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- The third season of Blue Bloods premieres on september 28th on CBS .

- Actor Richard Burgin will guest star playing a councilman on the premiere season.  (Source)

- The British Board of Film Classification has some technical details about the Special Features and about  the Deleted scenes  of the BB's Season 2 DVD.

- If you haven't yet, you can pre-order the Season 2 DVD on Amazon, title will be released on September 11, 2012.

- In case you missed it, here are some spoilers of the upcoming season of Blue Bloods:

Excerpt from Zap2it:
The Season 3 premiere will introduce one of the most formidable villains we've seen yet -- John Benjamin, a sociopath who lost his family after Danny arrested him. Benjamin relentlessly seeks vengeance on Danny, using Jackie as bait. This incident has the potential to profoundly impact Danny and Jackie's relationship as the season continues.

Excerpt from TV Guide:
Sounds like more tough times for Danny Reagan. I hear a former bank robber who Danny put behind bars will be released from prison and, upon hearing that the love his life and their 7-year-old child are dead, wants to put Danny in the ground as well. Even worse: As a lifelong professional criminal, he knows the system well enough to evade being recaptured

Other from TV Guide:
Will Jamie and Danny be able to stay on good terms when Blue Bloods reports back to duty for Season 3?
After reconciling in the season finale, it will be smooth sailing for the Reagan brothers, if only because they will both have their hands full with other problems. Danny and Linda will clash when she decides to go back to work as a nurse in the ER. Meanwhile, Jamie will have to deal with a new partner, Ricky Cruz, a big talker who is constantly, annoyingly talking about his old stomping grounds. Let's hope these opposites can attract, or at least learn to work together.
- This week the cast returned to the set, Donnie and Sami shared this on twitter:

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