Video: NKOTB/BSB Managers Talk NKOTBSB Tour Success, Compare Fan Base to Phish's

By Billboard Staff
The massive success of the NKOTBSB tour this past summer took everybody by surprise, except for those responsible. NKOTB manager Peter Katsis and BSB manager Jared Paul, after their panel discussion at the Billboard Touring Conference, explained that by putting aside egos and being determined to work together, they ensured that the massive payoff they knew was there actually came to fruition.
By not stressing occasional deal-breakers for big acts such as money, stage space, and who would open and close on a given night, the two boy bands were able to co-exist in a way that delighted fans and led to a huge outpouring of positive media attention. "I like to compare [their fan bases] to The Dead or Phish, that genre," said Paul. "They may be making different kinds of music but they're actually touring on similar cycles, and they have diehard fans."

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