Liverpool FC: New Kid on the Block in LFC shirt

24th Apr 2012 

A member of New Kids on the Block - one of the biggest pop bands ever - wore a Liverpool shirt on stage during their show at the Echo Arena last night.
The photo below shows singer Donnie Wahlberg in his Standard Chartered home top as thousands of Scousers screamed their way through hits like Hangin' Tough and Cover Girl.
The band - who formed in Boston, USA - have sold 80 million records and were huge in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
We suspected wearing a Liverpool shirt might have been a stunt to woo the home crowd, but it turns out Donnie has been tweeting about his affection for the Reds for a while...

And we even found a video of him wearing a Liverpool top at the O2 in London back in 2009...


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