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June 29, 12:11 PM

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If you missed this past Saturday's summer concert event, the only thing to be said is that you really missed something special. The New Kids on The Block summer tour rocked the Riverbend Music center Saturday night with an amazing show full of old school NKOTB hits, new songs and a dynamic display of technical goodies that could blow anyone away. Even if on the off chance you were not a New Kids on The Block fan during the late 80's and early 90's it would have been impossible to have experienced this event and left this concert still not a fan.

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The first group opening up for the New Kids was Jabbawockeez. Jabbawockeez is compiled of an all male dance troupe established in 2003 by Joe Larot, Kevin Brewer and Phil Tayag. The group first appeared on America's Got Talent before going on to win the MTV hip hop dance reality series America's Best Dance Crew. They are known for their intricate, synchronization and precise dances, mime and kabuki-styled theatrics, as well as for wearing masks and gloves during most of their performances. Their performance was nothing short of hot, amazing and energy filled and the crowd absolutely loved them. Seeing them one time is enough to guarantee an interest in seeing them perform again and again. You were definitely left wanting more when they wrapped there portion of the event.

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The opener for the NKOTB Summer Tour 09 was the smoldering hot little number known as Jesse McCartney. Phew! Just as talented as he is dripping with hotness it became very apparent who the daughters of the New Kids fans were there to see. It was a very interesting dynamic to see a "new school heart throb" meet the "old school heart throbs" all in one tour and see generations of family at the same concert event. McCartney who knows exactly how to work a crowd over made sure to make the announcement during his set that he is 22 years old and legal which was a statement that didn't go unnoticed by many of the self proclaimed "cougars" or the gay male members of the audience by the way. This included Jenn from Q102's Jeff and Jenn in the morning who made sure when she took the stage to thank the crowd for coming out for the New Kids to also send a shout out to Jesse McCartney for his impromptu special announcement. It was quite a fun moment and his "dreaminess" can't be denied! No doubt after seeing his performance, there were countless other "cougars" in the audience who felt the same way as she did.

The truly impressive thing about Jesse McCartney is that even though his specific demographic was there to represent him, he entertained the older generations of people that were there specifically for The New Kids just as well. His performances were very well put together, choreographed, his vocal ability was on point and it was great night for him. If you were not the biggest fan of his when you showed up for the show, there is no doubt a few of you left as new fans. It certainly was a hot and humid evening, and he definitely added to the hotness but in a GREAT way. Again collectively, Phew!

Moving on to the main attraction, the New Kids on the Block, WOW!

As these distinguished appearing suit wearing gentlemen took the stage, there was no point in sitting for the next several hours and no one did. According to NKOTB, it had been nearly 20 years since the last concert the New Kids played in Cincinnati, and after Saturday nights experience it is very clear they will be coming back for more. If you had no hearing loss issues prior to the concert, after the screaming of women and cheers from the fans, you may want to have your hearing checked to make sure you didn't leave the concert with a serious hearing loss concern. These men have not lost a single step in the years that they have not taken to the stage, and the mixture of old school classics and new soon to be hits rocked the river and rocked the crowd in the way only the New Kids can guarantee. Just as sexy, talented and beautiful to look at as ever, (even when compared to the much younger Mr. Jesse McCartney), it is very clear how much the New Kids appreciate their fans just by the interaction from on stage as well as their venture out into the pavilion. Seeing them perform just a few feet away is pretty amazing, and it is very obvious that there is a special and specific bond between the New Kids and their fans.

The moment that you realized that you had not just watched a good show, but experienced something deeper along with it came when the New Kids graciously did a Michael Jackson tribute. Screen shots of Jackson over the years appeared on the jumbo screen and people all around were dancing, singing and crying all in unison to this. This was quite a visually remarkable scene to watch as so many people all in unison celebrated the life of this man along with the New Kids on the Block. It was at this point you came away from this concert realizing that you took a trip back into your youth, and into your childhoods by hearing this mixture of New Kids favorites and old Jackson tunes. Suddenly mid 30-40 yr old folks were 15 and 16 yr old screaming teens again. This priceless although brief return to youth made this concert not only just an amazing show, but an experience not to soon forget.

Kudos to NKOTB for coming to Cincinnati and proving to us that you haven't lost a beat and that you can still rock the crowd just as much if not even more so than you did back in the late 80's and early 90's. You have left Cincinnati with not only just as many fans as you have ever had here, but with more. Your concert was not only an awesome show, but a cultural, musical, timeless event that many will attend as long as you keep coming back to Cincinnati and showing us "Step by Step" how you still have it and that it isn't going anywhere!

An additional shout out to Jesse McCartney for putting on a great show in his own right and for being just as hot in person as he is on television.

Also, your not going to see a better dance performance than a show from Jabbawockeez. What these guys do with just their bodies and a beat is not only endlessly entertaining and amazing to watch, it is a true art form that should be appreciated.

Overall, NKOTB in combination with their opening acts made for an excellent Cincinnati Summer Concert Event. When the New Kids return to Cincinnati, and hopefully it won't be another nearly 20 years down the road, there is no doubt their fans will come out and enjoy these shows time and time again. What a great experience!


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