Danish band " A friend in London" to opening the NKOTBSB Euro tour

A Friend In London have been given the honorable task of having to warm up for two of the greatest boybands. When two of the biggest boybands collide on a joint tour, it will be with a Danish touch.

The Danish group A Friend In London has been given a chance to warm up when the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block to give concerts around Europe.

The European tour starts on 21 april in Dublin, Ireland, and the boys should both play in England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and of course in Denmark.

A Friend In London, which won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix in 2011, singing at this year's competition their winning song New Tomorrow with Howie D from Backstreet Boys.

Now, they then allowed to teach him even better to know when they go on tour together.

A Friend In London's debut album is released internationally during the summer, but already on 16 april the band released the first single "Get Rich In Vegas". simultaneously published also the song New Tomorrow with Howie D. as a guest star.
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