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The Philippine Star: Hangin' tough after all these years

By Nathalie Tomada
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Jonathan Knight (second from left), the one interviewed by The STAR, with fellow Kids (from left) Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Danny Wood.

MANILA, Philippines - 
After two decades, the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) will be returning to the country to perform with the Backstreet Boys (BSB). The concert combining the forces of the two boy bands, which ruled the pop music scene in the ’80s and the ’90s, is happening on June 3 at the Mall of Asia Arena.  
“Last time we were here was probably 20 years ago, so I don’t remember too much. It’s gonna be a whole, brand-new experience being back in the Philippines all over again,” NKOTB member Jonathan Knight tells The STAR in a phone interview.
NKOTB scored breakthrough success in the late ’80s through its sophomore album Hangin’ Tough, which yielded such No. 1 hits as I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) and Hangin’ Tough. Other songs of the band that became chart-busters over the years were You Got It (The Right Stuff), Cover Girl, Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind), This One’s For The Children, Tonight and the No. 1 single Step By Step. In 1991, Forbes listed NKOTB as the highest-earning entertainers, beating Madonna and Michael Jackson. The quintet’s exploits smoothed the path for the ’90s boy band movement that propelled the careers of the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 Degrees, etc.
Jonathan recalls that while those were very exciting times, they also spelled hard work. “I mean a lot of people think that it’s an easy business and I think it’s just with experience and time, you learn that it’s not... you know, we’re not backstage having parties. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work to travel and tour and be away from our families for months of the time.”
NKOTB disbanded in 1994 but there were no regrets, Jonathan stresses. “I think everything happens for a reason, but in the ’90s, when we broke up, it was a time when the music industry was really changing and people’s taste in music was changing. It was a time when pop music really was not that popular anymore, when people were going on to grunge and rock ‘n roll. So you know, it was our time, I mean we could’ve just taken maybe two or three or four years off and just come back, but in those two to three years, we all kinda moved on to our own endeavors.”
For one, Jonathan left the industry entirely and went into real estate. The rest of the members, like his younger brother Jordan and Joey McIntyre, took on the solo route and individually released albums. Donnie Wahlberg pursued acting while Danny Wood did some low-profile performing.
More than 10 years and several failed attempts later, they finally reunited in 2007. “We had talked about it a lot over the years. It (was just) a matter of scheduling, you know. Through the years when we talked about it, may be one of us would film a movie, somebody would have a baby or you know, I couldn’t get out of a project I was working on, so it was just that when 2008 came, it was perfect timing that we were all free and all really willing to embark on getting back together.”
“It’s going amazing,” Jonathan further describes their comeback as a group. “I’m actually surprised because in 2008 when we got back together, I really figured we would do a world tour, bring our show around the world and that would be the end of it. Now, it’s 2012 and we’re still going strong, still touring around the world. We’re in the process of working on a new album and we’re looking ahead to doing another tour next year.”
That could also mean sharing the stage anew with the BSB. How did the NKOTBSB musical merger come about? “We were doing a tour last year and they were in town in New York City, so we asked them to come and do a surprise appearance at our show at the Radio City Music Hall. The response from the audience was just so amazing that you know the day after the show we all kinda just started throwing the idea around about that maybe we should go on tour together and we just planned it out and eventually it happened.”
“It’s been amazing partnership,” Jonathan adds. “It’s really good. I mean, there’s nine of us out here on the road so we’re all really close and we’ve all experienced pretty much the same things, being in musical groups and touring around. So, just to have the Backstreet Boys on the road with us and for us to be on the road with them had just been so much fun.”
With them back on the road and with the emergence of new boy bands from the UK, Asia and of course, the US, does he think the boy band phenom is also back?
“I really don’t think it ever left. There were boy bands before us, you know the Beach Boys, the Jackson 5, and there’ll be boy bands after us,” Jonathan ends.

Perth Now: Backstreet's back with the old New Kids

SYNCHRONISED dance moves, co-ordinated outfits, all-male harmonies, high-pitched screaming and plenty of pelvic thrusting.Last night at the Burswood Dome, thousands of screaming fans were transported back in time to their early teens, when two of the world’s most successful boy bands brought back the best of the '80s and '90s.
With an impressive 45 years of adoration between them, you could be forgiven for thinking the best years were long-behind the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys – but you'd be wrong.
As grown men, the two bands were still able to bust the best of their old school dance moves and well and truly hold their own in stunning vocal solos.
The Backstreet Boys delivered a string of fan favourites such as Get DownLarger Than Life, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, As Long As You Love MeShape Of My Heart, All I Have To Give, I Want It That Way and of course Everybody (Backstreet’s Back). The New Kids’ blast from the past included Cover Girl, The Right Stuff, Step By Step and I’ll Be Loving You ForeverEverything cheesy and wonderful about boy bands was present and accounted for – sleeveless vests, sparkly costume embellishments, white suits, pleather pants, the running man, poster boy poses and, my personal favourite, ‘the running knee slide’.
I’ll admit, the 10-year-old in me completely fell for the super gimmicky elements of the show including on-stage collaborations between Backstreet and New Kids, moments of flesh-flashing, the bands grabbing fans’ hands, and the nine grown men dancing around in jogging suits with ‘Australia’ branded on their chests.
And of course, the evening wasn’t short of over-the-top pyrotechnics, ‘90s club lighting, goofy jokes and strange snippets from the likes of Salt-n-Pepa, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Queen and even Carly Rae Jepson - stunts that could only be considered acceptable in boy band land.
Certainly some aspects stood the test of time better than others, but last night a nostalgic Perth crowd was reminded exactly why we once plastered these nine boys all over our bedroom walls.

New Kids On The Block Summer Tour 2012 (spots publicitarios)

24 de Junio | Arena Ciudad de México

New Kids On The Block | 26 de Junio | Arena Monterrey

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Zignia Live presenta: New Kids On The Block
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OLV: Donnie Wahlberg starring in “Home: The Film”, shooting begins in Brooklyn this summer

by Christine on May 22, 2012

Thanks to one of our readers, Sarah, for giving us a head’s up about a new project Donnie Wahlberg will be working on this summer.
In this video, which was recently posted on Kickstarter, Writer/Director/Producer Jono Olvier shares some of the locations he’s been scouting in Bushwick, Brooklyn for his new project, Home: The Movie, and he also confirms Donnie Wahlberg will appear in the film.

If you’re wondering how Donnie got involved in a low budget movie – that he’ll have to balance between touring and Blue Bloods season 3 filming later this summer – we’re guessing he’s doing Jono a favor. In Jono’s bio on Kickstarter it states he is also currently a writer for Blue Bloods.
Stay tuned for more information about Home: The Film or make a donation to help get the film made at! If you have any scoop about the movie, or where it’s filming, let us know at!

NKOTBSB interview with NOVA FM (Videos)



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Boston Herald: Donnie Wahlberg needs your help for indie film

Photo by Heather Wines

By Herald Wire Services
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 
DONNIE WAHLBERG’s latest project needs your help! The “Blue Bloods” star has signed on to star in “Home: The Film” but the project is just so indie that it’s still not completely financed. To score enough cash to go into production, the filmmakers have turned to fundraising site Kickstarter. So how’d Donnie end up attached? We’re guessing it has something to do with the film’s director being “Blue Bloods” scribe Jono Olvier.


The Courier Mail: New Kids On The Block deliver big-sound spectacle to fans young and old (Brisbane Review)

NKOTB/Backsteet Boys
Members of the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in concert. Picture: Brenton Edwards Source: The Advertiser
IT may have been a number of years since New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys have had a hit but they definitely still can whip a crowd into a frenzy.
While most of Brisbane was last night glued to the State of Origin, the real clash of the titans was at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as two powerhouses of pop battled for supremacy.
There was no clear winner.
The NKOTB element of the acronym may not have had the recent hits behind them but the affection for the band was immense.
The BSB part merely had to follow with their string of hits.
Love or loathe the boy-band phenomenon, the reality is it works for a lot of people and most of them were there singing along, crying and dancing last night.
Sure, there is something awkward about a bunch of grown men dancing in that signature boy-band fashion but there also is something awfully charming about it.
The muddy acoustics at the Entertainment Centre dogged the concert, making it nearly impossible to discern voice from drum in the big sound moments but no one was really there for the singing.
The spectacle was what people were after and it was delivered.
My 14-year-old self had the party of his life. My 30-year-old self had a pretty radical night too.


Adelaide Now: The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block concert at Adelaide Entertainment Centre (REVIEW)

New Kids on the Block / Back Street Boys
New Kids on the Block / Back Street Boys concert at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Picture: Brenton Edwards
BACKSTREET'S back all right, as were thousands of boy band fans who turned back the clock to reminisce about the good ol' days at the Entertainment Centre on Monday night.
Two of the biggest pop groups of the 1990s - the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block - may have been older and greyer (albeit in some cases, a lot more buff) but then so were most of us in the audience.
It meant the moves were a little slower. But it was made up for with enthusiasm, as the foursome and quintet known for their slick dance moves gave it their all to slide, jump, thrust and strut along the stage.
The evening started off a little quiet as the two bands swapped songs on stage but NKOTB got the crowd into the mood with the first major hit of the evening, You Got It (The Right Stuff).
It was followed by hits only the diehard fans knew well but surprisingly came flooding back for those who had thought they'd long left their youth behind.
And when the shirts came off, the screams from the mainly 20 and 30-something crowd could've been mistaken for school girls at a Justin Bieber concert.
The Backstreet Boys were the obvious crowd favourite with Larger than Life, As Long As You Love Me, I Want It That Way and, of course, Everybody (Backstreet's Back) getting the loudest cheers.
But the New Kids still hold a soft spot in many Adelaide girls' hearts, also singing Cover Girl, Step By Step and Hanging Tough.
The two groups held a strong rapport, joining each other on stage for the first and final songs and a few in between.
And their appreciation of their fans showed their years of experience, as they happily ran into the audience to shake hands, hug and sing to fans, with the Backstreet Boys even serenading a lucky four women on stage during the 2 1/2 hour show.


The Courier Mail: Boy bands are back in a big way

5 reasons NKOTBSB
Date/Time: 2012:05:22 13:44:46 Source: The Courier-Mail
BACKSTREET'S back. But is that alright?
Boy band originals the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys will hit the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight, but will the much-hyped show satisfy the groups' old fans. Torny Miller has five reasons why boy-band fever will be gripping plenty of Queenslanders despite it being State of Origin night.
1. Matching suits
Who doesn't like seeing a group of middle-aged men prancing about in colour-coordinated attire? Nineties grunge definitely didn't catch-on with these guys, so if the clean-cut look is your thing then this is the show for you. Think gleaming white suits, perhaps some military-inspired outfits and, of course, the obligatory shirts-off, abs out routine.
2. Some serious dance moves
The only thing better coordinated than the dance attire will be the moves themselves. If you've forgotten how impressive NKOTB and BB routines were, head to YouTube before you head to Boondall tonight and refresh your memory. There's nothing like some cheesy choreogoraphy to really get you pumped up for a big show.
3. A good sing-a-long
OK, we all know the words, so let's belt out the tunes. Now, I've heard the bands update the gig with a few adaptations of modern-day hits but don't worry - they've got plenty of classics to belt out. You can bet that the entire audience will be singing along when Step By Step, Everybody, or As Long As You Love Me are given their run.
4. Relive your youth
If you're still holding on to the hope that bike pants are acceptable outside of the gym and you're just dying to dig out your scrunchie collection, well it's your time to shine. If you're already forgoing the maroon tonight, why not go the full-hog and dress up in your best boy band-era-inspired gear and immerse yourself in the spirit of NKOTBSB.
5. It's time to settle old battles
Just who was the hottest band member? Were you part of team Nick Carter for the Backstreet Boys? Or is it Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB who floats your boat? If you're female and you grew up in the late '80s, early '90s there's a pretty good chance your pubescent fantasies were filled with images of these guys, but have these blokes aged gracefully? Well, judgement time is here. Which of the boys and kids have stood the test of time? I can guarantee this will be a serious topic for discussion tonight.


TAKE 40: REVIEW - New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys, Melbourne, May 19 2012

 REVIEW - New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys, Melbourne, May 19 2012
20 mayo 2012
Last night, I stepped back in time. To a time when girls wore scrunchies, Facebook didn't exist, and boy bands in matching outfits reigned supreme.

It was a time before Justin Bieber, before Lady Gaga, and even before One Direction.

That's right; I'm talking about the NKOTBSB concert at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. A wonderful pairing of two of the biggest boy bands of all time -- New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys.

In the eighties and nineties, these guys elicited so many screams and crazy fans that it would make Harry Styles' hair go straight.

For those who are too young to remember, here's a bit of history.

New Kids On The Block
Debuted in 1986
Members: Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight
Hit the big time in 1988 when their song 'You Got It (The Right Stuff) went number 1 worldwide
More hits followed including 'I'll Be Loving You (Forever)', 'Hangin' Tough', 'Cover Girl' and 'Step By Step'.

Backstreet Boys
Debuted in 1995
Members: Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson
Biggest hits include 'Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)', 'As Long As You Love Me', 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)', and 'I Want It That Way',

In 2010 the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block joined forces to become the ultimate man boy band: NKOTBSB.

As a child of the eighties and a teenager of the nineties, naturally I was super excited to be going to this concert. I'd been listening to all my old Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block albums in the lead up and I was ready to have a fantastic time.

NKOTBSB opened the show with what I thought was an odd choice as I'd expected them to come out strong with something instantly recognisable, so a slight disappointment to start off with that was later rectified by boy band awesomeness.

But what we got instead was the music from the Coldplay song 'Viva La Vida' with a medley of the BSB track 'The One' and NKOTB's Ne-Yo duet, 'Single'.

Again with more newer material, New Kids performed 'Summertime' and at this stage I was desperate for the classics... when was I going to hear 'Step By Step'?!

But to my relief I was not disappointed. The performances that followed from both bands were fantastic and just as good as if it were still the 90s.

I appreciated the efforts to bring the old days back, with the matching white suits, combat outfits, the occasional flash of abs and of course the cheesy choreographed dance moves. LOVE!

While all of the guys are well into their 30s and 40s, it didn't stifle their energy or stop them from putting on an amazing show and playing up to their female fans in the crowd. (All of whom had no doubt reverted to their teenage selves!).

When the Backstreet Boys reminded me they'd been doing this for 19 years (which was evident when one of them made a reference to 90s RnB group Jodeci!!) I have to admit I felt a twinge of shock (when did I get so old?!), but it didn't matter. I had Nick Carter and I had Joey McIntyre there to entertain me.

I did notice that the dance moves have become dirtier than I seem to remember! So many pelvic thrusts.

I'd love to be able to list what my highlights were but I've rambled for long enough and I see no point in talking about every song! It was an overall fantastic night -- fireworks, smoke machines, dirty dance moves, fan serenades, ripped shirts, matching outfits, and walks into the audience included.

After thrilling fans for 2 hours, the guys came back with their encore: 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' and 'Hangin' Tough', and we certainly did not want to go home after that!

I forgot how amazing (and cheesy) the 80s and 90s were. Bless.

Review by Kate Miller, Joey McIntyre's future wife.

NKOTBSB 'Once In A Lifetime Tour' Set List

The One / Single (medley)
NKOTB - Summertime
BSB -- The Call
NKOTB - Dirty Dancer
BSB - Gt Down (You're The One For Me)
NKOTB -- You Got It (The Right Stuff)
BSB -- Larger Than Life
NKOTB - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)
NKOTB -- If You Go Away
BSB - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
BSB -- 10,000 Promises
BSB -- I'll Never Break Your Heart (fan serenade)
BSB - Drowning
BSB - Incomplete
NKOTB - Step By Step
NKOTB - Cover Girl
NKOTB - My Favourite Girl
NKOTB -- Games
NKOTB - Tonight
BSB -- Shape Of My Heart
BSB - As Long As You Love Me
BSB - All I Have To Give
BSB - We've Got It Goin' On
BSB - Quit Playing Games With My Heart
NKOTB - I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
BSB - I Want It That Way
NKOTBSB -- Don't Turn Out The Lights
BSB -- Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
NKOTB -- Hangin' Tough


Interview with NKOTBSB (Danny & Jon) on Sunrise - Yahoo!7 TV Australia (VIDEO) Donnie Wahlberg producing show for TNT that follows Boston Police gang unit


Donnie Wahlberg, right, on the set of the CBS drama “Blue Bloods” with actors Len Cariou and Tom Selleck.

As many police officers as he’s played on TV and in the movies, Donnie Wahlberg knows a thing or two about cops. So maybe it’s no surprise that Wahlberg, who currently stars in the CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” is set to produce a real-life docu-drama for TNT called “Boston Blue.” According to the network, the show, which will air next year, follows the men and women of the Boston Police Department’s gang unit. TNT has ordered eight episodes. “With ‘Boston Blue,’ we’re looking to grab viewers who come to TNT for such blockbuster originals as ‘The Closer’ and ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’” Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies, said in a statement. In addition to “Blue Bloods,” Wahlberg has played a police officer in “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Boomtown,” “In Plain Sight,” “The Kill Point,” and the films “Righteous Kill,” “What Doesn’t Kill You,” and “Dead Silence.” Attempts to reach Wahlberg were unsuccessful Wednesday.

Afterparty with Donnie Wahlberg in Melbourne this saturday (Info)

The Aussie AfterParty 2012
With special guest DONNIE WAHLBERG

Come and show D-Dub how this town parties!!

* over 18 event
* photo ID required and scanned on entry
** This venue will be open to the public at 1.30am
so be sure to get there early!

$40 General Admission tickets with priority admission
$100 VIP tickets, include:
- Priority entry
- Access to Donnie's VIP area
- Exclusive AUSSIE AfterParty laminate
- Group photos by professional photographer 

Interview with NKOTBSB on "Mornings" (Australian TV - VIDEO)

Jonathan, Donnie, Nick and AJ chats with the "Mornings" Show about the NKOTBSB Tour in Australia.

Watch the video here:

Bostinno: New Cop Docu-Drama Coming to TNT With Donnie Wahlberg as the Executive Producer

  by Lisa DeCanio

Soon, the hub will be all you see when you turn on the TV. TNT recently announced a new docu-drama called Boston Blue, a chronicling the work of the Boston Police Department. Dorchester-native Donnie Wahlberg is signed on as the executive producer.
According to a press release:
Boston Blue follows the men and women of the Boston Police Department’s exclusive and highly decorated Gang Unit. Their unit’s name doesn’t begin to describe the breadth of crimes these detectives, investigators, patrol officers and special victims officers deal with on a daily basis. They are the go-to unit for many large-scale crimes in Boston.
The show has signed to TNT for eight episodes which are scheduled to premiere in 2013.
I envision Boston Blue as a Law & Order meets Cheers and The Departed with a little bit of Ally McBeal thrown in there for good measure. In other words, it’s going to be filled with the classic Masshole stereotypes of Whitey Bulger-esque gangsters, Dunkin Donuts sipping cops and lots of references to Fenway.
The question remains: Will Donnie Wahlberg’s docu-drama reign supreme over his brother Mark’s Charlestown-set reality show, Teamsters on A&E?
My money is on Marky Mark, soley because I think that Entourage is a much better show than Blue Bloods, which Donnie currently stars in. Either way, I’m confident both Boston Blue and Teamsters will likely be much better than all the Southie-based reality shows making their way to the small screen.
Image via


THR: TNT Orders Unscripted Series From Donnie Wahlberg and 'Extreme Makeover' Producer

Police docudrama "Boston Blue" and adventure series "72 Hours" join the network's first reality competition series "The Great Escape" on the lineup.

Donnie Wahlberg - P 2012
Getty Images
Donnie Wahlberg
TNT is expanding its foothold in the unscripted genre.
The cable network gave series orders Friday to reality projects from Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg and the executive producer of Extreme Makeover and The Moment of Truth.
The first, Boston Blue (working title), hails from Blue Bloods' Wahlberg and is described as a procedural docudrama following the men and women of the Boston Police Department's Gang Unit. Jarrett Creative Group (Celebrity Ghost Stories), Julie Insogna-Jarrett and Seth Jarrett will executive produce alongside Wahlberg and his Donnie D. Productions. Boston, which will consist of eight episodes, will launch next year on TNT.

The second, 72 Hours, is an adventure series in which competing teams are dropped from a helicopter into the wilderness and given three days and a GPS to find a hidden suitcase full of cash as they battle the elements and rival teams to take home the prize. The eight-episode series hails from Lighthearted Entertainment (Extreme Makeover), with Howard Schultz (Extreme Makeover, The Moment of Truth) and Rob LaPlante (The Apprentice) on board as exec producers. Jeff Spangler (The Moment of Truth) will co-exec produce the series, which will launch next year.
"Boston Blue and 72 Hours are excellent fits for two of TNT's most important audience segments," said Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies. "With Boston Blue, we're looking to grab viewers who come to TNT for such blockbuster originals as The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles. And with 72 Hours, we're going after fans of TNT's action-packed dramas like Falling Skies and Leverage."

The projects join The Great Escape, TNT's first reality competition series, as the network continues to bolster its original series offerings and shift to a year-round model.
Blue and Hours join recently greenlighted scripted series including David E. Kelley's Monday Mornings at the Turner-owned cabler. 


GALA Magazine's interview with Jordan Knight editor Ines Weissbach at the meeting with Jordan Knight. (Photo: © Gala)
..... In the late 1980s he was the heartthrob par excellence. Since then, not much seems to have changed, or is it?

Jordan, 20 years ago were the "New Kids On The Block" the biggest boyband in the world. What has happened since then, in your view?

I became a man (laughs). I got married, had two children and now I'm back with my old friends from the "New Kids On The Block".

What is more satisfying: the cries of a baby or hear of 20 000 girls, now there are even women?
I would say 20 000 women. Although, it depends: Sometimes you rob the cry of a newborn to sleep. (Thinks) If you had a newborn smile said, I would choose that. But this way: I would rather hear the screech of a fan than a baby.
"New Kids On The Block" have disbanded in 1994, you have continued as a solo artist, released four solo albums now. Could you have imagined at that time a career without music? 
Of course, just what kind of career I do not know. I could very well be able to live without the whole entertainment business. I could sit down, for example, simply to rest.
Then why did you still continue to make music?
Because I enjoy it. When I ask young artist, I say: If you really want to be in the music business, you have to love music.

And the pop music that make you a solo singer, it's exactly your thing, or maybe you hear privately something completely different?
No, I'm just enjoying the music, of which I am also a fan of pop, R & B and Top40-direction. So I do this kind of music not only because it is commercially more successful than others.

Speaking of commercial: Do you have or Buy CDs actually?
No, I do not. Frankly, I'll buy no more music, either on CD or digitally. I used to just put on my headphones and listened to music. I'm not doing more and sometimes I ask myself whether I'm just too old to become. Now life is so hectic, so I really just hear what's on radio. And I also wonder why CDs and download still selling so well.

But that's positive for you as an artist. Sell ​​yourself a lot of CDs?
Yes, my new album "Unfinished" has sold in the U.S. very well. But if you are interested in one of my songs, you can actually just go to Youtube and listen to you this.
You were just on tour with a solo album in the U.S. and now you are back with eight other men on the stage that you have to jostle for the attention of the fans. What is more fun?
A solo tour is harder. I have no great luxury for traveling, like bus with "NKOTB". The audience is smaller. There are even wonderful audience for my solo concerts, but of course I don't play in any arena. It has also made a lot of fun anyway. It was great go alone on stage, I had the feeling of having accomplished something. I hope I can play the same show in Germany and throughout Europe.

Are you disappointed as a solo artist not to have as much success as "NKOTB"?
Of course we all want success. But for me it's not a disappointment not to play in big arenas. Yes I have and love both. And since I do not compete with other musicians, I do it solo and certainly not with the "New Kids On The Block". Because "NKOTB" are five types, with five different personalities and talents. And these five types together such a great attraction that it is really difficult to have claimed to be against them. I like to compete against myself. If I am better than yesterday, this is a great achievement for me. It gives me self-esteem and makes me proud. Thus would "Unfinished" a better album than your previous solo albums ... True, it is.
Why? I think I have matured and can be heard. I was able to release this album better, my confidence and my creativity. And besides, I'm just a singer who become better.

What time and again, are the lyrics about love and "Girls" as in "NKOTB". Is the girl, which you sing your wife?
Let me look. (Jordan Knight picks it up the cd and going again through all the tracks. Since the album in America was published in the previous year had forgiven him, that he can not remember exactly at the track list), some are truly from my wife .
Which ones? I can not say in a rush for sure.
Is that too personal? No, but if you write music, it's a lot of imagination, some things are stories from real life and sometimes there are stories from the past. When you sing solo stuff, it is of course on a more personal level than in the group. "Rock Star" is definitely a song about the fans. "O-Face" is about my wife, but has been inspired by the fans. "Kiss It Away" is about a past relationship.

You have been married for eight years and a father. Does your  12 years old son really think it's cool  what his dad does for a living?
Yes, still. I think once he is 13 he thinks it's uncool. (Laughs) No, that was fun. He has even sung just for a play at his school and wanted me to give him some tips. He admires and respects what I do.

And what Jordan Knights son admired him, is also in Hamburg before 8000 fans - mostly women - a big spectacle. "New Kids On The Block" and "Backstreet Boys" stand up on the show opener and burst into song at the end always turns on the stage....
Ines Weissbach

Westfunk: NKOTBSB im Exklusiv-Interview

nkotbsb kai interview 800 642x361 NKOTBSB im Exklusiv Interview
Moderator Kai Below im Interview

Listen the interview here:

INTERVIEW: Donnie Wahlberg Says New Teen Pop Movement ‘Validates’ What NKOTB Did 25 Years Ago

Before One Direction and The Wanted, before N’Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees, there was New Kids on the Block. The music between the aforementioned acts spans three decades, and New Kids singer Donnie Wahlberg is happy the genre has exhibited staying power.
“In some ways, [One Direction and The Wanted] validate us,” the NKOTB star told me via telephone. “And I think our reunion has validated us in many ways as well. The fans that grew up with us came back.”
Wahlberg speaks proudly on not just his group’s return, but also the new generation of fans that have new music to grow up with.
“I think there’s a place in society for all different types of music,” he explained. “I’m glad that the young bands are coming out now and doing well because I think it validates what we did 25 years ago.”
Generations will collide August 17 and 18 in Hershey, PA, when New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys, The Wanted, Kelly Clarkson, LL Cool J, and more converge on Hersheypark Stadium for the inaugural “Summer Mixtape Fest.” While Wahlberg seemed happy to speak about the state of pop music, he channeled personal experiences when commenting on the groups specifically.
“My opinion or my advice to them is really inconsequential,” Wahlberg stated, before offering his reasoning. “Yunno, the same way when I was 19 and they interviewed everyone from The Monkeys to Donny Osmond to one of The Beatles to whomever to give advice or to ask what they thought of us. When I was 19, I didn’t care what any of those guys thought about me.”
At 42 years old, it is easy for Wahlberg to reminisce on the path his group helped blaze given New Kids’ past success. The trip down memory lane becomes a little sweeter though when you factor in the group’s current run, which has lasted since 2008 and brought the band to new destinations that none of them thought were possible.
“It’s a really humbling experience; it’s been an amazing journey,” Wahlberg, who will turn 43 on the first day of the festival, said. “[The reunion] sort of turned a 19-20 year-old sort of college age experience that I look back on fondly in to a very mature and different experience now.”
The experience continues to play out, as New Kids will tour across five continents in 2012.
Listen the interview here:

An excerpt here too:

WCVB' Story on Donnie's mother: Alma 05.08.12

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or watch it here:

Frankfurter Rundschau: Interview with Joey and Howie

Here is an excerpt of the article from Frankfurter Rundschau where you can read a short interviw with Joey and Howie from last march:

Im Mai kommen die Backstreet Boys und New Kids On The Block gemeinsam als NKOTBSB zum ersten Mal auf Konzertreise nach Deutschland und in die Schweiz.
photo: DAPD
Backstreet Boys, and "new kids" on joint tour
Seven letters stand for the massed singing and dancing power of nine well-preserved male to 40: NKOTBSB. The New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are the first time together on tour in Germany. In London we met, "Backstreet Boy" Howie Dorough (pictured 2nd from right) and "New Kid" Joey McIntyre (3rd from left) to talk about old times and new diva potential.

The Backstreet Boys have started when the New Kids On The Block in 1994 split. Is still the same boy band boy band?
Howie Dorough: No, by the example of New Kids On The Block, we already knew what may come of it. We worked harder than their colleagues.
Joey: You were professional and somehow perfect. But that was the concept and had nothing to do with the different decades in which our bands were active. But it is not true that we were the first boyband: Before us there were New Edition, The Jackson 5 and The Osmonds.
If you look at old videos, you have to say already: The New Kids On The Block were with their studs and leather jackets, the cooler!
Howie: Yeah. It was a different time. End of the nineties, you had to look more like the guy next door. The New Kids had a look yet styled stage.
Joey: crap, just the opposite was the case! When we started, "street credibility" was appearing. You were the regular guy? On stage, you had to their space suits!
Howie: We were just really professional.
Did you in joining the band, that your life will change?
Joey: No, I was 13! I went to school. We were kids, had fun, wanted to meet girls, play music and experience. Our personalities and our energy was never forced. With our second album we succeeded then by chance of a breakthrough.
Howie: For me it was different. Because our manager Lou Pearlman was the rich, who knew exactly where he wanted with the band, because there was already a success story before us. I suspected and hoped it could be my winning the lottery. But I was already 20 when I was selected for the Backstreet Boys.
Again this boy band cliché ...There is the stereotype for boy bands, that is a pretty, shy of the other, one a hot dancer ....
Howie: I was all along.
Joey: And I'm the sweet little girl. I was so much smaller than everyone else.
Who is the diva of you today?
Joey: We all have a little diva in us. It's hard enough to get to nine individuals under one roof.
Why did the Backstreet Boys 130 million albums sold and the New Kids "only" 80 million?
Joey: If you're a cool band, it now sells fewer times. We are a niche amongst the boy bands, do not you?
Howie: In the late '90s, when the Backstreet Boys were really successful, the economy was just too damn good. You can not compare with the misery of today.
What does an artistic point of this tour for you?
Howie: It is very refreshing for us, our hits consider in this context. As refreshing as a Hefeweizen.
Joey: This tour gives us freedom and takes the pressure off, because we are simply stronger together. This could continue for another couple of years, I think.
Howie: NKOTBSB is something of an on-off relationship for both bands. For the Backstreet Boys are working alongside, of course, still on a new album.,1473348,15075870.html

NKOTBSB (Joey and Howie) on Freshly Squeezed - March 2012

Zoom IN chat with Jonathan + AJ about NKOTBSB Tour in Rotterdam (VIDEO)

Interview with NKOTBSB (Jordan & Brian) on Voor De Show (VIDEO)

       video by

Prensa latina sobre el tour de New Kids on the Block

Aquí un listado con los principales portales latinos anunciando la noticia de la gira de NKOTB por Mexico y Sudamerica este 2012:

  • Notas en Perú:

Los New Kids on the Block se presentarán en Lima el 22 de junio - El Comercio

New Kids on the Block darán concierto en Lima el 22 de junio- TERRA,7dbf3a2c90907310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

NETJOVEN- New Kids on the Block ofrecerá concierto en Lima el 22 de junio

New Kids on the Block darán concierto en Lim -Cronica Viva

New Kids on the block tocarán en Lima, Noticias Perú- TROME

New Kids on The Block” llegarán a Lima |

New Kids on The Block realiará concierto en el Jockey Club- Radio San Borja

Los New Kids On The Block llegan a Lima el 22 de junio - VIVA FM

New Kids on the Block cantarán en Lima el 22 de Junio-

Los New Kids on the Block cantarán en Lima el 22 de junio- La Republica

New Kids on the Block se presentarán en Lima- Publimetro!tIbuFoXmaIghsX@sDPxmig/

Grupo 'New Kids on the Block' se presentarán en Lima este 22 de junio- Correo

New Kids on the Block se presentarán por primera vez en Lima. RPP Noticias

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK EN LIMA: precios de entradas- Conciertos Peru

Los New Kids on the Block llegarán a Lima el 22 de junio- Radio Oxigeno

Los New Kids on the Block brindarán concierto en Lima el 22 de junio- tuTEVE

New Kids on the Block se presentarán en Lima- MSN Latinoamerica

Confirmado: Los "New Kids on The Block" daran concierto en Lima en junio- Generaccion

New Kids on the Block pronto en Lima- Aeronoticias

New Kids On The Block: Precios de Entradas - A donde Vamos
  • Notas en Chile: 
 Puranoticia | New Kids On The Block de vuelta a Chile - Pura Noticia

New kids on the Block en Chile- en primera fila

New Kids on The Block regresarán a Chile - Terra,bb0973e16ad07310VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html

New Kids on the Block vuelve a Chile después de 22 años - La Tercera

New Kids on the Block confirman visita - 24 Horas

New Kids On The Block regresa a Chile después de 21 años - Radio BioBio

Alfredo Alonso: Yo estoy más destruido que los New Kids On The Block- Cooperativa Chile

‘New Kids’ are the right stuff for Chile - The Santiago times

La fórmula con que vuelven a Chile los NKOTB - Terra,5e6b287f2b417310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.html
  • Notas en Brasil:

New Kids On The Block se apresenta no Brasil em junho- Yahoo!

New Kids On The Block no Brasil em junho

  • Notas en Mexico:

New Kids on the Block hará vibrar la Arena Ciudad de México en junio- En el show

Concierto de New Kids on the Block en la Arena México - Starmedia
Visitará New Kids on the Block México con su “Summer tour 2012" - Publimetro!jUSMjU6rVISqiM8lXEkkQ/

New Kids On The Block llegarán a la Arena Ciudad de México.- Radio Fórmula

Quinteto NKOTB regresa a México - Yahoo! Noticias

NKOTB con su Summer Tour 2012- Sonico música

New Kids On the Block en concierto en México en junio (preventa hoy)- Tecnodiva

New Kids On The Block traerán por 2da vez su show a la Arena Monterrey y por primera vez en Arena Cd de México - ZIGNIA Live

Los New Kids on the Block se presentarán junio en Monterrey - Las Noticias Mexico

  • Notas en Argentina:

New kids on the Block en Argentina - Entradas X

New kids on the Block en Argentina - Extremista

New kids on the block en Argentina - Exitoina

New kids on the Block en Argentina - Entradas Q

Hermano de Mark Wahlberg llega al país con los New kids on the block - Cines Argentinos

New kids on the Block en Luna Park -  Comunicarte

Actualizado 03.05.12
Actualizado 15.05.12 Newly resurrected boy band New Kids on the Block love Ireland

New Kids on the Block
Donnie Wahlberg, boy band veteran from New Kids on the Block and sought after actor – he’s currently appearing in the CBS Friday night drama Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck – recently played shows in Dublin and Belfast with the reformed NKOTB, and he told Irish network RTE that he’s amazed the group didn’t play Ireland during the height of their fame in the 1980s.
Wahlberg, hardly a kid anymore at the age of 42, remembers lots of Irish flocking to his native Dorchester in Boston during the time. “(The band) was reminiscing about the old days of New Kids and how we never came to Ireland, and how stunned we were that we never did it,” Wahlberg said.

“It might have been an economic thing. When we were young, right around the time we got together the first couple of years in Boston, I was working in a shoe store and there were a lot of Irish immigrants coming in. It was like a huge influx into Boston specifically. I now the economy was really bad.”

NKOTB eventually broke up but reformed a few years back. Ireland finally made it on their schedule in 2009, and it went so well that 2012 bookings were a no-brainer.

“It’s wonderful to be back,” said Wahlberg, who also spoke about his mother’s Irish roots – her maiden name was Donnelly.

“My dad is Swedish, but we always sort of stayed with the Irish side,” said Wahlberg, who’s also the big brother of former rapper turned Oscar nominated actor and producer Mark Wahlberg.

Any advice for current heartthrobs One Direction and its Irish dreamboat Niall Horan? Wahlberg has no pearls of wisdom other than to enjoy the moment.

“When (NKOTB) were kids I didn’t’ really want to listen to what anyone else had to say. It was my journey and we were going to enjoy it the way we were meant to enjoy it,” says Wahlberg.

“That’s how I look at One Direction. They look like they are having fun and they seem like they are decent guys. What more can I say than good for you.”

New Kids on The Block announce Latin Tour on june!

It's official! Now all the rumours about NKOTB doing a Latin tour are true. They are going to make a short tour but this time only for the next countries: PERU, MEXICO, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and CHILE .

Image for We're coming to South America & Mexico!!!!!
Hey all you beautiful South American and Mexican people!! WE ARE COMING TO YOU!!! Can you believe it?! We can't either, but we sure are PUMPED!! You demanded we come to SA and Mexico. We heard you! It's been WAY too long since we've visited the lovely lands of Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Lima, Mexico City, and Monterey. And it's all because of YOU! Read on for the dates!

Here's where you can catch us in South America & Mexico:
June 15th - Buenos Aires at Luna Park - ON SALE TBD
June 17th - Sao Paulo at HSBC - ON SALE TBD
June 20th - Santiago, Chile at Movistar Arena - ON SALE MONDAY, MAY 7
June 22nd - Lima, Peru at Jockey Club - ON SALE FRIDAY, MAY 4
June 24th - Mexico City at Arena Ciudad de Mexico - ON SALE TBD
June 26th - Monterey, MX at Arena Monterrey - ON SALE TBD
*There will be a Block Nation presale for these dates. Details to come shortly.
Official Presale goes this friday and monday on