Mcintyre Records Festive Classic With Christmas Carol

30 November 2011 08:16
New Kids On The Block
New Kids On The Block star Joey Mcintyre has teamed up with his big sister to record a track on his new holiday album.

The singer used to perform with his sibling, Carol, when he was a kid and she was the first person he asked to join him in the studio while recording festive tunes for Come Home For Christmas.

The MCIntyres, who share the same New Year's Eve birthday 10 years apart, collaborated on festive standard Do You Hear What I Hear?

The pop star says, "It was very special to sing with my sister. I would not have been where I am in my career without her first holding my hand and leading me on stage. It made performing a very safe and naturalexperience. And now the stage is home to me.

"I have to say we sound great together on Do You Hear What I Hear?"

JOEY MCINTYRE Q&A To Celebrate Release Of His ‘Come Home For Christmas’ CD

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DATE:       NOVEMBER 29, 2011


With his COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS due out today, singer, songwriter and performer JOEY McINTYRE talks about holiday traditions, his Boston upbringing in a house of nine children, his NKOTB roots and his duet with Mario Cantone on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

You’ve done quite a lot to this point in your career.  Why did you decide to make a Christmas record now?
JM:  Well, to be honest I was itchy, creatively. I had been off the road for a couple of months and wanted to make a record. And “my Christmas album” has always had a prominent place on the back burner. It was in late September this year that I decided to do it and I just went for it. I knew time was tight, but if God was ever gonna help me out on a record, I figured it would be this one. I was lucky enough to have my producing partner Rob Lewis for this. Together we started on the same page and jumped right in.

This CD really seems to be a labor of love for you with you self-producing and self-releasing.  How has the process been for you to be the artist, producer and label? 
JM:  I feel a sense of pride with this album that I haven’t felt with other albums I made. I am always very hands on in the creating of my music and writing. But these songs are special and I think I handled them with great care.  From a producing side, I feel that I molded this with my hands.

You sing a duet with your sister Carol, with whom you say you sang your first onstage duet.  Were you raised in a musical household?  What was it like to sing with her again?
JM:  It was very special to sing with my sister. I would not have been where I am in my career without her first holding my hand and leading me on stage. It made performing a very safe and natural experience. And now the stage is home to me. I have to say we sound great together on “Do You Hear What I Hear.”  We have the same birthday (New Year’s Eve) ten years apart, we look alike and we sound a lot alike too :)

You come from a large family, are there any special holiday traditions or memories that stand out from your childhood?
JM:  The holiday theme in a house full of nine kids in Boston was “survival of the fittest.” It was like a platoon camped out in our living room. But we were lucky to have each other.  There were lots of good times, in between all the fights.

Let’s talk for a minute about the other duets with Jordan and Mario.  How were those songs decided on?
JM:  Well, I sang “Peace on Earth” with my sister Carol before and always loved singing the song. I thought it would be a nice match for me and Jordan. I was afraid that Jordan might not like it, but he thought it was cool and maybe a little off the beaten track of Christmas songs. Jordan suggested that we share the lead part that was once sung by David Bowie. I like how it turned out–true to the standard but modern enough.
And with Mario, I just knew a version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” would be a hoot. (I call him Buddy instead of Baby in this rendition.) Mario is a powerhouse. He’s done it all. We both love to perform and “go for it,” so it was a real thrill to see it come together.
Your versions of many of these holiday classics evoke classic renditions, yet they sound modern and updated.  How did you decide on which songs to record?
JM:  There are a ton of songs to pick from, but I think the song list came from a comfort level I have with them. These songs kind of roll off my tongue…or off my heart.

What was the recording process like?  Did you set a mood in the studio to make it feel Christmas-y?
JM:  Well, the cool thing about deciding in October to do this was that it at least felt like the holidays were around the corner. We did some recording in New York and in Boston, my hometown.  I got all my nieces and nephews to sing on a couple of songs and that made for a fun and festive atmosphere in the studio.

Living in Los Angeles now, do you do anything special to make it feel more like home during the holidays?  How will you celebrate the holiday season?
JM:  Well, it’s nice if we get a few days of rain. I make believe its snow and make a fire. I also have my tradition of grilled ham and cheeses on challah raisin bread by the fire…with a good glass of red wine. Other than that I miss Boston desperately during the holidays.
 What’s next for Joey McIntyre?
JM:  Well, we have the juggernaut that is NKOTB–thanks to having the greatest fans on earth. We will be touring the UK and Europe and Australia in the spring of ’12 and then planning for some dates here in the states for the summer.
Personally, I am focusing on acting with some cool guest spots–CSI: NY and Psych–and a nice part in one of the year’s holiday movies “New Year’s Eve.”  All the while having my hands full with two boys–4 and almost 2 years old–and a beautiful little six-month old girl, who can do no wrong.

Betty Wood's Coffee Cake recipe

A treat during the holidays. My mom's coffee cake recipe:

1 1/2 sticks or 3/4 cup of margarine or butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
3 cups flour, divided
1 1/2 cups sour cream
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 pinch salt
Secret ingredient

Sugar mixture-
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat over to 325 degrees. Spray your pan with cooking spray. Cream butter/margarine and sugar together in a mixer. Sift all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. After butter/margarine and sugar is creamy, add half of the dry mixture, eggs, vanilla and sour cream and mix. Add the other half of the dry mixture and mix until batter is smooth. Pour half the batter in to the pan, then sprinkle half of the sugar mixture over the batter. Pour second half of the batter, then top with remaining sugar mixture. Bake for 50 - 60 minutes.


Roger, Darren & Marilyn Wish Breakfast, starring Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Lights and more (12/16/11)

Join us at the Roger, Darren & Marilyn Wish Breakfast

Brought to you by the FUJI XP camera - the shockproof, waterproof, foolproof holiday gift this season.
Our continental breakfast will be catered by Tucker’s Marketplace Buffet - Where family and friends come together!

Featuring Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Juno Award winning “Lights” and “Sex & The City” star Mario Cantone
5:30 – 9:00am, Friday, December 16 – Masonic Temple

It’s our annual Christmas party – all in support of the CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish

Tickets are only $10 each and are on sale as of Monday, November 28 @ 8 am at

Please bring a new, unwrapped toy or cash donation.  All money raised goes directly to the CP24/CHUM Christmas WISH.

New Kids On The Block stars Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre will perform live, as so will Lights.

new blog from Joey 11.27

11/27/2011 - 'tis the season...

...for lots of things. Lots of those things can be stressfull. The idea is to balance them out with as many fun things as possible. Like making the effort to get out the Christmas ornaments early...I'm convincing myself as I write this. Maybe thinking of gifts for people early in the season- little gifts go a long way and if you start earlier, chances are the gifts you get for loved ones are more thoughtful. (What am I a Christmas guru now cuz I made a Christmas album??! Uh...well, I gotta start somewhere.

That would be awesome. Just come out during the holidays and spread some cheer and then GTFO.) Thanksgiving was nice this year, but there was a bug going around my house and I was the last to get it...just in time for dinner on Thursday- wasn't that bad but I had no appetite, so I'm trying to make up for it on the left-overs. That's going pretty well so far. The Macy's Tree Lighting in Boston was really really nice.

I used to go to downtown crossing in Boston with my mom all the time and especially at Christmas time (when the building that Macy's is in was Jordan Marsh, or as we would say it: Jawdin Mahsh.) So once again "the memories come floodin' back" and I feel so lucky to be back in my hometown doing what I love and sharing it with you. I was able to get my two nieces and nephew up on stage and sing Jingle Bells with me. They were great! Their dad Tommy was way more nervous than they were.

We had some help from the really fun and energetic kids from The Boston Children's Chorus that I had just met. We rehearsed for about 5 min utes and they were total pros and really made the performance extra special. Then a got to see so many of you up close and personal. Thanks for coming in to see me :) And now next up is the Boston Common Tree Lighting on December 1st. That's gonna be even more fun. Hope you can make it down to the Common and if not you can see it on Channel 5 in Boston WCVB (might be somewhere on youtube?). I'm gonna be singing "Peace on Earth" with Jordan Knight and a couple more songs myself with ma dude Rob Lewis. Gonna be a great night cuz that's only the beginning. We got the "extra special Joe Show".

I wish I picked a bigger spot cuz I keep getting asked about how to get tix, but I guess that's what makes it extra extra special. There may be a few more that I can dig up :)

And then from there, I go back to LA for the "New Year's Eve" premiere on Dec 5th and then back to NYC for the taping of The View (airs Dec 23rd) and the NYC intimate/free/secret/Joe Show and more fun stuff that I'm thinking of.

Can't wait to chill for a bit in the Big Apple during the holidays. OH! And I almost forgot my Christmas Album is on itunes this Tuesday 11/29!!!

Let's have some fun. 'Tis the season, baby!!

NKOTBSB in Australia!

Nov 26, 2011

After a long long wait, NKOTBSB is excited to announce that they’re coming to Australia! NKOTBSB brings their epic tour for an exclusive engagement in May 2012. See below for dates and on sales! We can’t wait!

SAT 19-MAY Melbourne, AUS - Rod Laver

MON 21-MAY Adelaide, AUS - Ent Center

WED 23-MAY Brisbane, AUS - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

SAT 26-MAY Sydney, AUS - Allphones Arena

New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys to tour Australia as a double bill in May 2012

Jonathon Moran

New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are touring together

New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are touring together

Source: The Sunday Telegraph

A LOT has changed since New Kids On The Block last toured Australia. They're no longer kids, for a start.

"You could say we are a man-band but boys at heart,"
NKOTB's lead singer Jordan Knight tells Insider, on the phone from his Boston home, to exclusively announce the group's first tour to Australia since 1992.

As if that wasn't boy band-tastic enough, they'll be joined by another now man-band, The Backstreet Boys, the all-original line-ups joining forces in a double bill to tour here in May 2012.

They will play Sydney's Allphones Arena on May 26.

"It's really cool to join forces with those guys,"
Knight says.

The last time NKOTB toured Australia, this Insider was in high school and they were the biggest boy band on the planet.

The band were enjoying massive international success with hits Hanging Tough, Step By Step and You Got It (The Right Stuff).

But just two years later, the band - Knight, his brother, Jonathan, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg - went their separate ways.

Jonathan became a real estate agent and Wood started his own record label, producing other artists. Jordan embarked on a solo career, somewhat unsuccessfully, as did McIntyre, who also dabbled in acting.

Wahlberg was the most successful, forging a career in acting like his brother, Mark, and now stars alongside Tom Selleck in hit US television series, Blue Bloods.

They all live in different parts of the US but, having reformed in 2008, NKOTB work on their solo projects and tour together when they can.

"It's a lot of fun, we've all grown over the years," Knight, now 41, says.

"I think we are all better entertainers and it's pretty cool to do it together and take on the world again."

The double act was initially meant to tour here in August 2009, but cancelled the trip months out from the shows. Although there was no reason given, online forums stated the global financial crisis meant the tour was too expensive.

This time the bands say they will definitely make it.

"It's been a bloody long time," says Knight. "I don't know why it's been so long. We wanted to change that a couple of years ago and we just kind of got side-tracked, we went to Europe, we did some South America stuff and we always wanted to come back."

He continues: "One of our best memories is going to Australia. We went in the summer time last time, it was amazing down there.

"The girls were crazy and beautiful."

Those crazy and beautiful girls are now grown up, but they've stuck with NKOTB.
"The fans are the same, they are just a little older," he concedes. "Before it was like braces and pig-tails, now it is just all sexy out there. We are out there with our fans and reliving memories with our fans and creating new memories with them."
And Jordan admits the NKOTB fan base may not be growing like it used to, saying younger kids today would be far more interested in Justin Bieber than a bunch of guys in their 30s and 40s.

"The 12-year-olds of today, they're not trying to check New Kids, they like Justin Bieber, which is normal, that is how it should be I think," Knight says.

At 41, you'd think Jordan and his fellow boy band members wouldn't move as well as they did in their heyday.

Not so, he says. In fact, the band "loves it".

"I think we are better dancers now than we were back then," he says. "The dEnlaceance moves come just as easily. In basketball or boxing, there's always some new guy coming up to take you out but we can just move the way we want to move and just do something creative or whatever, it is not a sport so we are good."

New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys play Sydney's Allphones Arena on May 26. Tickets on sale 2pm, December 8 through

Joey McIntyre interview with The Hot Hits Live from L.A.11.27

Joey was this week on "the Hot Hits live from L.A." studio recording an interview.

Here is the interview he did:

Thanks to on twitter for share this file :)

Macy’s Kicks Off Shopping Season With Tree Lighting Ceremony In Boston

Macy’s Kicks Off Shopping Season With Tree Lighting Ceremony In BostonEnlace

The Macy's Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was held in Downtown Crossing.

The Macy’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was held in Downtown Crossing.

BOSTON (CBS) – Macy’s kicked off the shopping season in Boston with its annual tree lighting ceremony Friday night.

Mayor Menino was joined by singer Joey McIntyre, former Patriots star Tedy Bruschi, Bruins forward Jordan Caron and hundreds of others for the annual event in Downtown Crossing.

The tree is nearly 60 feet tall and has more than 10,000 multi-colored lights. It was donated by Debra Jefferson, winner of Macy’s Perfect Christmas Tree contest. It was cut from her yard in Groton, Massachusetts.

Joey McIntyre at Tree Lighting @ Macy's Boston 11/25

"I'll be home for Christmas"

"Jingle Bells"

videos by
I'll be home for christmas

Jingle Bells

Tree lighting

videos by 13entertainment

Joey appeareance at the Boston Annual Children's Hospital concert on December 20th

".....Among the celebrities and performing artists visiting Symphony Hall this season, comedian/actor/musician Jim Belushi and pop vocal act Rockapella will join Keith Lockhart and the Pops at “Company Christmas” on Wednesday, December 14.
New Kid on the Block’s Joey McIntyre will also appear as a guest vocalist with members of the Pops to raise the holiday spirits of patients at the Boston Pops Annual Children’s Hospital concert on Tuesday, December 20."

New Years Eve Cancellation

Wow what a year for all of us.
It started by ringing in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark in Times Square and another sold out cruise that created memories that will last a lifetime.  The US leg of the NKOTBSB tour played to a record 55 shows and over 600,000 people including the gig of our lives at Fenway Park that we got to share with all of you.
As you know, no New Kids event is complete without the chance to share it with our fans.  On that note, after significant consideration, we have decided to cancel the New Years Eve event in New York City.  The reason for this is while it’s apparent some of you could join us, a vast majority of you couldn’t due other obligations that you have on this holiday.  We heard from so many of you that this date just couldn’t work.  We’re sorry for any inconvience.  It’s just so important to us that these events can be shared with all of you.
We’re so excited for the year ahead which will include our first trip back to Europe since 2009, additional NKOTBSB tour legs soon to be announced, another sold out cruise and additional NKOTB North American touring plans and very special events.  We would be nothing without your love and support and appreciate your understanding on this needed change.  Should anyone be unable to get out of any travel obligations, please send an email to and we will do our best to assist you.
We wish you the happiest of holidays.  Spend it with your loved ones and we’ll see you in 2012!

Wahlberg, St. Croix charity Alma's Kids helps hundreds this Thanksgiving

Posted by Jessica Bartlett  November 22, 2011 04:53 PM

photo wahlberg
Tiffany St. Croix, Ed St. Croix, Paul Wahlberg, and Madison Wahlberg pass out turkey dinners for needy South Shore families
Hingham Chef Paul Wahlberg will be giving more than just good food at his local restaurants this Thanksgiving – he will also be delivering Thanksgiving meals to over 300 South Shore families.
On Tuesday, boxes destined for Wellspring Inc., South Shore Stars, and the Quincy Community Action Program, as well as the Home for Little Wanderers, were handed out at Derby Academy in Hingham.
A part of a larger effort by Alma’s Kids, a charity founded in 2010 by Wahlberg’s daughter Madison and her friend Tiffany St. Croix – daughter of Wahlberg’s business partner Ed St. Croix, the event has been a long time coming.
At Alma Nove earlier this year, Golden Globe and Oscar night parties were held to generate the money to prepare the boxed turkey dinners, which include a 13-pound turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, butternut squash, green beans, gravy mix, chicken stock, celery, carrots, and onion.
Derby Academy students Avery O'Connor of Hingham (right) and Grace Babb of Milton help deliver turkey dinners to South Shore Stars families.jpgDerby Academy students Avery O'Connor of Hingham (right) and Grace Babb of Milton (left) help deliver turkey dinners to South Shore Stars families
It’s nice to give back, Wahlberg said, especially coming himself from meager beginning. “Growing up in a low-income family, I count my blessings everyday for the life I’ve been able to provide my family,” said Wahlberg, who grew up in Dorchester with nine bothers and sisters, including brothers Mark and Donnie. “This is our way of giving back to our community and making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.”
Coming from a big family also influenced the boxes that were given away, as each can feed a family of eight.
Dozens of Derby Academy students, volunteers, and Wahlberg and St. Croix themselves helped load the pre-packaged boxes into vans.


Other article from Boston Herald:

and another article where you can watch a video and more pics:

Interview: Joey McIntyre with Female First

Interview: Joey McIntyre (New Kids On The Block)

Joey talks to us about the band's collaboration with the Backstreet Boys, their upcoming joint tour and a boyband revival.
Next year, New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys will bring their NKOTBSB collaboration to the UK.
We spoke to NKOTB member Joey McIntyre about the tour, their joint Greatest Hits and much more.
-How has it been touring with Backstreet Boys in the States? Do you all get along well?
Yeah, like I said, we got along marvoulously. It was a blast. We're just a bunch of guys getting to do what we love every night - performing, on the road, to sold-out arenas. It doesn't really get much better than that!
It is also a challenge, as lucky as it is, you have to stay on your game, you're away from home, away from your families. There's sacrifices along the way, but we're playing at the height of the game. It's an awesome thing.
-What can fans expect from the live show itself?
Do you guys have Billboard Magazine over there? Well, they're doing an article, the making of the home run - how we changed the game of how bands tour together. It's funny, sometimes the simplist thing becomes brilliant.
We decided to make it one big show, instead of "one band goes on for an hour, then another band goes on for an hour". We combined the two groups to make one big, awesome rollercoaster of a show.
Like I said, we feed off it, and they feed off it - and the fans feed off it. It's definitely, for a pop concert, it's in overdrive - it's awesome. It's something that I don't think a lot of people have experience, as far as pop shows go, with two great bands trading off.
-You've released a combined Greatest Hits. How was the track-list put together?
What we did was, we let the fans decide. So, it wasn't difficult because we let the fans decide. They voted, and whatever the top 5 songs were for each band, is what made it. It was kinda easy in that respect.
-How's the reaction been to 'Turn Out The Lights'?
I think it's a great song. To have both groups on one record, it's cool. It's a bit of pop history, and getting together like that was very cool. It's a great song,  it's great to have something like that to play live every night. It's a special and fun moment in the show. It was kinda written specifically for that moment in the show. It's always fun to write something for a specific spot. The reaction's been great - it was an important piece of the puzzle.
-With your supergroup, and Take That's success, what do you think is the reason for this recent boyband revival?
I can't speak specifically for the Take That thing cos I don't know it that well. They came a little bit after us, and got back together a little bit before us. When you are a teen idol sensation, it's a moment in time in your fans' lives.
They got absolutely bananas, they lose their minds, and then they grow up and get their own boyfriends. They go to college, they have life experiences and we all move on.
Specifically for New Kids fans, I think, you know, they're at a different place in their life. They've jumped into a career, or they've got married and had kids. Now they can look back on that time with...more of an open heart. They can really embrace the past.
The cool thing is we're still young enough, so there's plenty of nostalgia, but it's still fun, current, exciting.
Obviously Take That has proven that - even though it's something from the past, it's still very current. You can't argue with the success, but timing is everything.
Our fans were ready to come back, and we were ready to come back. Going through all that we did, we needed a lot of time off and we've done stuff on our own now.
-How did the collaboration with Backstreet Boys come about initially?
Well, the New Kids got back together in 2008, had a huge arena tour. If you call it a comeback, it was an amazing comeback. Our fans stepped up, it was really something to be a part of it. It was amazing.
Over the past few years we've been having a blast with our fans, and trying to keep it fresh or new. We didn't wanna get old. We don't want it to get old.
I know that the five of us...we're not going to do it if it's not something new and exciting to us. We've been able to do that. In that thinking, we've feeded off each other. One group does a few songs, the other does a few. It's very energetic - it's worked.
-Last year, Brian said that he'd been writing new material with Donny. Can we expect more from the supergroup in the future?
I don't know. Right now, we're looking forward to this tour. You know, you've got two groups, each group has its plans and aspirations - and then, within those two groups, you have 9 individuals that have careers, families and dreams.
Right now, there's nothing on the table for both groups together. What we've done here, so far, is really special. We hold it in high regard - whatever it is, we want to keep it that way. All doors are open, so we'll see.
-Along with the tour, you've also got your annual New Kids On the Block cruise. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Well, I guess this is number four - it sold out in minutes and it's becoming it's own little phenomenom, the New Kids Cruise. It's a blast - it's a microcosm of the New Kids nation, and what we do.
People have taken four days out of their life to fly to Miami, get on a boat and have the time of their lives. It's a blast, but we take it very seriously. We want it to be fulfilling and special.
We sit around, every time we put another one sale, it still gonna sell out? It keeps selling out faster. Than we can we top that? It's a fun little chapter in the New Kids story.
-Are you excited to bring the NKOTBSB tour to the UK?
Oh, of course! We're thrilled. We've been so fortunate to do what we're doing. To bring it to the UK is a whole different energy. Being from the States, we know what it was like for our fans there...I think it's going to be heightened.
I know the Backstreet Boys have spent a lot more time there than we have. I think that's going to add to the excitement, and bring out more New Kids fans because of that as well. It's like a snowball. We feed off each other, it's really cool. It becomes one fanbase, once the tour starts.

new video: "Stay The Same" with Joey McIntyre at the Sense-ation gala 10.18.11

video by

Joey McIntyre and Siobhan Magnus to Perform at Boston Common Tree Lighting

Also featuring Radio City Rockettes, Rockapella, Boston Ballet, and more!

The City of Boston’s 70th Annual Official Tree Lighting comes to Boston Common on Thursday, December 1, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The celebration is hosted by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, title sponsor the Province of Nova Scotia, supporting sponsors the Boston Pops, Distrigas/GDF SUEZ, and JetBlue, and media sponsors WCVB-TV Channel 5, MAGIC 106.7 FM, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald.
The holiday decorations throughout Boston Common and the Public Garden, including the Nova Scotia Christmas tree, a 45-foot white spruce donated by Ken and Donna Spinney of Central Argyle, Nova Scotia, will light up in sequence when Mayor Menino throws the switch with Santa Claus.  Joining Mayor Menino will be Deputy Premier of Nova Scotia the Honourable Frank Corbett and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The show will close with a pyrotechnic display by Pyrospectaculars, Inc.
WCVB TV’s Anthony Everett and JC Monahan will host Channel 5’s live broadcast of the event beginning at 7 p.m. which will feature New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre, American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus, the Radio City Rockettes, Rockapella, the Boston Ballet, the Boston Children’s Choir, MAGIC 106.7’s Nancy Quill and Mike Addams, and saxophonist Grace Kelly.
The lighting of the trees on the Common is made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Maureen Egan with additional support provided by the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, United States Senator John Kerry, Emmanuel College, Boston Ballet, and contributions from other individuals and institutions.  The annual holiday display includes the official Christmas tree and trees throughout Boston Common with ten additional trees around the skating rink sponsored by The Skating Club of Boston.  Refreshments and fun giveaways will be provided by in-kind sponsors Dunkin’ Donuts, HP Hood LLC, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, Nantucket Nectars, and Province of Nova Scotia maple producers.
This is the 40th year that Nova Scotia has given a tree to the people of Boston as thanks for relief efforts following the December 6, 1917, explosion of a munitions ship in Halifax Harbor. Within 24 hours of the disaster a train loaded with supplies and emergency personnel was making its way from Boston to Nova Scotia.
This year also marks the first year that 52,000 LED lights will be installed during the holiday season on Boston Common. Four thousand of those lights will be placed on the Nova Scotia Christmas tree by Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, Inc., with 48,000 additional LED lights decorating 60 trees visible to the public traveling on Beacon, Park, Tremont, and Charles Streets.  This year’s lighting scheme includes four-color LED lights on three structures on Boston Common: the Visitor Information Center; Parkman Bandstand; and a Parks Department building in the area known as Deer Park.  Soft white-colored LED lights will be used on trees at several entrances to the site.
Immediately following the Boston Common tree lighting, Mayor Menino will join Back Bay residents at Arlington Street for the lighting of Commonwealth Avenue Mall.  Trees along the Mall will be illuminated through April 1 with elegant white lights made possible thanks to community support and private donations raised by the Committee to Light Commonwealth Avenue Mall.


Deborah Cox and Jordan Knight Serenade

video by

Jordan Knight Interview - Canadian Top 20 11.03

video by

Walburgers in Hingham: Fun and satisfying food

By Joan Wilder

News of Hingham’s new burger joint exploded this summer in a Hollywood-powered media blitz that was hard to miss.

WBinside.JPGEven before the coverage on TV, newspapers, Us and People magazines, there was lots of local scuttlebutt: a deal for a reality show on the place; a green initiative, somehow linked to the White House, was under way; plans for a nationwide chain.

Whether or not these rumors come to pass, the brilliantly named Wahlburgers is lending some of Hollywood’s bright light to the Launch at Hingham Shipyard complex.

The 80-seat (there are another 40 on the patio) über-fast-food restaurant and bar is owned by longtime South Shore chef Paul Wahlberg and his celebrity brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg.

In June 2010, when Chef Paul opened his first restaurant, Alma Nove, across the street from the Wahlburgers site, his brothers were investors but quietly so. Now, with Alma Nove’s success, the brothers have put their star power and family story on proud display.

The retro-modern diner-inspired décor is filled with movie memorabilia and the family focus is graphically encapsulated in the restaurant’s highly visible logo — Wahlburgers: Our Family, Our Story, Our Burgers.

That story — written on the rear wall in large letters — is a familiar Boston tale: Nine kids in a triple-decker in Dorchester didn’t have much but one another.

The bright, windowed space is a large V-shape (or maybe half a W?) with an open kitchen between the two rectangular wings. One side offers table service with seating either at large communal tables for 10, or at the bar.

On the other side, people order at the counter and either sit at a booth or a two-top, or get the food to go. In warm weather, there’s great patio seating.

Since it opened last month, Wahlburgers has been packed. On four recent visits, timed to avoid peak hours, the place was still crowded. The owners, who also include family friend Ed St. Croix, have created a clever business by including a full bar and making it the only place in the area that’s open seven days a week until 1 a.m.

The option, too, for self-service nicely removes the cost of a tip, as do the credit card receipts, which offer no line for writing in a tip.

Wahlburgers isn’t really about the food. It’s about fun and filling up on satisfying comforts in a lively, easy environment.

Eight flat-screens line the walls above the bar; the brothers are big Boston sports fans. Music, too, is important to the lads (Donnie got his start in the ’80s in the boy group New Kids on the Block), so the sound system is great and the play list widely varied.

The menu is small but well thought out. There are nicely seasoned turkey burgers ($6.25) and three main beef burgers — the cheapest being the single-decker at $4.50, and the most expensive, the triple-decker at $9.

WBsandwich.JPGThe sandwiches have a grilled toasted bun and can be ordered with a large selection of toppings that include fresh jalapeños, smoked tomato salsa, and sriracha hot sauce. A single- or double-decker with, say, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, tomato, and the ‘‘government’’ (American) cheese the Wahlbergs grew up on, delivers mouthfuls of hard-to-resist, classic fast-food burger flavor.

Three burgers with set toppings are offered as specialty choices. The Thanksgiving turkey burger ($7.50) is topped with stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted squash, and mayo. It is sweet, savory, and gooey — in a good way.

The beef is all antibiotic- and hormone-free, a nice boon, and healthier burgers, including salmon and mushroom, are to debut soon.

The kids’menu has good Bell & Evans hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken fingers with fries for $5; a simple grilled cheese on thick white bread with fries ($4); ‘‘smahlburgers’’ with fries ($5); and kid-sized sodas for a buck. There are also tater tots ($3) and sweet potato tots ($3), which are fine but I’d rather have the fries ($3).

I love (God forgive me) Wahlburger’s hot dog ($4), with its snappy bite, the choice of some good sauerkraut, and its grilled roll. I don’t know where else around here I could get as good a dirty water dog as this one.

We also found the skinny onion rings outstanding, and one hard pull on the thick chocolate frappe ($4.65), made with ice cream from Nona’s Homemade Ice Cream, brings on flashes of pure childhood goodness.

The chef’s ingrained hospitality is evident in little touches aimed to please a variety of guests: good French roast coffee, house-made lemonade, locally sourced Hornstra Farms chocolate milk, and caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and avocado as optional burger add-ons ($1).

Noticeable, too, are a pair of salt and pepper shakers on each table — no need for paper packets of S&P at Wahlburgers.

Very retro.

Wahburgers is located at 19 Shipyard Drive, Hingham. Open daily, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Major credit cards accepted. Accessible to the handicapped. Phone 781-749-2110;

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Jordan Knight interview with 99.3 TheVIBE 11/18

JordanKnight interview wChristalBlue 99.3 TheVIBE 111811 by ChristalBlue

Oh So Cosmo interviews Jordan Knight: Fun Fearless Male

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Joey McIntyre will be on the premiere of New Year's Eve movie on December 5th


Save the Date World Premiere of NEW YEAR'S EVE Monday, December 5

Nov 17, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Warner Bros. Pictures:

        WHAT:      Red carpet arrivals at the world premiere of NEW YEAR'S EVE                    on Monday, December 5th at Grauman's Chinese in                    Hollywood.         WHO:       From the film: Jessica Biel, Abigail Breslin, Josh Duhamel, Zac                    Efron, Hector Elizondo, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Lea                    Michele, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Sofia Vergara, Jake T.                    Austin, Common, Joey McIntyre and director Garry Marshall.                    Celebrity attendance to follow.               WHEN:      Monday, December 5, 2011        WHERE:      Grauman's Chinese Theatre                    --------------------------                    Crew Arrivals: 5:00PM                       6925 Hollywood Blvd.                    Celebrity Arrivals: 6:00PM                  Hollywood                    Screening: 7:00PM          
From director Garry Marshall, the romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, with intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.

The film's all-star cast includes Academy Award(R) winner Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi, Academy Award(R) nominee Abigail Breslin, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, two-time Academy Award(R) winner Robert De Niro, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Hector Elizondo, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Meyers, Lea Michele, Sarah Jessica Parker, Academy Award(R) nominee Michelle Pfeiffer, Til Schweiger, two-time Academy Award(R) winner Hilary Swank and Sofia Vergara.

Reuniting with Marshall from last year's hit "Valentine's Day" are screenwriter Katherine Fugate and producers Mike Karz and Wayne Rice. Serving as executive producers are Toby Emmerich, Samuel J. Brown, Michael Disco, Josie Rosen and Diana Pokorny. The creative filmmaking team includes director of photography Charles Minsky, production designer Mark Friedberg, editor Michael Tronick, Oscar(R)-nominated costume designer Gary Jones and Oscar(R)-nominated composer John Debney.

--Your coverage of this event is invited --

NEW YEARS'S EVE has been rated "PG-13" by the Motion Picture Association of America for "language including some sexual references."

A New Line Cinema presentation of a Wayne Rice/Karz Entertainment Production, a Garry Marshall Film, NEW YEAR'S EVE will be released on December 9, 2011 by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

SOURCE: Warner Bros. Pictures

Donnie Wahlberg on EXTRA 11/19

video by Maria

Wahlburgers opening (Chronicle - WCVB Boston) 11.17.11

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Joey McIntyre on the 2012 Hear the world Calendar

Hear the World Calendar 2012 stars pose for the good cause

2011-11-07, Zug, Switzerland

What do stars such as Diane Kruger, Renée Zellweger and Jenson Button have in common? They have all been photographed by Bryan Adams for the Hear the World Calendar 2012. By adopting the pose synonymous with conscious hearing, with one hand behind the ear, the stars are raising awareness of a neglected issue – the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. With its striking black-and-white portraits, the calendar is perfect if you are looking to give someone a unique present and do some good at the same time. Proceeds from calendar sales will go directly to the Hear the World Foundation, which is committed to securing equal opportunities and a better quality of life for people with hearing loss. A limited edition of the Hear the World Calendar 2012 will be available from November 25, 2011 at for EUR 24.90.

Hear the World, an initiative launched by the Swiss hearing instrument manufacturer Phonak, was set up five years ago with the aim of improving public awareness of the topic of hearing and hearing loss and offering support to those affected worldwide. Rock legend and photographer Bryan Adams has been involved since day one and has now taken over 50 pictures of celebrities in the pose synonymous with conscious hearing, which are both a rallying cry and a work of art.

Twelve portraits have been selected for the Hear the World Calendar 2012 to produce a unique collection of photos. These include Diane Kruger, Renée Zellweger, Freida Pinto, Pixie Lott, Jenson Button, Moby, Jared Leto and Josh Groban. Some of the celebrities have a very personal connection with the topic: New Kids On The Block singer Joey McIntyre’s son was born with hearing loss, and the star is involved in Hear the World’s efforts to raise awareness, particularly among young parents and families, of the importance of detecting hearing loss at an early stage. Scottish musician KT Tunstall also has a very personal reason to support Hear the World’s educational work: her brother was born with severe hearing loss. KT thus knows from experience the challenges that people with impaired hearing face.

Working together to improve hearing and fight hearing loss
The facts confirm the importance of Hear the World’s mission: across the world, over 800 million people – 16 percent of the global population – are affected by hearing loss. Much more important than the statistics, however, are the consequences for every single person affected: hearing loss means much more than not being able to hear well. If left untreated, hearing loss can leave those affected facing social isolation, relationship problems, difficulties at work or even depression.

The situation is even more critical in developing countries, where around 2,000 children every day are born with impaired hearing. For them, there is no chance of their condition being diagnosed in good time and prospects of receiving expert medical treatment are equally bleak. They therefore have difficulty learning to speak and tend to develop more slowly than appropriate for their age group, as well as being denied decent access to education and being ostracized from society. By buying the Hear the World Calendar, everyone can support the efforts of the Hear the World Foundation, whose work includes campaigning to give children like these the chance to lead a normal life.


Video: NKOTB/BSB Managers Talk NKOTBSB Tour Success, Compare Fan Base to Phish's

By Billboard Staff
The massive success of the NKOTBSB tour this past summer took everybody by surprise, except for those responsible. NKOTB manager Peter Katsis and BSB manager Jared Paul, after their panel discussion at the Billboard Touring Conference, explained that by putting aside egos and being determined to work together, they ensured that the massive payoff they knew was there actually came to fruition.
By not stressing occasional deal-breakers for big acts such as money, stage space, and who would open and close on a given night, the two boy bands were able to co-exist in a way that delighted fans and led to a huge outpouring of positive media attention. "I like to compare [their fan bases] to The Dead or Phish, that genre," said Paul. "They may be making different kinds of music but they're actually touring on similar cycles, and they have diehard fans."

Joey McIntyre To Release Debut Christmas Album “Come Home For Christmas” Due Out November 29




“I’ve always known I would record a Christmas album,” says multi-platinum singer, songwriter and performer JOEY McINTYRE of his soon-to-be released COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS full-length album, available Tuesday, November 29 on iTunes. “These wonderful standards have a warm special place in my heart. I have enjoyed singing them on so many snowy walks through my childhood hometown of Boston and they have soothed my homesickness out in Hollywood during the holidays.”

For the holiday standards that make up the self-released COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, the NKOTB singer set out to record versions of some of his favorites that evoke holiday memories and yet still retain their traditional sound. Highlights include: a fun duet with actor-comedian Mario Cantone on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” the classic “Peace On Earth” on which he is joined by “one of my good friends and mentors,” NKOTB’s Jordan Knight, and a moving version of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” which features his sister Carol Gallagher, “with whom I sang my first-ever song on stage when I was six-years-old.” JOEY produced and arranged the album with long time collaborater Rob Lewis, which was recorded in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

To celebrate the release of “COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS”, JOEY will head home to Boston for the Friday, November 25 Tree Lighting Ceremony at Macy’s Boston Downtown Crossing where he’ll perform two of the album’s tracks. Immediately following the lighting and performance, JOEY will also do an in-store CD signing. The CD will also be available at that Macy’s location during the holiday season at Macy’s stores. Then on December 1, he’ll again be in Boston for the official annual City of Boston Tree Lighting on Boston Common, which is televised throughout New England.

As part of the never-ending pop phenomenon that is NKOTB, JOEY became an icon, with over 80 million albums sold and countless sold out shows worldwide. However, on his solo material, he truly gets the chance to shine. In 1998, JOEY dropped his debut, Stay the Same. Elevated by the chart-topping title track, the record quickly exceeded platinum status. Joey followed it up with fan favorite Meet Joe Mac in 2001. He continued to tour the world incessantly. However, he found the time to release 8:09 in 2004 and a very personal collection of cover tunes, Talk to Me, in 2006. His fifth release, the Here We Go Again EP, was issued in 2009.

The COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS tracklisting is as follows:

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
“Jingle Bells”
“O Come All Ye Faithful”
“Winter Wonderland”
“Peace on Earth” featuring Jordan Knight
“Christmas Don’t Be Late” (The Chipmunk song) featuring Griffin McIntyre
“Do You Hear What I Hear?” featuring Carol Gallagher
“Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”
“Baby It’s Cold Outside” featuring Mario Cantone
“O Holy Night”
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”!/joeymcintyre

JK 2012 Calendar Teaser

Calendar Teaser

Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 1:40 PM by Megan(ctrl)
We just thought we would give you a sneek peek of what's in store for the 2012 Jordan Knight calendar!
Once you've picked your jaw up off the floor and wiped the drool from your face, head on over to the Store to reserve your copy today!

New newsletter from

November 14, 2011

The Official Jordan Knight 2012 Calendar!

Available for pre-order now, this 12 month calendar boasts some rare and never-before-seen photos of Jordan Knight.  Keep track of birthdays and holidays while enjoying these amazing pictures of Jordan all year long!
We have been working closely with Jordan to produce this exciting new calendar for your viewing pleasure.  What do you think of this teaser photo?  Imagine that masterpiece and eleven others hanging on your wall!
Only a limited number of calendars will be available, so reserve yours now!
To sweeten the deal, Jordan will be signing 250 calendars which will be shipped at random to some very lucky customers!  This would make a great gift for anybody you know!
Get yours here!
** Please note, this order does not ship until the week of Dec 12, 2011. We recommend selecting UPS for your shipping option to ensure arriving by Christmas.

Black Friday Sales Coming Soon!

Just to give you all a heads up, be on the look out for some Black Friday sales in the store!  We will be blowing out a collection of bundles, CD's and more! Stay tuned!
In addition to the sale, rumor has it that Jordan has been working on some new merch for all of you to enjoy as well. If it's anything like those Stingy shirts, you know these are gonna be good!

Jordan Knight and Deborah Cox perform "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone"

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Announcing Geneva NKOTBSB Date

Nov 13, 2011

The Block Nation presales for Geneva will be as follows:

Block Nation Full Service Presale: Thursday, November 17th at 6pm CET
Block Nation Premium Presale: Thursday, November 17th at 6:30pm CET
Block Nation Full Service VIP Nation Presale: Thursday, November 17th at 6pm CET
Full Service password will be posted here.
Block Nation Premium VIP Nation Presale: Thursday, November 17th at 6:30pm CET
Premium password will be posted here.Enlace

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, November 18th at 8am CET.


NKOTB + NYE + NYC! Roseland Ballroom 12/31/11 from New Kids on the Block on Vimeo.

Join NKOTB for the party of the year, with very special guests Boyz II Men, and old friend DJ Cheapshot as they ring in the New Year in NYC at Roseland Ballroom!!!! Tickets on sale Friday Nov. 18, @ 10am ET, special Block Nation pre sale on Wednesday Nov. 16, @ 10am ET. For more info, please visit

Don’t miss the PARTY OF THE YEAR that's going to kick off an even BIGGER 2012!!




The NKOTB New Year’s Eve VIP Package – packages will be EXTREMELY limited – so don’t miss out

Package includes:

* One General Admission ticket in EXCLUSIVE VIP viewing area
* Meet and Greet & Individual photo op with NKOTB (1 photo per person)*
* Exclusive access to VIP open bar
* Early priority entrance into venue
* Specially designed NKOTB-NYE T-shirt
* NKOTB NYE VIP commemorative laminate
* Commemorative NKOTB - NYE VIP ticket
* Crowd-free merchandise shopping
* On-site VIP host

*Due to the unique nature of this event no special photo request will be honored

Original source:

Joey McIntyre going to perform and signing autographs at Macy's Boston on 11/25

According to Macy's website, this next november 25th, Joey McIntyre will be part of the "Light up the night" event on Macy's Boston at 5:00 pm. Check out details here:


Light Up The Night
Summer Street Entrance

Stroll over to Summer Street where our special guests, Joey McIntyre, Sony Music singing sensation Jasmine V, and Bostons football great Tedy Bruschi will help us kick off our Tree Lighting festivities! After performances by Joey and Jasmine, Santa will help us flip the switch that will light up our Christmas Tree and unveil our "Yes, Virginia" windows. Beginning at 6pm, join us in store where you can meet our special guests and get their autograph!

The first 250 people to make a Lacoste fragrance purchase will score Joey McIntyres autograph along with a copy of his new holiday CD Come Home For Christmas.**

The first 250 to make any $50 or more purchase will get Jasmine Vs autograph.**

*Event subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last. Offer applicable only during family fun hours 12-2pm. **No personal items will be signed. Purchases must be made after 9am on 11/25.


Jordan Knight at The Crofoot 11/12

Here are some videos from soundcheck:
by Paul Cubby Bryant :

and this ones from imnangl:

one vid by Reno :

and this ones from JordansFavoriteGirl:

To see more videos and pics from the show go to: