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Jordan Knight On The 'Thing' He Shares With His Fans
February 29, 2012
Jordan Knight developed a fiercely loyal fan base when he was just 14-years old. Nearly three decades later, he says they still share a special relationship.

George: When you were young you had to be everyone's boyfriend. You had to be 'the guy', right?
Jordan Knight: True. (laughs) I still .. you know... we kinda still have a little 'thing.' (laughs)
George: I can imagine that at some point that was exciting but at some point that had to be a really interesting prison to be in.
JK: No! I like it! It's still fun!
George: Yeah - but I imagine your brother would have struggled with it ... when he had to come out of the closet...
JK: Yeah - I was talking about that today. It must have been tough, I mean, back then. Now, he's out with it and he's always been fine with it, but would just be like 'why do I have to shout out I'm gay to the world? It's my business' ... But sometimes I'm like 'Jon, how do you get motivated before a show?' I mean, you look in the crowd and there's not a lot of guys out there! (laughs)

Jordan Knight's Tips for Hockey Dads

Jordan Knight has some handy tips for those hockey dads out there: keep it clean, stay focused, and don't get violent with - hold on one second.

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