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announcing tour dates

video by JoeyMcIntyreTV

Joey McIntyre Tour Dates

11/30/2009 - And the cities are.......
Boston, Philly, New York, Toronto and Chicago!
Let's get this! Tix go on-sale for Toronto this Friday!
The link will be here. And the rest of the shows go on-sale Saturday! Its gonna be a blast...Joe Mac style. I'm ready to take it to another level. I want you there.


01/14/2010 - Boston, AL @ Paradise Rock Club

   On Sale:

01/15/2010 - Westchester, PA @ The Note

   On Sale:

01/16/2010 - New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom

   On Sale:

01/18/2010 - Toronto, CA @ The Mod Club Theatre

   On Sale:

01/20/2010 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

   On Sale: 



Donnie Wahlberg : He's Got It!


November 27, 2009
(bum) - In 2008, the New Kids on the Block got a taste of success again with the release of their first album in nearly 15 years, called The Block, which has topped several music charts. Although the popular boy band has reunited and has been working on joint projects, they also have had personal projects rolling along on the side. In particular, Donnie Wahlberg has been writing songs for fun. But to indulge his fans, he’s thinking of releasing a complete solo album. He signed on with Universal Music Canada and continues to be a popular name in music. His new single I Got It is now getting frequent air play on the radio and can be heard on iTunes.

What inspired you to create your single I Got It?
I don’t know! I just like making music! I was working on a movie and I had a lot of down time, and I just decided to go to the studio making songs, and I came up with that, and that was it.

But something specific surely inspired you to create your new songs, perhaps love, friendship…
Yeah, sure! I like to be in creative environments and I Got It, you know, I was in a studio writing music, and I just started that song. I’m friends with Aubrey O’Day, and we talked about doing a song together, and it just sort of developed into the song.
My other song is called Rise N Grind. I wrote that really based on twits that I wrote on Twitter to all of my fans. They were just inspirational twits and motivational twits, and I wrote a song based on those twits, and actually, a lot of the fans really love that record even more than I Got It.

When will you release your full length album?
Probably after the New Year. I have a lot to do now, because I’ve never intended to do a full length CD or anything. It really comes from the fan support of my song that I’m actually even thinking about doing a full length CD. When Universal Canada reacted to the fans’ reaction to the song, it kind of got me thinking that I may do it, but again, it was never my intention to be a solo artist. I was just sort of having fun!
I really enjoy watching the fans sort of make Canada the central location in the world for my record. My fans don’t even have to play it in their own country, they just go online and listen to the Canadian station and request it on Canadian stations. I think it’s awesome. The US fans, fans from Brazil… they call radio stations in Ottawa, Saskatoon, and request my record.

What are you and the other New Kids on the Block members working on right now?
We had a good time touring. It was great for many reasons on many levels, and now we’re working on a few projects for next year: a DVD project, another tour and different guys are working on a solo project as well. But everything is part of what we do, I mean, anything that leaves the group or anything like that. Our solo projects are coming one in a line after the other and are sort of all working in conjunction with each other. Boring but true!

We can hear your song Good Vibrations in a lot of popular movies such as Blades of Glory and Analyze This. Which one of your new songs would you love hearing in which movie?
Well, Good Vibrations is on my brother Mark’s record [actor Mark Wahlberg who was the leader of hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch], but I wrote the record and produced it, and I love hearing that record in movies because, you know, I wrote it! It’s an incredible accomplishment for me.
I really don’t know. I mean, as long as it’s in a good context or in a funny context, I don’t care. I don’t make music to play in movies; I just do it because I love it, and if it’s up in a movie, it’s great. I would like hearing one of my songs maybe… hmm… in the movie Do The Right Thing [directed by Spike Lee].

You’ve played in hot movies such as The Sixth Sense, and several films of the series Saw and Righteous Kill. Do you feel that being Mark Wahlberg’s brother somehow helped you have a movie career?
No, I don’t think it helped me at all. He never helped me get a part; I’ve never asked him for help. I’ve never really been given a job. I had to earn every job I’ve got by auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. Mark didn’t help me get the role in The Sixth Sense, and I’m the one who had to lose 40 pounds to do the part. That’s my hard work. I think, on the contrary, a lot of people didn’t think of me as an actor and didn’t take me seriously at first, and as a musician, a lot of people didn’t take Mark seriously at first.

What do you like the most about having a career in the music industry?
Hmm… I’d just say, you know, just meeting people, having fun with fans, performing for them, meeting them and seeing how happy people get. I love making people smile. I worked in a really dark household with nine kids, and a lot of them going into prison and stuff. I was sort of the one trying to make everyone laugh in the house and I still do that now.
Click here to listen to new songs by Donnie Wahlberg.
By Carolyne Marengo
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Joey McIntyre Tickets for Toronto on sale 12/4/09

Joey McIntyre
Mod Club Theatre
Toronto, ON
Mon, Jan 18, 2010 07:00 PM

Onsale to General Public
Start: Fri, 12/04/09 10:00 AM EST


Joey McIntyre Tickets for Boston on sale 12/5/09

Buy Joey McIntyre tickets for the 01/14/10 show at Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA.

Public Onsale 12/5 at 12:00 p.m. EST
A Live Nation Concert/Joey McIntyre Tickets
  • 18+
  • Thursday
  • 01/14/10
  • at 9:00 PM
Paradise Rock ClubBoston, MA



Joey McIntyre's tour Dates announced Tomorrow!

Tour Dates Announced Tomorrow!!!!! Mon. Nov. 30th

Well after a turkey dinner and 8 turkey sandwiches, I think I'm good. It was a really nice weekend hanging with friends and family- eating, drinking, and getting ready to be merry for the rest of the year.
Tomorrow my tour dates are announced. (Tix are on sale next Fri/Sat). And its just the beginning. There are a few things to navigate through for the Joe Mac experience. We have to plan accordingly...what I'm getting at is- for all those cities that I am not getting at in the first mini-leg, there will be more. When and where I am not certain, so if you have to see these first bunch of shows, I dont blame you. Its gonna be that fire. The fire that we lit back in '99. So rock n' roll with me and we'll sip the nectar slowly.

Joey Mac is coming back
New Kid Joey McIntyre is announcing his solo tour dates today, but we already know them. Joey Mac’s local gig is at the Paradise Rock Club on Jan. 14.


Pics from Atlanta's Party with Donnie and Jordan







Listen the last Back Rub 27/11/09

Thanks to jenniferoneal9


Descarga el I Got It (Diamond Edition)

I Got It (Diamond Edition)

I Got It (Diamond Edition) 



Next week the Mac Pac 3000 will be avalaible

This is where to come for the "Mac Pac 3000"

What is that, you say? Well... its many things. Its a movement, its a crew, its an army... perhaps the new branding of the "Bravehearts"? But materially speaking it is like I left my bag on the plane and you were on the same flight and you kept for me, with every intention of getting it back to me. But then you couldn't help yourself- you had to look through. And you found diary pages, and old pictures, and music. Music of mine that no else had on CD. So what you did was make amazing quality copies of all that stuff. You somehow recreated the cool messenger bag with the sweet "Mac Pac 3000" logo on it. You made a duplicate of everything and kept it for your own, because there was no way you could part with it, but there was no way you were going to steal it from me. Because you are one of the "Mac Pac 3000" and you stand for what is right and good in the world.

That's what the "Mac Pac 3000" is.

Coming soon to the Store at


Album Cover


Jordan Idol Snippet (Atlanta)

A little snippet from Jordan Idol in Atlanta

video by MrKnightVizion

Joey McIntyre Exclusive Blog #3

Tue, 24 Nov 2009 09:35:05
Joey McIntyre [New Kids on the Block] is giving editor and Dolor author Rick Florino a series of updates on his solo record in this exclusive blog, here's the third installment, a special Thanksgiving blog…

Joey McIntyre Exclusive Blog #3

Joey McIntyre tells editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about a very, very memorable Thanksgiving with his family and the New Kids in the third installment of this exclusive blog series….

Thanksgiving Memories—

It's always a funny thing when people ask me about old family Thanksgiving memories, like I'm just gonna spit out, "Oh boy, there was that time when the drum stick flew out of little Tommy's hand and hit Nana Alice in the noggin. Boy, did we laugh!" I don't have those kinds of memories.

Maybe it's because there was so may of us in the house (11 including parents—and they should be included) that there was always a steady din that filled the air. At any moment, the top could blow off and someone was slamming the door and stomping off down the street—probably a planned exit to meet friends and get out of the house, now, that I think of it. A nice quiet, boring Thanksgiving was always welcome in the Mac household.

Hmmm...maybe I do have memories, I just had to start writing. What I was gonna tell you about was a more obvious Turkey Day memory. It was 1989 and the New Kids were playing Madison Square Garden. I don't know if that's a prestigious night to play. Maybe it points to our ridiculous popularity at the time. Who the hell plays on Thanksgiving?! Us, I guess. I'd hate to be the dad that had to get up off the couch in a turkey coma and go to a concert full of screaming pre-teens. Oy! I love being home for the holidays, especially back then when we were on the road all the time. But to sooth the homesickness, we flew in all our families. Everyone! To New York City. It was a swanky day. A thrill for all of our loved ones to come down to the Big Apple. Plus, we were in The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade—a proud moment for any mother—and mine was front in center in the stands outside of Macy's famous department store. For me and the guys, it was a bit of a grind, as usual. Up at 6:30 in the morning to get on the float and move through the city- a privilege none the less. What a treat!

I remember getting back to my hotel room and collapsing on the bed and not getting up til dinner was ready. It was special to have the four New Kid families together in one room—just celebrating without the fan fare—normal stuff. After dinner we moved out into a reception area, where there happened to be a grand piano. Jordan Knight sat down behind it and led us all through a few holiday songs and a couple acoustic New Kids songs. It was touching and warm and a lovely way to end the evening...Except ours was just beginning!

We were playing the one and only—"the most famous arena in the world", Madison Square Garden. And thank God all those Dads got off the couch, because they brought 16,000 of the cutest, loudest, cryingest girls ever. We had so much to be thankful for that year and still do. This year I look forward to a crowd of about 12 with lots of food, extra sweet potato pie, and some good conversation. I wish you all the same. Bon appetit! (which in America means eat 'til ya burst).



NKOTB - The View - Sherri talking about the Back Rub

Sherri Shepperd habla de su encuentro con Donnie W. en la fiesta del viernes 20/11

video by Yikes77


November 23, 2009 | by Skope Staff
After wrapping up a whirlwind year on the road with the newly reunited New Kids on the Bock, pop icon Joey McIntyre isn’t slowing down.  The singer/songwriter will release his solo EP, HERE WE GO AGAIN, available in early December.
The sound is like nothing the multi-platinum performer has ever done before.  Over the course of his seven all new songs, the pop star explores relationships and love, in a mix of rock and hip-hop infused dance tracks. Joey’s voice drives home on anthems like “Out of Nothing At All.” On “Here We Go Again,” the first single off of the EP by the same name, soaring melodies are met with explosive beats.
Joey describes the new sound best. “It’s pop, dance urban rock. There’s a thriving energy and urgency in the music that represents where I am right now. I want to get in your face and rock.”



Escucha el ultimo programa DDUB's Back Rub : 20/11/09

Jordan en Owl Radio

Owl Radio @ Jordan Knight Talent Search

 Jordan Knight
Aaron Pearce

Sherri Sheperd junto a Donnie Wahlberg y Jordan Knight en ATL.

nota corta sobre JM


Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block will look to parlay the success of the group's reunion tour with his own solo career. McIntyre, who has already released four solo albums, released a seven-song EP, Here We Go Again, on Tuesday through digital retailers. Fans can expect a solo tour sometime in early 2010. In the meantime, you catch him with the rest of the New Kids at the House of Blues on December 20 as part of a benefit concert for Toys For Tots.



Tony's meets his new assistants who put him on a whole new routine. Directed by Tony Spallelli

video by theLabTube

Unfinished Coffee and Straw of JORDAN KNIGHT of NKOTB!

 Price: US $0.99
 Location: US , Roswell, GA
Posted 1 day ago 42 views 0 replies

JORDAN KNIGHT from NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK was in studio with "The Bert Show" on Q100 radio in Atlanta on Friday, November 20th, and was given coffee to drink during the interview. He left it at my desk unfinished, so I grabbed the used cup, straw, creamer, and sugar for the biggest Jordan Knight fan! The winning bid will all be donated to the Melissa Carter Transplant Fund at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, that helps Transplant Patients and Nurses throughout Georgia. The coffee cup is currently in my freezer for preservation so that it will get to you unspoiled!


Jordan knight and Donnie Wahlberg atlanta i got it party

Special guest Jordan Knight!!! at the i got it party in atlanta .... singing Dirty Dancing

video by mmatuszak76

Donnie and Sherri Shepherd back rub

Donnie give "the view" sherri shepherd her own back rub during the atlanta i got it party

video by mmatuszak76

New Kid On The Block Releasing New Solo Album

Posted by Mitch Michaels on 11.21.2009

"I want to get in your face and rock..."

After a year on the road with the New Kids on the Bock, Joey McIntyre will release his solo EP, Here We Go Again, in early December. It's his fifth solo set.

Tracks include "Out of Nothing At All" and "Here We Go Again," the first single.

Joey describes the new sound as "pop, dance urban rock. There's a thriving energy and urgency in the music that represents where I am right now. I want to get in your face and rock."

"I like to be involved in the process of writing music," says Joey. "When I tour with New Kids, I'm involved with the music constantly. There's so much inspiration. It's amazing being a part of a team, but I also want to express myself on my own terms. That was the seed for this music."

For more info, hit up



Phone call with Joe McIntyre

MsJodi1977 comparte este video con la llamada que tuvo de Joe McIntyre hoy en la tarde.

I got to talk to Joe McIntyre on the phone. I recorded it with my camera since I don't have a voice recorder. Please excuse my pacing around my living room as I was in shock that I was actually talking to him!

Jordan Knight Idol Talent Search

Updated: Thursday, 19 Nov 2009, 10:06 AM EST
Published : Thursday, 19 Nov 2009, 10:06 AM EST
Jordan Knight of The New Kids on the Block is in Atlanta for Jordan Idol! The pop star is starting his own tour and will be auditioning male and female singers for backup singers and possibly even as a duet partner. Even if youre not a singer - fans are invited to The Loft on Saturday night to enjoy the event.


Jordan Knight Interview

Posted November 17, 2009 by akf3034 in Blogs
Jordan Knight, renouned for being a member of New Kids on the Block is going to be interviewed by both Amie Flanagan and Matt Nix on Thursday 11/19 from 12-2 on Owl Radio. On Saturday 11/21 Matt will get to interview Jordan in person along with 3 other judges of the “Jordan Idol Talent Search”.
The talent search is looking for singers of any genre. The winner will get to open for Jordan on his solo tour and he will help the winner secure a contract. The panel of judges includes: Brian Michael Cox, J Que “The Clutch” Smith, Kendrick “Wyldcard” Jean, and Aaron Pierce.
Saturday, November 21, 2009
4:30pm – 7:30pm (Doors Open at 4:00pm)
The Loft, at Center Stage
1374 West Peachtree Street
Cost $25 for regular admission, $30 for all singers participating in the event (this includes the admission fee). Please bring a photo or headshot to turn in with the release.


Jordan Idol NYC (official video)

Jordan Knight of New Kids on The Block goes on a national talent search hoping to help someone make their dreams come true!

video by MrKnightVizion

Here We Go Again Video

video oficial de Joey McIntyre

video by JoeyMcIntyreTV

Joey McIntyre takes fans inside his 'Fight Club'

November 17, 2009 ι Jarett Wieselman

Baby-faced Joey McIntyre wouldn't hurt a fly -- he'd gently catch it in the palm of his hand before offering up kisses, some lovely compliments and a lump of lard for it to make a three-story condo out of. But it seems that this "sweeter than apple pie" perception no longer works for the New Kid so he's baring his teeth, and body, for a new music video.
"Here We Go Again" is the first single off Joey's December solo CD and he admits that the bare knuckle boxing theme was inspired by Brad Pitt's "Fight Club." Unfortunately for Joseph (just trying it out), the end result looks a whole lot more like the little seen homoerotic tween version of that movie, "Never Back Down."
Although shirtless sparring is shirtless sparring, so the complaints are non-existent.