Wahlberg Brothers Announce Next Step in North American Expansion of Wahlburgers With Canadian Debut

Toronto's luxurious SoHo Metropolitan Hotel selected as first location
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 28, 2013) -
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Wahlburgers, the U.S.-based burger concept launched by Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers, Mark and Donnie, will announce the next step in a North American expansion with the debut of its first Canadian location at Toronto's SoHo Metropolitan Hotel. Wahlburgers Canada is a collaboration of the Wahlbergs with Bruce Greenberg, President of Starwood Group; Michael Wekerle, Executive Chairman of Difference Capital and Henry Wu, President of Metropolitan Hotels. Inspired by their love for the burger and the casual comfort food of their Boston childhood, the Wahlberg brothers opened the original Wahlburgers in October 2011 as a chef-driven burger concept. The menu features fresh made-to-order burgers along with family favourite recipes using locally-sourced, house-made ingredients.
"My brothers and I are thrilled to announce the opening of our Canadian location at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel," said Paul Wahlberg, Executive Chef of Wahlburgers. "Having spent a lot of time in the city, we have a strong connection to Toronto and appreciate the vibrant food culture. The Toronto Wahlburgers location will help build on that by using local purveyors to bring our menu to life."
The Wahlburgers menu places emphasis on its use of locally sourced and house-made ingredients. The Toronto location will reflect the brand's philosophy of partnering with local food purveyors, as well as feature signature house-made ingredients such as Paul's original Wahl sauce.
Menu highlights include:
  • Donnie's Choice: "The BBQ Bacon Burger" topped with white cheddar cheese, bacon and avocado, finished with jalapenos and a house-made BBQ sauce.
  • Mark's Choice: "The Thanksgiving Burger" made with fresh ground and seasoned turkey dressed with Paul's orange cranberry sauce, homemade roasted butternut squash and stuffing.
  • Paul's Choice: The Wahlburgers original "Our Burger" made fresh to order with the restaurant's special blend of beef topped with government cheese (American cheese), dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion and finished with the signature Wahl sauce.
While burgers are the main focus, Wahlburgers offers a variety of sandwiches and salads to please the non-beef lover. Other specialties include a selection of house sides like mom's macaroni salad, sweet potato tots, fresh cut fries and onions rings, along with ice cream frappes and adult frappes, Paul's grown-up, alcohol-fortified version of the ice cream beverage.
Like its U.S. counterpart, Wahlburgers Canada, will showcase a sports bar, seated dining and quick service restaurant all under one roof, offering a family-friendly dining experience.
Wahlburgers will celebrate the announcement of its first Canadian location on Monday, September 9 with a "green carpet" event at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel. Chef Paul Wahlberg, and brother Mark will attend the event along with family, friends and VIP guests.
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About Wahlburgers Canada
Originally founded in 2011, Wahlburgers is an award-winning burger concept from Wahlberg brothers, Paul, Mark and Donnie. The restaurant offers casual comfort food in a family-friendly environment. With fresh made-to-order burgers, fries and frappes, the menu reflects a mix of classic burgers and sides, as well as Wahlberg childhood favourites. The Toronto location is the first North American expansion outside of the original Hingham, Massachusetts restaurant.
About SoHo Metropolitan Hotel
SoHo Metropolitan Hotel is a 92-room ultra-luxury hotel located in Toronto's vibrant Entertainment District. Situated in a lavish condominium complex, SoHo Metropolitan Hotel features panoramic views of downtown from floor-to-ceiling windows; a sleek, contemporary lobby graced by Chihuly art; chic luxury rooms; a state-of-the-art gym and the upscale-casual Senses Café and Senses Bar. Managed by Metropolitan Hotels, SoHo Metropolitan is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.
For more information on the debut of Wahlburgers Canada and the green carpet gala event, please contact Tamara Stefek.
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MONTAGE: The Kid starring Joey McIntyre (VIDEO)

tickets available on:

5280 interview with Joey McIntyre

Theater: Joey McIntyre Stars in "The Kid"

Joey McIntyre has got the right stuff—he hopes. The former New Kids on the Blockstud is headlining a one-man, autobiographical musical that's launching at the Denver Center on August 29The Kid is a developmental show, meaning it's a finished production but adjustments can and will be made throughout the run based on audience and crew feedback. We caught up with the singer to get the scoop.
5280: What inspired you to make this musical?
Joey McIntyre: I can’t help it. I grew up on the stage. The cool thing is that part of the process of doing [the show] is not totally knowing the why. That’s the fun part of being a performer. I'm going to find out a lot about this show that I don’t know right now. Denver is our first time in front of an audience. 
5280: What's The Kid about?
Getting involved with NKOTB and that whole experience, and then, because that happened at such a young age, having to really stop having [true] teen years and then all of a sudden go "Now what?" and trying to navigate through that stuff—that’s a big part of the show. But it starts when I’m very young and with my family. It’ll be interesting whether you're a New Kids fan or not. 
5280: But NKOTB fans can expect to hear some familiar music?
We play everything from theater [songs] to New Kids to Nat King Cole to my original stuff—and a few surprises.
5280: Why should people come see it?
It’s a story about family and a story I hope will touch people and make people think about their lives and their journey, not just mine. To me, that’s interesting, to see someone navigate through a show. The cool thing is it's the beginning. Theatergoers like being a part of it at the beginning and seeing it come to life.
5280: I hear the elevation has been an adjustment...
I'm finally over it. I'm in great shape as far as cardio. I’m a runner. But the first couple of days you walk up a flight of stairs and you're like, WoahI didn’t know how dry it was here, so I've had to get used to that, too. But you get over it. 
The Kid plays the Garner Galleria Theatre August 29–September 15;tickets start at $45.
—Image courtesy of Terry Shapiro/Denver Center
SOURCE: http://www.5280.com/blogs/2013/08/28/theater-joey-mcintyre-stars-kid 

Denver Westword interview with Joey McIntyre

Joey McIntyre (yes, the New Kids Joey McIntyre) stars in The Kid, premiering Thursday
Get ready for The Kid, starring Joey McIntyre of the cult-favorite supergroup New Kids on the Block, which will have its world premiere in Denver this week. Earlier this month, on the heels of the act's massive, fifty-city tour, McIntyre and Denver Center Attractions announced that they were teaming up to develop a musical that documents McIntyre coming of age as the youngest member of one of the biggest boy bands in history.We recently caught up with McIntyre to talk about the (welcome) challenge of shifting performance mediums, starring as himself, and the world premiere of The Kid -- in Denver.
WestwordHow was The Kid conceived--was it your idea?Joey McIntyre: I've been on stage since I was six years old; performing is a part of my life. I've done a lot of live performance and some solo stuff that's more interactive, but this is a show: It has a writer and director, a beginning and an end, and a journey. It's very personal, and as much of a challenge as it might be, I've been able to be objective about it. We've done several readings, and sifted through long versions to see what worked. Now the show is down to an hour and forty minutes. As far as creating this, we had the right people.
How does it feel to make a musical about your own life?It's funny, because it's a unique kind of show, and a one-man show is a lot, it's a huge challenge. I'm comfortable being on stage, but the idea is to go to places that are uncomfortable and get really honest and be human, not a pop star. It's good to be able to show the other side, whether you're a singer, writer, butcher, banker -- it's about finding where you belong and what's important.
We can imagine it's a huge change from touring, too.It definitely is. New Kids just finished a fifty-city tour. It was amazing, and we were so grateful to be playing arenas, but it's definitely a grind. You're on a bus from city to city, traveling on a bus -- now I'm all set, get me a bed that isn't going seventy miles down the highway and I'm happy. It's strenuous, but it makes you stronger. I learned from that, and taking that journey and showing up every night mirrors life and what I need to do -- it definitely reflects in the show, too.
What brought the show to Denver and to Denver Center Attractions?We knew we wanted to build it out of town somewhere with a theater company before bringing it to New York City. We were lucky; the facility here is so big that they had the space. They read the script, they saw the readings and they decided to go for it. A lot of it's last minute, and now Denver will always be part of the show. Denver Center is the perfect place for us to build the show, and they've been so helpful in getting this show ready to put out to the public -- I feel very embraced here in Denver, and being in this theater makes me feel like we're on the right track.
What kind of music inspired you as a kid, and inspired the music in The Kid?I grew up with my dad playing Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole in his car. I had seven older sisters who listened to dance, funk, disco and R & B -- the combination of those influences, my theater experience doing shows like Oliver and the Music Man, and joining New Kids when I was twelve can be found throughout the show. As far as crafting it for the show, it was important for the color of those influences to show through to create a sound and contribute to the overall storytelling.
The Kid opens Thursday, August 29 at the Garner Galleria Theatre, with shows continuing through September 15. For a schedule and tickets, go to denvercenter.org or call 303-893-4100.
 SOURCE: http://blogs.westword.com/showandtell/2013/08/joey_mcintyre_yes_that_joey_mc.php

BOSTON.COM: Joey McIntyre turns his life into a musical

Joey McIntyre rehearsing “The Kid” in Denver (photo: Terry Shapiro)
- See more at: http://www.boston.com/names/2013/08/23/joey-mcintyre-turns-his-life-into-musical/Sc6blxko3jWwftn6cOeifP/story.html#sthash.xq0GeRZZ.dpuf
Joey McIntyre began singing and dancing long before he was a member of New Kids on the Block. Indeed, McIntyre was just 8 when he made his musical theater debut, singing “Gary, Indiana’’ from “The Music Man’’ at the Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain.
“I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember,” he says. “And, frankly, I could get up and sing songs for the rest of my life, but I wanted to tell a story.”
So he is. McIntyre will tell his own story in a new musical called “The Kid.” The one-man show, which he concedes is still taking shape in rehearsals, opens Aug. 29 at the Garner Galleria Theatre in Denver.
“It’s an idea I’d been toying with for awhile,” McIntyre says on the phone from the Mile High City. “I wanted to do something legit, to take on the challenge of doing something like this.”
“The Kid” will have a three-week run in Colorado before heading to New York. At least that’s the goal. McIntyre says he and the producers, William Sherak and Jason Shuman, are determined to take the show to the Big Apple, perhaps as soon as next spring.
“New York’s the end game. I want to get it to Broadway,” says McIntyre, who’s no stranger to the Great White Way, having appeared in “Wicked” and also Jonathan Larson’s “Tick, Tick . . . Boom!”
In promotional materials, “The Kid” is characterized as a “deeply personal coming-of-age story” tracing McIntyre’s career from the Footlight Club in JP to sold-out stadium around the world. There’s plenty of drama — on and off the stage — along the way. The show is directed by Eli Gonda and written by Christine Boylan, a TV writer whose credits include “Leverage” and “Once Upon a Time.”
The music, which (for now) is performed sparely on piano or guitar, includes songs by New Kids, Gershwin, Nat King Cole, and even a tune from the musical “Oliver!” To prepare, McIntyre, who’s now 40 and a married father of three children, says he watched performances by Elaine Stritch, Lena Horne, and Bette Midler.
“To see an artist on stage for an hour and a half and really staying in the moemt and taking that journey every night is great,” he says. “I get little things from everybody I watch.”
So will McIntyre’s NKOTB bandmates Donnie WahlbergDanny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight come to see the show?
“I definitely want them come out and see it, as friends but also to add their thoughts,” he said. “And we’ll have some people from the theater world who will, hopefully, say, ‘Let’s take this to New York.’ ”

SOURCE: http://www.boston.com/names/2013/08/23/joey-mcintyre-turns-his-life-into-musical/Sc6blxko3jWwftn6cOeifP/story.html#sthash.xq0GeRZZ.dpuf

Joey on Fox 31 Denver

Joey McIntyre on 9 News - Colorado (VIDEO)

Joey McIntyre on FOX31 Denver (VIDEO)

New merch on the NKOTB Official store

Check out some of the new items available on the store:

You can buy them here: http://newkidsontheblock.shop.bravadousa.com/Dept.aspx?cp=13807_61452

OK Magazine: Red Carpet Confidential: Joey McIntyre Reveals Which NKOTB Member Is “Semi-Perverted”

No zany boybander here!
As New Kids On The Block singer Joey McIntyre prepares to wrap The Package Tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men this Sunday, he can take pride that no practical jokes have made anyone look foolish—yet.
“We don’t do the wacky stuff,” the married father of three, 40, who performed during the Mixtape Festival at Pennsylvania’s Hershey Park this week, tells me. “One way to stay together is to not pull any pranks, because I think everybody wants to sleep at night, and not worry about who’s coming after them in revenge.”
So if practical jokes aren’t his thing, what does make him laugh?
“That dry, sardonic take on things,” the former teen idol, who played Melissa McCarthy’s brother this summer in the comedy The Heat, says. “In the New Kids, Jordan [Knight] is like the ultimate straight man. I usually take what he says and run with it, and then I take the lead with his jokes. He has a dry, semi-perverted look at things, and I don’t mean that in a sexual way, just in a weird slant, and to me that’s funny. That’s funnier to me than a weird, teargas humor, which a lot of people like, but isn’t my cup of tea.”
Indeed, the group—which also includes Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight andDanny Wood—cherish their relationships after weathering the ups and downs that superstardom has wrought since they hit the big time with a string of hits beginning in 1988.nkotbold2_-_2.jpg
“What we’ve experienced over the past 25 years is special,” Joey says. “We work hard, we love to do what we do, but what we get back from the fans is so immense. We’re lucky to be doing what we do, and we enjoy each other’s company.”
He adds, “We challenge each other without saying a word. I’m inspired by each member, and what they bring to the table. That makes me want to do my best, and bring what I bring.”New-Kids-On-The-Block(1)
Of course, working hard means playing hard and spending big on those he loves. In fact, the tour will end just in time for him to mark his 10th anniversary with wife Barrett next week. The couple are parents to Griffin, 5, Rhys, 3, and Kira, 2.
Still, while Joey doesn’t like practical jokes, he believes in being practical when it comes to lavish purchases. (He told me in 2009 he saves dinner receipts from 10-15 years back!)
Although he’s not pining for a private island, there is one investment he can’t wait to make.
“I want to buy the best education I can for my kids,” he says. “We’re so lucky to live in a nice home and be able to travel. My kids are coming off of five days on the road, and to be able to spend that kind of money to see my kids and spend time. To me, that’s the greatest gift. If my kids can learn the way they want to and get a great education, and they can put food on the table, then to me, that’s all I could ever want.”

New Kid Joey McIntyre to premiere one-man show in Denver

 by Joey McIntyre is expected to bring his unique blend of acting, comedy and, of course, music to his one-man show, which is reportedly set to premier in Denver in August 2013. (Photo: Twitter / Joey McIntyre)Joey McIntyre is expected to bring his unique blend of acting, comedy and, of course, music to his one-man show, which is reportedly set to premiere in Denver in August 2013. (Photo: Twitter / Joey McIntyre)
DENVER — He rose to fame as one of the New Kids on the Block, but singer Joey McIntyre is about to work a different kind of stage.
Denver’s Garner Galleria Theater confirmed that the singer-actor is producing and starring in a one-man show about his own life that is set to debut in the Mile High City.
The show is called ”The Kid,” and it’s a work in progress. Rehearsals will start on Wednesday, according to sources. Producers are being tight-lipped, but it now appears that McIntyre’s show will open at the Garner Galleria Theatre at the end of August, and run for two weeks.
It does, of course, feature music.
“We are thrilled Joey McIntyre is interested in working on his theatrical piece here in Denver at The Garner Galleria Theatre,” Garner Galleria spokesperson Heidi Bosk said. “Denver Center subscribers will have priority access to purchase tickets, and we’ll have more details to come on this exciting project.”

SOURCE: FOX 31 Denver

NKOTB Interview on VH1 (VIDEO)

Video thanks to C A M