ABC 27 News: New Kids on the Block still rocking; plan to release new album (VIDEO)

abc27 WHTM  

"Instead of going through a mid-life crisis, you become a pop star," singer Jordan Knight said.  "It feels great."
"It's like the mix of a great chocolate bar," NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said. "You take the ingredients, you mix them all together, like a S'mores even, mix all these wonderful ingredients together and you come up with something delectable."
..."I think we do a good job balancing that," group member Danny Wood said. "We work a certain amount of time of the year and we're with our kids for the most part the rest of the year. An event like this I was able to bring one of my daughters. Joe (McIntyre) has his son with him."
 "We're kind of staying away from the limelight a little bit to put together a new album," Knight said.

"You let it slip," McIntyre exclaimed.

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