Las Vegas Blog: Interview with joey McIntyre 06.24.14


Joey McIntyre, along with the other four original members of New Kids On The Block, perform all their hit songs at Planet Hollywood from July 10 – 13. Get ready!
Fans of New Kids On The Block can appreciate this: If you grew up in the late ’80s – early ’90s, you can only imagine my excitement when I got the chance to talk to Joey McIntyre, a member of one the most popular boy bands in my time. I felt like a ‘tween all over again.
I caught up with McIntyre and he shared his love for his band, his favorite NKOTB song, and even his favorite boy band. See what he’s been up to and catch them live in concert at The AXIS Powered By Monster inside Planet Hollywood, July 10-13. This is going to be one of the hottest Las Vegas concerts by far.
I’ve been a fan of your music dating back to my elementary school days. You guys had all the hits! How does it feel to still be doing music together after all this time?
We feel blessed to be doing what we love to do. We had a great time the first time around, but needed to experience life individually. Since 2008, we’ve been back together and going strong. It’s really a blessing to not only be together again, enjoy each other’s company and have fun, but be challenged artistically and musically. We pride ourselves on putting a great show and entertaining people. We’ve been doing a lot of that the last bunch of years. It’s very cool – we know how lucky we are.
Yeah, it’s awesome! And I’m sure you guys will still be in sync with all your cool dance moves!
Oh yeah, we got that down for sure!

Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh! After 25+ years, New Kids On The Block are still going on strong.
Tell me about your latest album, “10.” How is it different from the previous projects?
No matter what we do, we have a certain sound, so that’s cool. You can work with a lot of different producers and songwriters, but then once we start singing on that record, it becomes a New Kids record. I think that gives us a lot of freedom to different kinds of music. Back in 2008, we did “The Block” [which was] urban and pop. “Ten” has more of a Euro-pop dance side to it. We haven’t explored [it] before but you put us on a record, it has our style as well. We’re really happy.
That’s great how you can explore different styles. So let’s talk about Las Vegas. What do you love about this city?
What’s not to love about Vegas? I discovered is there’s so much there to take in. In a funny way, it’s relaxing. You can lose your thoughts in anything – attractions, the Strip, the lights, activities, poolside, everything. To be part of the entertainment here - it’s an honor. Vegas is a very cool market and the best artists in the world play here. This is gonna be fun. We never played four concerts in a row. We’re gonna set up shop in Planet Hollywood and have a blast - bring what the New Kids do and combine that with the glitz and glamour of Vegas. We’re gonna make it an experience.
Boy bands are still the rage these days. Do you have a favorite group?
I obviously don’t follow them like every 11-year-old girl, but what’s cool about One Direction is they made a record that transcends boy bands. They just make good music - music adults can listen to and identify with. Kids these days can appreciate music that’s a little more complex and a little deeper. One Direction has that certain je ne sais quoi. They’re having fun, they have hits. You see a band doing that, you’re happy for them.
That’s interesting! I always wanted to ask an artist that. So now, I’m actually curious of your favorite, all-time New Kids song – what song really moved you?
I’m a little biased. Our first hit was “Please Don’t Go Girl.” I got to sing lead on that.
I remember!
A classic. And I love “I’ll Be Loving You Forever.” “Cover Girl” is a great bubble gum pop tune. At times [the music] was a little light, but it was a lot of good music throughout the years that I’m sure glad to be a part of.
I find a lot of your songs timeless, especially the ballads. I can still listen to those now! How about yourupcoming solo project? Tell us a little about that.
I’m in a sitcom “The McCarthys” airing in October, so that’s the biggest solo project happening with me right now. We’ll start filming the first season in August. It’s a great show and great people involved. We’re really excited. We’re going to just have fun doing it.
That’s really cool. Thank you, Joey! I’m excited to see your show!
Looking forward to it!

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