Liverpool ECHO: Review: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, Liverpool’s Echo Arena

The New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys at the Echo The New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys at the Echo. Pix David Munn WATCHING NKOTBSB is like being reunited with an old boyfriend - well nine of them actually. All those teenage feelings of obsession and angst, which age has taught us to be ashamed of, come flooding back. Nights staying up into the early morning to catch and record a Backstreet Boys' music video on retro music channel, The Box, suddenly feel like yesterday.

Last night at the Echo Arena, women in their late 20s and 30s (maybe older) released those repressed feelings, screaming themselves breathless as Donnie Wahlberg ripped off his vest and gyrated over and over and over.
Members of both bands, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, paid tribute to Liverpool. BSB talked of having watched rap star Drake at the Arena the night before and of visiting The Cavern.
Donnie, a mad Reds fan, pulled on a crystal-encrusted Liverpool shirt at one point as the guys sang, My Favourite Girl, while band mate Joey McIntyre performed a sweet acapella version of Beatles hit, Help.

The dance moves aren't as slick as they once were and a few waistlines aren't as trim but the audience couldn't care less (perhaps because they're in the same boat).
They might not be as hot as they were ten years ago but by bringing both bands together, the appeal is doubled. The nine of them strut along the catwalk, which runs down the middle of the arena, touching hands, throwing sweaty hankies into the crowd, waving and blowing kisses at their long-term fans.
Joey summed up the night when he said: "To some people in here it feels like 1989, to some it feels like 1999 but whatever time travelling journey we're on, we don't see a reason for it to stop."
The two bands take turns on stage. One highlight is when NKOTB don their eighties gear to drive the crowd wild for Right Stuff as well as Step by Step and Summertime.
BSB boys seem to pip the Kids to post in the popularity stakes as they croon Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, 10000 Promises, Shape of My Heart and so many more than you remember them recording.
The show is choreographed well and the changes in tempo and costumes keep the audience at a constant level of craziness.
8 The boys are back

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