Jordan, Deborah and Ron to Perform at Cover Me Canada Finale


As Whosarmy and The Melanie Morgan Band head into the much-anticipated final night of Cover Me Canada, judges Jordan Knight, Deborah Cox and Ron Fair will be leaving the comfort of their judges' table (or discomfort, based on some of the tough decisions they've had to make) to take the stage for a once in a lifetime performance.

The hit Canadian song they'll be covering is Glass Tiger's "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone". Ron Fair will, of course, produce the performance. After all their words of wisdom to the competitors, we're wondering if the seasoned superteam will blow this cover out of the water. Either way, we can't wait to see it. Blockheads, do you agree? Check out the original they're taking on...

The final episode of Cover Me Canada will also feature a special performance by Hedley of the first single from their new album, Storms. Check out our interview with frontman Jacob Hoggard for more on the personal trials that both plagued and inspired the band during the record's production. Comment on the post to win over $300 in music from Universal, including the new album. 

Rounding out the episode's cast are all the returning Cover Me Canada competitors. That's right, from G07 to Georgia to Ali, the entire brigade of new Canadian music stars will take the stage one last time.

We'll be talking to the winner (who do you think it'll be?) right after the show and follow the entire cast to the afterparty, where we'll keep you posted on what's going down via Twitter and shoot lots of pics to share with you Monday morning.

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