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12/24/2011 - Merry Christmas

Listening to my all time favorite Christmas album- Acoustic Christmas by "Various Artists"- so good and brings back so many Christmas memories of Old Green Hill, my house just outside of Boston I lived in for most of my very young adult life.
Whoa, there were some good moments in that old shack, but some scary ones too. But Christmases there were always meaningful. Some blue and wintery and others like a wonderland. I would listen to that album on repeat and decorate the tree or trees in my house- it was a bit of a rambling house.
But now I'm in LA- a world apart in so many ways...especially at Christmas. The last few days Griffin has been saying "I wanna go to Boston for Christmas." A big part of me loves hearing him say that. I used to be homesick at this time of year, but now this is where my own special family is. Maybe we'll get back for a few Christmases in years to come, but for now we're are just fine in LA.
We have family and friends here- the holidays are maybe a little simpler but there's nothing wrong with that. They are no less exhausting however with three kids. So I'm gonna sign off because we have to get ready for Santa! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much for helping make my life full of so many wonderful gifts.
Merry Christmas, everybody!

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