The Courier Mail: Boy bands are back in a big way

5 reasons NKOTBSB
Date/Time: 2012:05:22 13:44:46 Source: The Courier-Mail
BACKSTREET'S back. But is that alright?
Boy band originals the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys will hit the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight, but will the much-hyped show satisfy the groups' old fans. Torny Miller has five reasons why boy-band fever will be gripping plenty of Queenslanders despite it being State of Origin night.
1. Matching suits
Who doesn't like seeing a group of middle-aged men prancing about in colour-coordinated attire? Nineties grunge definitely didn't catch-on with these guys, so if the clean-cut look is your thing then this is the show for you. Think gleaming white suits, perhaps some military-inspired outfits and, of course, the obligatory shirts-off, abs out routine.
2. Some serious dance moves
The only thing better coordinated than the dance attire will be the moves themselves. If you've forgotten how impressive NKOTB and BB routines were, head to YouTube before you head to Boondall tonight and refresh your memory. There's nothing like some cheesy choreogoraphy to really get you pumped up for a big show.
3. A good sing-a-long
OK, we all know the words, so let's belt out the tunes. Now, I've heard the bands update the gig with a few adaptations of modern-day hits but don't worry - they've got plenty of classics to belt out. You can bet that the entire audience will be singing along when Step By Step, Everybody, or As Long As You Love Me are given their run.
4. Relive your youth
If you're still holding on to the hope that bike pants are acceptable outside of the gym and you're just dying to dig out your scrunchie collection, well it's your time to shine. If you're already forgoing the maroon tonight, why not go the full-hog and dress up in your best boy band-era-inspired gear and immerse yourself in the spirit of NKOTBSB.
5. It's time to settle old battles
Just who was the hottest band member? Were you part of team Nick Carter for the Backstreet Boys? Or is it Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB who floats your boat? If you're female and you grew up in the late '80s, early '90s there's a pretty good chance your pubescent fantasies were filled with images of these guys, but have these blokes aged gracefully? Well, judgement time is here. Which of the boys and kids have stood the test of time? I can guarantee this will be a serious topic for discussion tonight.


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