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US Magazine: Donnie Wahlberg: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Donnie Wahlberg: 25 Things You Don't Know About MeDonnie Wahlberg reveals 25 things about himself to Us Weekly.Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images25 Things You Don't Know About Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg knows how to multitask: when he's not crooning with the other members of 
New Kids on the Block, he's playing a cop in the CBS drama Blue Bloods (Fridays, 10 P.M.).
 Here, the 44-year-old star spills 25 facts about himself to Us Weekly
1. I sleep less than three hours a night.
2. I lost 40 pounds for The Sixth Sense.
3. I gained 20 pounds sampling and approving foods for the Wahlburgers menu.
4. I have a pierced nose and nipple.
5. I am my mother's favorite son.
6. I'm afraid of flying on large airplanes, but I love small ones.
7. I can only wear T-shirts once, then I give them away.
8. Mickey Rourke gave me my first acting role, in the movie Bullet.
9. Willona, the neighbor on Good Times, was my childhood crush.
10. My sons [Xavier, 21, and Elijah, 12] and I watch Steve Harvey's Family Feud religiously.
11. I actually pierced my oldest son's ears myself on his 16th birthday.
12. My very first job was in the foreign-exchange office of a bank.
13. I love bass fishing.
14. I'm an excellent chess player.
15. I think of Run-DMC as my high school teachers and Public Enemy as my college professors.
16. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
17. My favorite movie is Scarface.
18. I hug at least 500 fans a day when I'm on tour with New Kids on the Block.
19. I listen to Joni Mitchell and Carole King in my car.
20. I am the world's greatest player of the classic arcade game Asteroids.
21. I get dressed in the exact same sequence every day: socks first.
22. I still say no to drugs.
23. I read the newspaper every morning -- not the internet, but the actual paper.
24. I cry when I am really happy.
25. I never saw [fiance] Jenny McCarthy nude until we started dating. 

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/donnie-wahlberg-25-things-you-dont-know-about-me--2014105#ixzz31MCSDsOf

NKOTB Tour Europe 2014: Amsterdam 05.10.14

ET: Jenny McCarthy: Donnie Wahlberg Is the Love of My Life

Metro Sweden: Interview with Danny Wood

New Kids on the Block: We always try to reinvent ourselvesNew Kids on the Block occupies Annexet in Stockholm on Tuesday to give fans an intimate gig. Metro met Danny Wood who told me what he thinks of Sweden, about why he can not give any advice to One Direction and what he thinks about his daughter is in love with Jordan Knight.

Your tour is described as "An intimate evening with New kids on the block." In what way is it intimate?
- We have played at many major venues but we have tried to play a few less in the U.S. and it gives totally different feeling with the audience. We have not done that in Sweden before and we wanted to try to give fans a new type of experience that feels personal. We are always trying to innovate, said Danny Wood, 45, to Metro.
You released the album "10" last year. But will the audience, despite it still only hear the old songs?
- If you are a hardcore NKOTB fan, then you want to hear the new songs as well, but generally speaking, so the audience for the old songs. But we play all the old songs, no matter what. That's why we're here. One can not, as a performer, avoid their old songs or think that your latest album is the best.
If someone had told you twenty years ago that you will keep on with this today, what would you say then?
- If someone had told me I had laughed. I had never even imagined that we would be reunited after our fifteen years long residence. It's like One Direction are still under 20 years. We are fortunate, blessed, and I am proud that we have managed to stay together and for that we are still driving on.
What would you give advice to today's boy bands, like One Direction. How do they manage to stay together for so long and still have an audience?
- I have no advice to give them, why would they listen to me? The best advice I could give them is to enjoy every second. I will.
You took a break for fifteen years. Did you miss the group then or it was nice to do something else?
- I did not miss it at all. The success happened so quickly that it was almost difficult to manage, and we needed to be apart. But groups today, as One Direction, have it much worse than we had it then because there's social media. Whatever they do, then there is everywhere now. If I went out with a girl nobody knew it, no one put it out on Instagram three minutes later. These things did not materialize.
What was it like to start over with the New Kids on the Block Again?
- It was fun and especially fun for my daughters had no idea how great we were. They knew I had been in a group before and that we were singing but they did not know the extent of it. Now they are accustomed and sometimes follow them on tour. My 16-year-old Chance Love Jordan (Knight, Editor's note). Sometimes he drives Princes song "Kiss" on stage and of course it has a certain sexual allusion and once when she was at a gig, I saw her standing in the audience and the film Jordan when he sang. She said afterwards "I'm sorry dad, but he's so cute." I answered like "Yeah, it's better that you have a crush on him than on someone I do not know."
Do you have family on this tour?
- No, they go to school. But that's okay. Things are going well and they know I'm going home. It is worse for Joey McIntyre who have small children, the oldest is sort of five or six.
How does it feel to be back in Sweden?
- It feels good! The fans came out to the airport and met us when we arrived. It's not like when One Direction come here yet, haha. And so I was off and running yesterday and it was cold. I live in Miami and it's really cold here. It snowed ju-May!
How long will the New Kids on the Block to hold on?
- Haha, I do not know. As long as we are healthy and able to give the audience a show so we continue. We have fun!

Filippa Frisell doing internship at Metro got a question for Danny Woods. She wondered who his role model. - I would say my dad. He is a good role model. He travels with us on our tours and he is a sort of ambassador for the NKOTB. He socializes with fans. For the group as were probably the pioneers Jackson Five. They came before us and those we looked up to. Now we are not up to the artists that way, but we go our own way. Hopefully other artists up to us now.

NKOTB EUROPE 2014 - Stockholm Reviews

New Kids On The Block. Annexe, Stockholm, Tuesday, May 6, 2014


NKOTB Europe tour 2014 - Stockholm 05.06.14


It's been a while since we've been to Europe and the UK! Let's get reacquainted and let's get intimate. The official welcome parties of European Tour 2014!

European/UK Tour 2014 - Coming to a city near you!
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5/20 - Berlin, DE
5/27 - London, UK

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*Please note, NKOTB members in attendance will vary; not all members are guaranteed to be in attendance.

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SVD KULTUR Stockholm: Interview with Jordan Knight

NKOTB - pop boyband in great shape
They may be forty plus. It may be three decades since his career took off. But the New Kids on the Block is in brilliant form when the boy band now embarks on a European tour, promising frontman Jordan Knight.
A youth club in a Stockholm suburb in 1990. Four eleven year olds in stone washed jeans with stripes and NKOTB shirts press play on the boombox and a well-rehearsed dance starts. Hands takes air microphones. "Step by step, oh baby, gonna get to you gööööörl."
On countless recreational, school yards, in the girl's room, and a lot of boy's room for that matter, did the same. Walls wallpapered with posters showing Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny offered his funkiest poses. New Kids on the Block took the early 90s.
Now they set out to meet their loyal fans again.
This year has been 30 years since the Boston boy band formed by producer Maurice Starr.
- We are more mature today, we are not those crazy teenagers we were then, says Jordan Knight, who just that day suffering from jet lag after the long trip from Boston to Stockholm where the band will start their European tour at the Annexet.
The boys have become men. But it's not a bunch of tired old men who travel around the world, hastening the singer to stress.
- We do not look like something old boyband that washed up on shore.Sometimes people wonder if we will roll onto the stage in wheelchairs. So it really is not. We are well trained. Two of us ran the Boston Marathon this year. Not me though, he says with a laugh.
- There's nothing that says you have to stop dancing just because you reach a certain age. I think we are both better entertainer and a better singer today.
In the audience are the same people who were there when the group broke through. Eleven-year-olds from the recreation center.
- Many of our fans now have their own children they bring with them.Or leave the home. Our concerts may well be a chance for them to get away, says Jordan Knight.
TT: Yelling they still the same?
- The voice drops a little as they age. They scream as powerful, but not as shrill.
When New Kids on the Block reunited in 2008 imagined the members it might be a tour and an album. They were pleasantly surprised by the faithful fans and their massive support, a support that has made the band six years later still are busy with gigs, a planned television series and an upcoming Las Vegas show. Jordan Knight expresses repeatedly his gratitude.
- My advice to young artists, like Justin Bieber, is to nurture the fans.Appreciate them. Be aware of what you have.

Nick Carter & Jordan Knight on WWHL 04.30.14 (VIDEO)

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Donnie on Talk to me Jenny video: Taking Risks - Talk To Me, Jenny!

US Magazine: Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg Might Elope: We Want "a Small Wedding"

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie WahlbergJenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg spoke with Us Weekly about their wedding plans at a Pandora private dinner held at downtown NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex on Wednesday, April 30.Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesSo happy together! Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg chatted with Us Weekly about their future wedding plans on Wednesday, April 30. The recently-engaged couple, who attended a Pandora private dinner together at downtown NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex, "looked extremely happy and in love," according to one onlooker.

"I'd like a small wedding," Wahlberg told Us. "A perfect wedding for me would be Jenny, myself, and our three boys." (This will be the second marriage for both stars. McCarthy, 41, was previously married to director John Mallory Asher, with whom she shares son Evan. Wahlberg, 44, shares two sons, Xavier and Elijah, with first wife Kim Fey.)
So does that mean they might elope? McCarthy simply smiled at her fiance and quipped, "We haven't decided yet." Laughing, the View co-host told Us that since getting engaged to Wahlberg last month, her wedding plans have gone back-and-forth.
"It depends on the day," she said. If the two plan to have a formal ceremony, it will take place before 150 guests, including 6 or 7 groomsmen and bridesmaids on each side. "All of my bridesmaids are going to wear Pandora jewelry!" McCarthy dished.
"It would be this year or next year," she added. "We like the idea of getting away on a vacation, but we also like the idea of keeping it local," citing Boston (Wahlberg's hometown) and Chicago (where McCarthy was raised) as potential options. Or, McCarthy joked, "find something in the middle, and force everyone to get there."
"As long as she's there, I'm there," Wahlberg said.
If the couple does not elope, they have multiple treats in store for guests throughout their ceremony and reception. "Andy [Cohen] would officiate if we're not eloping!" McCarthy said. She also shared that she would "like to write my own" vows.
As for food options, Wahlberg hasn't ruled out Wahlburgers for guests. "Like a to-go bag," he joked of the burger chain launched by his family.
So in love! Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg spoke with Us Weekly about their wedding plans at a Pandora private dinner held at downtown NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex on Wednesday, April 30.
So in love! Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg spoke with Us Weekly about their wedding plans at a Pandora private dinner held at downtown NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex on Wednesday, April 30.
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
The couple, according to an eyewitness, "seemed really in love" at Wednesday's dinner. "He had his arm around her and they kept looking at each other and talking to each other—more than to the interviewer!" the onlooker recalls.

EXTRA TV: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Want a Celebrity Friend to Marry Them! (VIDEO)

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Donnie on Talk to me Jenny video: Honesty, Drugs & Your Kids - Talk To Me, Jenny!

Donnie on Talk to me Jenny video: Inappropriate Websites & Your Teen - Talk To Me, Jenny!