Joey McIntyre back in Boston for "The Heat"

. NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre back in Boston for a role in Sandra Bullock’s cop flick, “The Heat,” that has set up shop at Denny’s on Endicott Street in Danvers, and is stationed near the Liberty Tree Mall ...

Source: Boston Herald

'Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg And Jennifer Esposito Chat On Set (VIDEO)

 Photographers snap Donnie Wahlberg ('The Sixth Sense', 'Saw II') and Jennifer Esposito ('Crash', 'Don't Say A Word') walking and talking together under a large umbrella on the set of police drama TV series 'Blue Bloods' in New York City. It is unclear from the video when they are acting out a scene and when they are taking a break.

Esposito recently did an interview with about her digestive disorder known as Celiac Disease which damages the small intestine and affects the absorption of nutrients.

She reveals that she 'quit acting' when she was diagnosed, but has since found strength to live with the disorder and even developed a charity called Jennifer's Way Foundation for Celiac Education..
New York City - 27.07.12
SOURCE: Contact Music

Watch the video HERE

NKOTB's Jordan Knight presents award to Boys and Girls Club

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A $10,000 check, a huge party, and a famous pop singer! That was the prize one Wilmington community organization won this weekend.
Wilmington's Brigade Boys and Girls Club was one of four cities across the country to win an Old Navy’s Funnovation Nation tour party and a $10,000 community grant.
As the special guest, folks at the event got to meet lead singer for New Kids on the Block, Jordan Knight.
Knight says he discovered his talent through a community organization like the Boys and Girls Club.
“They provided us with a place to dance,” he says. “There was actually a lot of artistic kids in the center. A lot of rappers, a lot of singers, a lot of dancers, and that's what drew me to the place. It was just a good place to mix it up with other kids that were like me and stay away from the streets.”
The Brigade Boys and Girls Club won after participating in a video contest about what makes them fun and whether they have what it takes to rally their community into unleashing the fun they have within.

Joey McIntyre on the new movie "The Heat"

Joey tweeted this today:

The movie might be called "The Heat" and  the cast includes Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy and others.
On Location Vacation showed some details about locations of the filming in Boston, follow them on twitter for more details about it (@OLV). 
According to IMDB this movie will premiere the next year on April 5th.

NKOTB's Jordan Knight to present award to Boys & Girls Club

The Brigade Boys & Girls Club has a reason to celebrate this weekend.
The group entered a video into Old Navy's Funnovation Nation contest for a $10,000 grant and won.
Saturday, Jordan Knight, the lead singer for late '80s boy band New Kids on the Block, will present a check and perform some of his hit songs.
The event is from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Brigade Boys & Girls Club at 2759 Vance Street in Wilmington.

Jordan Knight at the Old Navy's Funnovation Nation in Willington this saturday

Jordan Knight will be the guest star at theOld Navy's event for the Funnovation Nation this weekend:

New cover for the book: "Five Brothers and a Million of Sisters" by Nikky Van Noy

 This title will be released on October 2, 2012.
Preorder on Amazon HERE

Joey McIntyre to attend the Senseation Gala this year

 Joey McIntyre will be attending to the Sense-ation Gala on october 16th, in support of the Curing Kids Fund.

2012 Sense-ation! Gala

When: Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Where: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Special Guest: Joey McIntyre

The NKOTB mustache mania on the media

 Here a list with the medias talking about the mustaches:

Zap 2 it:
Donnie Wahlberg tweets shirtless New Kids on the Block pic
Too Fab:
New Kids On the Block Stars Go Shirtless on Twitter 
Hollywood PQ:
Les New Kids on The Block rock la stache

And Here's Some New Kids on the Block Eye Candy (Then and Now) to Get You Through the Day!
Donnie Wahlberg's NKOTB Twitpic Will Make Your Inner Tween's Heart Soar
Virgula UOL (BR):
Donnie Wahlberg publica foto dos integrantes do New Kids on the Block

NKOTB’s Mustaches Remind Us That Some Celeb Men Look Way Worse With Facial Hair
Perez Hilton:
Wahlberg Tweets A Nekid Pic‬ Of The New Kids On The Block! In The Shower!!!

New Kids on the Block Shirtless Shot: Donnie Wahlberg Treats Fans to Private Photo
I'm not obsessed:
Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless NKOTB Picture
OK! Magazine:
Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless Photo of NKOTB
E! Online:
Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless New Kids on the Block Group Photo
NY Daily News:
New Kids on the Block members pose shirtless with mustaches in Twitter photo posted by Donnie Wahlberg
Pop Crush:
See the New Kids on the Block Clad in Mustaches, and Little Else
Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless Snap Of New Kids On The Block (PHOTO)

MIX 108:
Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Mustached Pic of New Kids on the Block – Hunks of the Day
Daily Mail (UK):
New Tashes On The Block! Donnie Wahlberg and bandmates share racy shirtless picture as they show off their new facial hair
Old Kids on the Block
MTV Buzzworthy Blog:
See NKOTB Shirtless Courtesy Of Donnie Wahlberg (PHOTO)

Yahoo! OMG (DE):
New Kids On The Block oben ohne: Von Hühnerbrust zu Spartacus
US Magazine:
See New Kids on the Block Shirtless -- With Mustaches

Style Book (DE):
Wer ist diese Boy-Band?

Extra Globo (BR):
Agora quarentões, integrantes do New Kids On The Block aparecem sem camisa em foto
Kids no more: New Kids on the Block members show off 'staches

Look At The New Kids On The Block Shirtless And With Mustaches

New Kids On The Block In The Shower With Mustaches: PHOTO

The Herald Sun (AU):
New Kids on The Block tweet shirtless 'stache' pic

Yahoo! OMG:
The New Kids’ mustache mania

X17 online:
New Kids On The Block Pose Shirtless With Mustaches

The ‘New Kids On The Block’ In The Shower Together

Blue Bloods news

- The third season of Blue Bloods premieres on september 28th on CBS .

- Actor Richard Burgin will guest star playing a councilman on the premiere season.  (Source)

- The British Board of Film Classification has some technical details about the Special Features and about  the Deleted scenes  of the BB's Season 2 DVD.

- If you haven't yet, you can pre-order the Season 2 DVD on Amazon, title will be released on September 11, 2012.

- In case you missed it, here are some spoilers of the upcoming season of Blue Bloods:

Excerpt from Zap2it:
The Season 3 premiere will introduce one of the most formidable villains we've seen yet -- John Benjamin, a sociopath who lost his family after Danny arrested him. Benjamin relentlessly seeks vengeance on Danny, using Jackie as bait. This incident has the potential to profoundly impact Danny and Jackie's relationship as the season continues.

Excerpt from TV Guide:
Sounds like more tough times for Danny Reagan. I hear a former bank robber who Danny put behind bars will be released from prison and, upon hearing that the love his life and their 7-year-old child are dead, wants to put Danny in the ground as well. Even worse: As a lifelong professional criminal, he knows the system well enough to evade being recaptured

Other from TV Guide:
Will Jamie and Danny be able to stay on good terms when Blue Bloods reports back to duty for Season 3?
After reconciling in the season finale, it will be smooth sailing for the Reagan brothers, if only because they will both have their hands full with other problems. Danny and Linda will clash when she decides to go back to work as a nurse in the ER. Meanwhile, Jamie will have to deal with a new partner, Ricky Cruz, a big talker who is constantly, annoyingly talking about his old stomping grounds. Let's hope these opposites can attract, or at least learn to work together.
- This week the cast returned to the set, Donnie and Sami shared this on twitter:

New blog from Joey McIntyre 13.07.12

You also can read the original blog HERE

07/13/2012 - Been a long time, been a long time, been a ...

Around the world for sure. I don't have the energy to tell you about each amazing city we played to on our 2 and a half month tour this spring/summer 2012, but it was blissful. I tweeted about me buying a bike in Liverpool and riding it all over europe. Best 75 pounds I ever spent in my life. What a way to get around. The Uk and Europe are very bike friendly. To be able to dash from the hotel at a moments notice or glide away from yet another arena and literally see the world was just so tickle-my-fancy-thrilling. (Yes, I have to go there to "get the picture"). I have travelled a lot but I'd never seen Geneva...never mind Lake Geneva like this. Just spectacular. And I've always loved Hamburg, Germany but I never saw it up close and so personal. All handed to me on a bike. We are just so bless. Everyday with the New Kids is really such a celebration. Sure after 2 and a half months together, we were ready for a break. But I felt a new sense of pride for us after finishing up this tour. We ended (for now) the special collaboration of NKOTBSB. Something so sweet a surprise, we left each other wholeheartedly open to doing it again, if its meant to be. Those guys are our cousins now. We wish them the very best. The laughs were many. Memories that are just too much to really articulate in a couple of sentences, when asked "how was it?" Australia had waited for us for far too long, but it was worth it. For all of us. Gosh, Oz really lives up to the hype- and in such a laid back, confident, gracious way. My whole fam came over, which made it even more special (and broke up the tour and being away from them for too long). We had a blast. And the people are such class people. Then off to Jakarta and the Phillipines. We felt so taken care of there and so welcome and appreciated. It really floors you to hear a country, a people, half way across the world sing your songs louder than you've ever heard. I went right back to the Knights basement as a kid and thought, 'wow, a bunch of kids from Boston, and then all this..." We said goodbye to The Boys and went right to the cruise- WHICH NEEDS IT OWN BLOG. Holy frickin' crap (is putting it lightly). How do they keep getting better??!! The love on that boat this year could have conquered the world! And it did! Getting off that boat after 4 amazing, life changing days, takes a lot of decompression (and depression), getting back to the (not so) real world. Next year can't come soon enough. And then the 5 brothers ended a whirlwind tour in South America. And again we were so taken care of by these great countries. Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! It was a little strange at first to be doing shows again with just us 5, but it made it fresh and exciting to do it again on our own. Bottom line is we are so blessed to do what we do and we strive to keep it as special as it ever was. And we feel the same kind of energy from all of you. To think after all these years, we are thinking, "I wonder what amazing thing is gonna happen next." The balance we have between ourselves and our fans and how we want to keep surprising, keep reaching, keep exploring, willing to go places that we haven't gone is becoming zen-like... Wax on, wax off, baby. xoxo -jm

Wahlberg Brothers, Paul, Mark and Donnie, Name New CEO to Lead Expansion of Wahlburgers

Here is the press release from PRNewswire about the upcoming Wahlburgers expansion:

HINGHAM, Mass., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --
The Wahlberg brothers have named Rick Vanzura Chief Executive Officer of Wahlburgers to lead the expansion of this burger restaurant concept with its flagship location in Hingham, MA, just 15 miles south of Boston. Wahlburgers debuted last October following the successful launch in June 2010 of the brothers' first venture, Alma Nove, a fine dining waterfront restaurant named for their mother and nine siblings.Formerly Executive Vice President and co-Chief Operating Officer of Panera, LLC, Vanzura will focus on growing the Wahlburgers brand with plans to open more nationwide beginning in the Boston area.
"I'm extremely impressed by the Wahlbergs' commitment to build a world-class concept offering extraordinary food," said Vanzura. "This is not just another celebrity-driven restaurant. Paul is an exceptional chef, and his commitment to quality shows up in the restaurant every day."According to Vanzura, Wahlburgers is a hometown Boston brand inspired by memories of the Wahlberg brothers' pre-celebrity days growing up in their Dorchester neighborhood.
"We hope to share a little bit of our childhood times with our guests," explains Paul. "Our family has had some humble beginnings and some amazing success, but at Wahlburgers, it's all about the food." "Mark and I are pleased to pair a proven executive like Rick with an outstanding chef like Paul to continue to develop Wahlburgers and grow our family business," said Donnie Wahlberg.
Wahlburgers menu features fresh ground beef burgers made from an exclusive blend of chuck, brisket and short rib, as well as turkey burgers, salmon burgers, all beef hot dogs, crispy fries, onion rings, tater tots, signature ice cream frappes, house made desserts and more. With full liquor service, Wahlburgers serves enticing adult frappes, cocktails and brews including the Wahlbrewski, unfiltered Pale Ale made by Harpoon especially for Wahlburgers.Wahlburgers is located at 19 Shipyard Drive at the Launch at the Hingham Shipyard, in Hingham, MA. Lunch and dinner are served daily from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
For more information call 781-749-2110, or visit

-And here a list with more reports about this news: 
Former Panera exec takes over at Wahlburgers
Hingham-based Wahlburger's plans expansion

Boston Herald:
New CEO hired to lead Wahlburgers expansion

Boston Business Journal:
Wahlburgers names former Panera exec CEO, plans expansion

The Patriot Ledger:
CEO says Wahlburgers hunting for second restaurant location

Grubstreet New York: 
Wahlberg Brothers Hire Panera Bigwig to Spearhead Wahlburgers National Expansion

Dorchester Reporter:
Wahlburgers: Bring It on Home to Dorchester

Nation's Restaurant News:
Former Panera exec named Wahlburgers chief executive

Boston Magazine: 
Mark and Donnie Wahlberg Want to Take Wahlburgers Global

Toronto Standard: 
Wahlburgers is Expanding... To Toronto?

Yahoo News Philippines:

'Wahlburgers' to expand across the US

Joey McIntyre working on new NKOTB music

Yesterday Joey McIntyre tweeted about starting new NKOTB music:

Plus, in the las two days Gabe Lopez shared this pictures from their session:

Source: Twitter @joeymcintyre/@GabeLopezsongs


Win Danny's Hoodie!

Team Betty Canada is raffling off Danny's autographed hoodie to benefit their 11 teams walking in the CBCF Run For The Cure! $2 gets you 1 entry. The raffle is open to ALL countries and ends on July 16th. For more details or to enter the raffle, please click on either picture of the hoodie.
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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in Santiago - Chile 20.06.12 (RECAP)

[ NKOTB Summer Tour 2012: Movistar Arena Santiago.  June 20th,2012. ]

  • About their arrival:
Diario La Cuarta:
Los New Kids son güenos pa' la palta y la empaná 

Diario La Nación:
New Kids On The Block aún enloquecen a calcetineras 

Tu Medio Magazine:
Una mezcla de nostalgia prometen los NKOTB en su retorno a Chile

New Kids en Chile: "Nuestro show tiene mucho de nostalgia y juventud"

La Tercera:
NKOTB en Chile: "Nos sentimos como niños nuevamente"

Donnie Wahlberg: "El show de Amnistía fue el mayor logro de nuestra carrera"

La Segunda:
New Kids On The Block: "Las fans chilenas nunca nos han olvidado"

Los New Kids en Chile: "Nos encanta que las fans se vuelvan locas, ¡para eso vinimos!"

La Nación:

24 Horas:
Conversando con New Kids On The Block

  • Concert REVIEWS:
NKOTB revivió el pop noventero en su energético concierto

Diario La Nacion:
NKOTB hizo vibrar a sus fans de años y a los nuevos también 

Tu Medio Magazine:
Los New Kids On The Block revolucionaron las hormonas de sus fans chilenas

Fans enloquecen con éxitos noventeros de New Kids On The Block

Revisa parte del concierto de "New Kids on the Block" cantando con la camiseta de Chile

“New Kids on the Block” apelaron a la nostalgia

La Cuarta:

New Kids on The Block arrasaron en el Movistar Arena (Video)

New Kids On The Block se reencontró con fans en noche llena de hits

La Discusion:
Chillaneja logró estar junto a la banda New Kids On The Block en meet & greet

La Tercera:
New Kids On The Block renovó laureles al retornar a Chile con exitoso concierto

New Kids on the Block apela a la nostalgia y revive sus días de furor noventero

La Segunda:
Después de 22 años New Kids on the Block se presentó en Chile ante 12 mil fans

Soy Chile:
Los New Kids on the Block recordaron sus éxitos con 12 mil fans en el Movistar Arena

El pasado y presente de New Kids on the Block

Los New Kids en Santiago dos décadas despúes
New Kids On The Block encendieron con 'puñado' de éxitos

24 Horas:
New Kids desempolvan lo mejor de los 80 en Chile