beautiful in the US last week.

The band – Niall Horen, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – stand a good chance of riding the British wave but won’t be able to rely on their music like Coldplay and Adele have, he added.

‘Whereas if it’s rock music, if it’s Coldplay, it’s about the music.

‘But the boyband, it’s so much about the personality and energy and I think that’s big,’ he warned.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter will still make the group’s reunion tour after his sister, Leslie, died at the age of 25 earlier this month, reportedly from substance abuse.

Huffington Post: 'Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck Preview 'The Life We Chose' And Season 2 (VIDEO)

Being a part of the Reagan family on CBS' cop drama "Blue Bloods" isn't easy, but it looks like things are going to get even tougher for the TV cop clan after an unexpected death shakes up the family.
On the Feb. 24 episode, "The Life We Chose," a close friend of the Reagan family, an undercover detective, is killed in the line of duty. Linda (Amy Carlson) and the kids begin to worry about Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), whose relentless search for the killer starts to take a toll on his emotional state.
"It's always personal for cops when another cop goes down," Wahlberg told HuffPost TV during a February set visit. "Especially for this family because Henry is a former police commissioner and Frank is the current police commissioner. There's a brotherhood among all police officers. When one goes down, it affects them all. It always hits home with the Reagans, but this one hits even closer to home because it's Danny's friend."
When Danny starts to unravel, he'll have to rely on his family to help him put the pieces back together.
"I think we can come to expect certain things from Danny when he goes on these one-man missions, but those missions are starting to evolve into something more," Wahlberg said. "Ultimately, he has to get help, not just from his partner, but from his family as well. I think that's one of the strengths of the show this season. There were times last year where we could do an episode where Danny goes ballistic, and that's it, but it's not just that anymore. The show has really matured. Everyone is affected by these situations now; it's not just Danny."
In fact, Amy Carlson, who plays Danny's wife Linda, was bumped from a recurring character to a series regular for Season 2. As Carlson said herself, Linda is no longer a "pass the beats" character amidst the Reagan family drama.
"There's a lot of struggle and strife for Danny and Linda this season," Carlson told HuffPost TV on set. "We've really seen their relationship tested, but we haven't really seen Linda come out and show who she really is in a while, so it was nice for me to finally come home to Linda and who she is. She's a woman who's in love with her husband, completely supports him as a cop's wife, and she's a very strong support system for Danny. It was refreshing to return to her roots."
As for Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), he'll have his hands full in a later episode in March when he's introduced to a new love interest Melanie, played by "Gossip Girl's" Margaret Colin.
Melanie is a high profile investigative reporter for an international cable news network who has been involved with New York’s top cop in a largely long-distance and very discreet romance. The couples' private and professional lives collide when a dangerous assailant targets Melanie and Frank is tasked with hunting him down.
"This isn't Frank's first love interest, but I don't think that we did Andrea [Roth]'s character justice in the first season," Selleck told HuffPost TV of his character's former girlfriend, reporter Kelly Davidson. "It all felt kind of rushed, and while I can't say whether or not Margaret will be recurring, I can say that this relationship says a certain thing about Frank. When I walked on the set for the first time, props gave Frank a wedding ring. He lost his wife five years ago. That's a clue to who he is. He's still wearing his wedding ring. He's got some issues. He's still beat up by that."
For Selleck, however, he'll continue to make Frank as flawed as he can. In an age where bumbling fathers rule the small screen, Selleck sees Frank Reagan as one of the more realistic dads on TV.
"A lot of fathers on TV now are idiots," said Selleck. "Frank is flawed, and I will continue to make him flawed, but he's not an idiot. He tries to be a good dad. I think of my dad a lot while playing Frank. As an adult, it's a unique prospective to have now."
"Blue Bloods" airs Fridays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the promo for the Feb. 24 episode, "The Life We Chose," below. 


Joey McIntyre and Howie D. on the UK National Lottery 02.22.12

video thanks to

Joey McIntyre and Howie on ITN Show Biz

Joey give a Shout Out to EQ Music Blog 23.02.12

video by

Houston Press: Jordan Knight: NKOTB Singer Leaves Solo Career Unfinished

Jordanknight feb23.jpg
​Last summer, the Houston Press reported (with embarrassing yet unapologetic enthusiasm) on '80s pop sensations the New Kids on the Block. The '80s boy-band was co-headlining an arena tour with their '90s incarnates, the Backstreet Boys. This year, however, brings less boy-band baggage -- no New Kids, no Backstreet Boys (phew); just NKOTB heartthrob Jordan Knight. The group's former lead singer is currently embarked on a national tour in support of his sophomore solo album, Unfinished.
Rocks Off chatted with Knight about Unfinished, its recording and the tourduring some downtime.
Rocks Off: I was a big New Kids on the Block fan in the '80s. I covered your concert here in Houston last summer, and had a blast.
Jordan Knight: Awesome! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

RO: Tell me about your new album, Unfinished.
JK: Unfinished is my solo album, comprised of songs I either wrote or was really touched by. There are a few ballads, but it's a "Top 40" album. It's kind of a "pet project" of mine.
Often times, when you don't put too much pressure on yourself, then good material pops out, and that was the case here. I didn't think, "I need to make a No. 1 single," or "I need to make a statement to the world." Instead, it was just me, making fun music.

RO: What were your goals approaching the album's writing and recording?
JK: When I make music, I look for the emotion in a song. If it doesn't bring out some kind of emotion, then it's not worth doing. I was imagining fans, at home, or in their cars, listening to the songs after they drop their kids off at school, and hopefully getting enjoyment out of it. So, it was really done for the fans.

RO: How will this tour differ from last year's NKOTBSB world arena tour?
JK: When I was on the NKOTBSB tour, Unfinished was out, so fans were able to give me feedback on its songs, and they were really demanding that I bring it live to the stage. (Laughs). So, this is a block of time I have to do just that.
I'm going across the country doing these shows on the weekends, which works out well with my family and schedule--and for the fans too, because it's not too fun going to a show on a Tuesday night and having to work early the next day.

RO: Tell us a little bit about your stage show. What can we expect?
JK: The show is really great! I've worked with a great choreographer, and used local Boston talent as my band -- they're kind of like The Roots -- like R&B/hip-hop fusion, so they fit well with my music.
There's also a part of the show where I sit down at the piano and serenade the crowd, and that's fun, because they get to relax, and it doesn't have to be such a rigid show; I can go off the cuff a bit. It's more intimate than an arena show.

RO: How does Unfinished compare to your 1999 solo self-titled debut, or to New Kids songs?

JK: This album is pretty similar, actually, but Unfinished has more upbeat songs than the '99 album. The first song (in '99, "Give It To You") was so upbeat and big, people assumed the rest of the album was like that too, but it wasn't--it had a lot of ballads. Unfinished is more upbeat.
RO: How about personally and/or artistically? How do you differ now, than where you were in 1999?
JK: As far as quality and where I am as far as "my game," I was at the top of my game, I believe, in '99, and I believe I'm at the top of my game again creatively, with Unfinished. I think it ranks even higher than my first solo album.

RO: You worked with your former NKOTB bandmate Donnie on the Unfinished track, "Stingy." What was it like to work with him again?
JK: Donnie rapped and did this cool chant part on "Stingy." Any time two New Kids are on any record, you know, there's just something magical about it! The song was great at first, but then I put Donnie on it, and he raised it to another level. Two New Kids on a great record is a great thing.

RO: So, the "Bad Boy" and the "Heartthrob" reunited?
JK (laughs): That's the beauty of Donnie and me; I have the image of a tender heartthrob, and his image is the Bad Boy with the swagger, you know what I mean? So, we compliment each other well. There's such a sweet melody to the record, but now it has such a cool vibe, as well, thanks to Donnie.

RO: Were your NKOTB nicknames fairly accurate?
JK: I think so, yeah. We do have those personas, for sure.

RO: You were so young when the New Kids formed. Did you ever want to pursue anything other than music? Could you see yourself doing anything else professionally?

JK: Yeah, I could see myself doing other things... But I don't want to do anything else, that's for sure! I have a lot of fun. Whatever level I do music at--as long as I'm doing it, and I'm doing it to the best of my ability -- I'm happy.

RO: What do you think of today's pop artists? Do you notice any similarities or differences in the modern pop world since the New Kids ruled it?
JK: I don't think much has changed. Social media has changed things, of course, but there's always going to be Justin Biebers coming out; there's always going to be the Cute Heartthrob, you know? Lady Gaga is kind of like today's Madonna, really.
Who knows if she'll stand the test of time like Madonna did? We'll see, but she's definitely talented. Lady Gaga has flipped everything; everyone is trying to do the weird shock value just like her, and she's messed with everyone's heads.

RO: Do you think these artists are producing anything innovative to music, or has it all been done before?

JK: People like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are awesome and have wonderful voices. Adele has that amazing, soulful voice... I think as people get older, they say, "Oh, the 'good 'ol days,' when there was great art," but I think there are always great artists out there.
I think in the past, though, we had one iconic artist from each genre, because there were only so many outlets. Now, there are so many cable channels, so many websites and outlets, that you can have tons of different artists.
Back in the day, there were iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna... there was one "boy band" at the time, and it was New Kids on the Block, you know? Now, we have three of four of them out there at a time.

RO: Music clearly dominates your life, but what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
JK: I like to hang at home with the kids. I have two kids, ages four and 12 -- Eric and Dante. My son is a hockey player, so I like to go to his games. My son Eric loves Kung Fu Panda, so he loves doing Kung Fu moves around the house. We like to play video games together, board games, go to the movies, go skating, go bowling... all that fun stuff.

RO: Do they have any idea of who their dad is in pop-music history?
JK: They get it, I think. They know The New Kids were the Justin Bieber of our time--well, my 12-year-old does; my 4-year-old hears me singing around the house, and he'll be like, "Dad--really, with the singing?" (Laughs) He actually says that to me, it's so funny!

RO: Tell us three words you'd use to describe yourself at this point in your life.
JK: Let's see. Open, disciplined, and... still somewhat quiet.

RO: Quiet?
JK: (Laughs) Yeah. I've always been kind of... reserved. "The strong, silent type!" But as I move forward, especially with this album and venturing out on my own, I do see myself opening up more, and that's fun and exciting, hence, "open."

RO: New Kids fans still love you to pieces. Do you have any special message for them?
JK: To the fans... Thanks for supporting my solo efforts, and I won't let you down. Come to the show, have a great time, and let's have some fun together.

Jordan Knight performs Friday at Stereo Live.


Joey McIntyre & Howie on Cool FM 02.23.12

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Jordan Knight on "Great Day San Antonio" 02.23.12


Heart Throb Jordan Knight has taken over the studio!


Posted on February 23, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Jordan Knight
Tonight, 7pm
Purchase Tickets:

Joey McIntyre in the U.K. (Day 3)

At first Joey and Howie went to Heat Radio Studio to an interview with the Heart Breakfast Show.

Later they were on the "Loose Women" show where chatted about  joining forces for a NKOTBSB mega-band spring tour this year in Europe.
Watch the video here:
Find pictures of Joey on the show here:

and here you can see pictures of  Joey leaving the London Studios:

Joey also made some interviews during the day with The Vault TV and others, this pictures are from @ThechartshowTV and @MelissaNathoo on twitter.

And for last they did the National Lottery,  you can watch it here (only for the U.K. viewers):
Tomorrow they are doing a lot of radio shows, Check out the schedule here:

Heart 106.2 FM: Joey and Howie on Heart Breakfast 02/22/12

Joey McIntyre on "Loose Women" 02/22/12

Only for UK viewers:
or watch it here:

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Q101.9 FM: Interview with Jordan Knight 02/10/12

ET Canada: Jordan Knight Solo Tour 02/21/12

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or watch it here: (only for Canada viewers)

Joey McIntyre in the U.K. (Day 2)

Joey and Howie were with "Lorraine" talking about the upcoming NKOTBSB tour in Europe.

Watch it here:

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also in:

Here are some pictures from fans ( @HanmerHQ and @mrs_backstreet on twitter) outside ITV studios:

They also stopped a minute to talk with OK! website and take this picture:
Nikki just met @joeymcintyre from NKOTB and @Howie_D from BSB. Eat your heart out, the 90s.

Later Joey and Howie went to Heat Towers to chat with fans on the Twitter Take Over, find out more here:

video by Mrs Helen Backstreet

Tomorrow they are going to "Loose Women", National Lottery at 8:00 pm and having interviews with Bliss TV and The Vault Sky TV and early with Live Breakfast on Heart radio show on the morning:
      -Heart Breakfast on Heart 106.2 FM. // (8:30am)
       to listen online here:

They are also going to other radio stations on thursday at the afternoon, check out the full schedule here:

For more update don't forget to check out @newkidsnews on twitter.

Joey and Howie in the U.K. (Schedule)

Tuesday 21st February
7:30am Daybreak
5:00pm Heatworld - Twitter Takeover

Wednesday 22nd February
8:30am Live on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Harriet
8:00pm National Lottery

Thursday 23rd February
9:00am Magic Breakfast 

2:00pm Radio
1400 – 1430         Metro Take Over - Newcastle
1430 – 1500         KMFM Take Over – London
1500 - 1515          Cool FM – Belfast
1515 – 1530         Juice Liverpool
1530 – 1545         In Demand - UK
1545 – 1600         The Hits - UK
1600 – 1615         Real Radio – Manchester and Liverpool
1615 – 1630         TFM - Newcastle
1630 – 1645         BRMB – Birmingham
1645 – 1700         Total Access – Birmingham
1700 - 1715         GMG

Joey McIntyre and Howie on Heat TakeOver on Twitter 02/21/12

Here is the resume of the quick Q&A today on @Heatworld 's twitter account:

Q: Has fatherhood changed you?
A:  It's taken away a lot of needed sleep i used to have a life. LOL

Q: Howie will there be a new BSB album soon? Joey will there be a new NKOTB album in near future?
A:  Big scoop! Both groups are talking about new music. Stay tuned!

Q: Are you going to burn a dvd of the show in London 28th april?
A:  We are talking about it so hopefully it comes together.

Q: would either band consider doing a cruise in europe?
A: We both would love too!!

Q: who would you duet with a British artist if so who?
A: would love to do a duet with Coldplay

Q: would joey consider running the London Marathon?xx
A: Boston Marathon first...then maybe London :)

Q: Whats your favorite flavor cupcake?
A: Red Velvet- Howie d /Vanilla with Chocolate frosting- Joey

and for last:
RT: @heatworld: @howie_d & @joeymcintyre want to thank u. and apologize for not the most awesome twitter q and a. But @nkotbsb show will blow ur sox off!!!

Heat also said that there's gonna be an article about NKOTBSB on the magazine soon.

Joey McIntyre on Lorraine 02.21.12

video by
or Watch the original video here:

Joey McIntyre in U.K. ( Day 1)

Joey just arrived to England few hours ago. Some fans shared pictures with him earlier:
Pictures are from @Claire_N_ and @Natashamendum on twitter at the Heathrow airport.

Tomorrow Joey and Howie are filming with Lorraine at 8:55 am ( according to his website)

Later at 5:00 pm they are going to the Heat Towers for the  Twitter Take Over with Heat.
RT: @heatworld: Okay boy band fans and will be at heat Towers from 5pm tomorrow
RT: @cravengossip: 5pm tomorrow - NKOTBSB fans head to Endeavour House, Shaftesbury Ave, Joey & Howie have a webchat!

You can send your questions to the @HeatWorld on twitter with the hashtag #NKOTBSBatHeat.
Joey and Howie are also doing an interview tomorrow for the OK website.
For more updates don't forget to follow us on twitter @NewKidsNews

Donnie Wahlberg on the latest TV GUIDE issue

You can read a two pages article about Donnie Wahlberg on the latest issue of TV GUIDE. Search out for the cover with the "Revenge" actors.
This pictures are scans thanks to 
Click on the images to view it larger.

Joey McIntyre and Justin Chambers run half marathon for charity

The streets of Pasadena were full of good-hearted people including actor/singer Joey McIntyre and Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers yesterday. The duo, who were also joined by Justin’s co-stars Chandra Wilson and Kim Raver, and actress Kristin Renton, showed up bright and early for the inaugural “Rock n’ Roll Marathon Pasadena” held at the Rose Bowl on Sunday, February 19th, 2012.
The half marathon was created to raise awareness and funds for Cure Mito, a charity that works to fund the research and treatment of mitochondrial disease.
New Kids on the Block fans will be proud to hear our boy Joey finished the 13.1 mile race in 1:53:40.
The event attracted more than 7,000 entrants who began the race in front of the iconic Rose Bowl façade, running across the Colorado Bridge, through Old Town Pasadena, around the Brookside Golf Course, enjoying the sights of numerous scenic landmarks, including the Tournament House and the Norton Simon Museum. The event concluded with a finish line festival at the Rose Bowl with a post-race concert headlined by Sugar Ray.
For more information on how you can help Cure Mito, check out their official website here.


Joey on the Health & Fitness Expo and The Half Marathon Pasadena

Joey McIntyre was spotted at the Health & Fitness Expo on saturday 18th and is confirmed to run at The Half Marathon Passadena
He also stopped by theCure Mito  booth for a few minutes to learn about Mitochondrial Disease. 
Source CureMito

 Check out Joey's results about the race today :

Joey also took pictures with some fans on the race. Credits to @LeilaTM on twitter

 And here is Joey with the medal posted by himself on twitter:
and finishing the race:

Joey McIntyre & Howie D on National Lottery next wednesday

video thanks to

Host of National Lottery mentions that Joey & Howie of NKOTBSB will be on the show on Wednesday 22nd February at 10.35pm

STROMBO: Jordan Knight on Whitney Houston's Tragic End

video by

In this clip, former New Kid on the Block, Jordan Knight, talks about the perils of fame. He explains that at its best, it can be difficult to navigate, and at its worst, it can destroy

Joey McIntyre going to UK next week.

Tuesday 21th on Lorraine ( 8:30 - 9:25 am on ITV):
(Schedule) New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough of Backstreet Boys chat about their bands' joint UK tour in April. Former Coronation Street star Gaynor Faye discusses her new role in Emmerdale. Plus, entertainment and fashion news, as well as showbiz stories, cooking and celebrity gossip.
Wednesday 22th on Loose Women (ITV):
(Schedule) New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough of Backstreet Boys chat to Carol Vorderman, Carol McGiffin, Jenny Eclair and guest panellist Stacey Solomon.
Other places they are going to be:
  - Freshly Squeezed on Channel 4 (Friday 7:05 am)
  - Twitter Take Over with Heat. To know more about this follow:
  - Lottery on wednesday 22 - 10:35 pm

And this shows on radio:
  -Breakfast Show on Magic 105.4 FM. on weekdays 5-9am
       Listen online here:
  -Heart Breakfast on Heart 106.2 FM. on weekdays 6-9am
      Listen online here:

Not official announcements yet about exactly dates and hours. Stay tuned
Check out @newkidsnews for updates.

Fusion Radio Chicago: Interview with Jordan Knight


Pop singer Jordan Knight has been breaking hearts since the boy band New Kids on the Block hit it big.
He worked the reality show circuit on the Surreal Life for VH1 for a few different projects.
Jordan’s solo career reached the top ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 with single “Give It to You.”
His third solo album Unfinished hit number eight on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.
We talked to him before his recent show in Joliet.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jordan. The fans have been outside since ten in the morning.
Jordan Knight: I feel for them.
JN: There is going to be about 900 people in this space tonight.
JK: That will be crazy! It will be jamming.
JN: We are the same age. What age did you start singing?
JK: I started singing really young, five or six years old. I started in choirs and singing around the house. We would go to church and I would hear the choir sing. I would sing all the songs after church. I begged my mother to get me in the church choir.
JN: How did you get into the music business?
JK: I got into the business through the New Kids on the Block. Donnie Wahlberg gave me a call. I knew him from elementary school. A music producer had already heard about him because he used to rap. He put on little shows of his own. The producer wanted to start a group with Donnie then recruited me because he knew I was singer. We just went from there.
JN: From what I have read you wanted to learn to write music and taught yourself growing up.
JK: I always had a keyboard in my room. I would listen to Beatles music. I would listen to whatever was on the radio and try to pluck it out or play it on the piano. I have been doing that since I was really young. I always had a natural liking to music.
JN: When NKOTB blew up the merchandise was everywhere. Was there a point where it was too much?
JK: It got to be a little much. It was in demand that was why they were making it. A merchandise company wouldn’t press up a bunch of dolls to have them sit on the shelf. There definitely was a demand for them.
I don’t know how good it did for us image wise. At a certain it was too much.
JN: I played the single “Give It to You” all the time.
JK: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
JN: How rewarding was it for you to take out on your own and do your own thing?
JK: It is always rewarding to do your own thing. It is also rewarding to do it inside of a group too. When you have done it on your own then you know you did alone and called all the shots. Sometimes you just want to control the whole situation. That is very satisfying and rewarding.
JN: With the new album being on an independent label there must be even more control.
JK: Yes, it is on my label along with another producer from Boston. It is independently released and distributed through eOne. They are a big company but still an independent label.
That is another great thing about this album is that I control the whole release and helped produce every song on the record.
JN: Why is the album called Unfinished? Does it still feel unfinished?
JK: No. It is called Unfinished because when I was making it ideas kept coming and coming. It could have been always unfinished. I could have and still do make music. It is a statement about life. Life keeps moving and growing as long as you are open and positive great new things will come to you. You can always learn new and exciting things.
JN: What is the track “Rockstar” about? Is it about a specific person?
JK: It is not about a specific person. I wanted to write an inspiring song for the fans. It is a song about their dreaming of being a rock star, walking down a runway or whatever it may be. Even if they are driving in their car with their kids in the backseat they can dream about themselves being a rock star!
JN: When I interviewed Charo she told me she felt tricked getting into The Surreal Life. She thought it was going to be a music show and it was different after she singed on. It was called a different title even. Did you have the same experience?
JK: A little bit. Those shows always trick you. They will tell you one thing and then it turns into something else. For example Celebrity Wife Swap got in touch with me recently and wanted me to do the show.
JN: Really? What happened?
JK: I said no. Their pitch was we will make it really light and with celebrities there is no drama. Then I saw one of the shows and it was totally drama. They wouldn’t put it on TV if it were not dramatic. I did The Surreal Life so I am all set on the celebrity reality thing.
JN: Being over 40 what else do you want to do this year?
JK: I don’t know. I feel better than ever at the age I am at. If someone told me 20 years ago that I would still be doing this and going strong with it, I wouldn’t have believed them. Because when you are 20 then 40 feels old.
JN: (laughs) It does! I thought I would be retired.
JK: Exactly. You know it gets better and better, that is my statement.
JN: I appreciate you doing this interview. Being on an independent label I think it is important to do that.
JK: Well, you are master of your destiny. I have been in the business for a long time to know what is good for my project and what is not. Why have someone else call the shots on that? I call the shots now. That is what I like about it.
JN: Debbie Gibson told me to tell you “hi!” I know you did a song together.
JK: She is cool. She is energetic.
JN: She looks great for her age too, speaking of that we are all the same age!
JK: She does look great.
JN: You have a show tonight here in Joliet and then another one in Lincolnshire tomorrow.
JK: I am hitting all the suburbs.
JN: It has to be a change from the big arenas.
JK: Yes, for sure.
JN: More New Kids stuff coming out?
JK: We are going to do an album this year and put it out next year. Then do the arenas all over again!

Until then “Hang Tough” and keep up with more of this tour and music at

Donnie Wahlberg on News Channel 5 - 02.03.12

We talked with Donnie about the new season of "Blue Bloods."

Donnie Wahlberg on WREG Morning News (Memphis) 2-2-12

video by

AP Video: Wahlberg roots for hometown Super Bowl win

AP Video
Published Friday, Feb. 03, 2012
On CBS' 'Blue Bloods,' Donnie Wahlberg is a detective with the NYPD. In real life, the actor and member of New Kids on the Block was born and raised in Boston and is not holding back about rooting for the Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl.

+ Donnie on WTKR NewsChannel 3 Baltimore 02.03.12

Laila chats with Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg

Watch Donnie as he sings to Laila on the morning show on:

Donnie Wahlberg on CBS Baltimore 02.03.12

Friday, Feb. 3, 2012
Don and Marty had “Coffee With” Donnie Wahlberg. They talked about “Blue Bloods.”

Donnie Wahlberg on CBS This Morning 02.03.12

Donnie Wahlberg talks Super Bowl predictions

(CBS News)  
Donnie Wahlberg is known as an actor, writer, singer, and movie producer. But did you know the "Blue Bloods" star is also a New England Patriots fan?

Working in New York, the actor says, he's gotten a bit of friendly abuse from the "Blue Bloods" crew over the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl coming up Sunday.
"There are 150 people on our crew and everyone of them are cheering for the Giants except for me," he said on "CBS This Morning." "But I'm gonna be happy on Monday. "We did a scene the other day, and I'm sitting with my back to the desk. And when I turned around after they said, 'cut,' there was a framed picture of (the Giants') Eli Manning on my desk. They're wearing me out."
"So they have a sense of humor," Gayle King said.
"They do, they do," Wahlberg said, "And I hope it's in full effect when the Patriots have won the Super Bowl."
Wahlberg said his mother, who sometimes makes predictions, says the Patriots will win. Wahlberg said he trusts her intuition, because she correctly predicted that a song he wrote for his brother, Mark Wahlberg, "Good Vibrations," would go to No. 1 on the charts for two weeks.
"She doesn't make a lot of predictions, but when she does, she's right," Wahlberg said.
In addition to talk about the Super Bowl, Wahlberg shared a preview of a controversial moment in Friday night's new episode of "Blue Bloods." He also discussed his brother's recent comments about 9/11. For all that and more, click on the video in the player above.

© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc.