Joey McIntyre and Howie on Heat TakeOver on Twitter 02/21/12

Here is the resume of the quick Q&A today on @Heatworld 's twitter account:

Q: Has fatherhood changed you?
A:  It's taken away a lot of needed sleep i used to have a life. LOL

Q: Howie will there be a new BSB album soon? Joey will there be a new NKOTB album in near future?
A:  Big scoop! Both groups are talking about new music. Stay tuned!

Q: Are you going to burn a dvd of the show in London 28th april?
A:  We are talking about it so hopefully it comes together.

Q: would either band consider doing a cruise in europe?
A: We both would love too!!

Q: who would you duet with a British artist if so who?
A: would love to do a duet with Coldplay

Q: would joey consider running the London Marathon?xx
A: Boston Marathon first...then maybe London :)

Q: Whats your favorite flavor cupcake?
A: Red Velvet- Howie d /Vanilla with Chocolate frosting- Joey

and for last:
RT: @heatworld: @howie_d & @joeymcintyre want to thank u. and apologize for not the most awesome twitter q and a. But @nkotbsb show will blow ur sox off!!!

Heat also said that there's gonna be an article about NKOTBSB on the magazine soon.

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