Q: Where can I purchase Tickets to Jordan Knight: Live & "Still" Unfinished including Show, VIP, Brunches, and Dinners?

A: All upcoming shows can be purchased right here on, and also may be found at each Venue's Website and or Box Office!
Q: What is a Pre-Sale?:
A: Pre-Sale is a limited amount of tickets that are available for the shows. You do not need a password to purchase these. All presale tickets are on sale NOW for Jordan Knight: Live & "Still" Unfinished! These include GA tickets for all Standing Room Only Shows and Gold Circle Seats for all Seated Shows (see Montreal Q&A below) depending on the Venue(s).
Q: What is On-Sale?
A: On Sale is all of the tickets available for the show(s). This will include all GA Tickets for all Shows where GA is available as well as all sections in a Seated Theater show including Gold Circle and any other Tiered Ticket (i.e. Gold Circle, Balcony, Floor, etc...).
Q: What is Gold Circle Seats?
A: Gold Circle Seats are seats within the front section of the stage. These usually are the first 5-7 rows. These are considered the best seats in the house and ONLY available when the Venue is a Seated Theater. For Gold Circle Seats, you will be assigned your seat at the venue. These seats or any other Show ticket does NOT Include VIP! VIP is a separate upgrade!
Q: What is included in Gold Circle Seats?
A: Nothing but YOUR seat.
Q: Can I upgrade to a Gold Circle Seat?
Q: What are VIP Tickets?
A: VIP tickets are an upgrade to whatever GA or Selected Seat you have available for the show. VIP usually includes early admission, pre soundcheck party, VIP meet & greet after the show, 1 on 1 Picture with Jordan, and all around good fun with JK!
Q: Are VIP Tickets available NOW?:
A: No, VIP for all #LiveandSTILLUnfinished Shows will be announced within the next few weeks. They will be staggered On-Sales during the next installment of #JKVIPDAY so every fan has a chance to purchase!
Q: Is VIP an upgrade to my seat?
A: No, a VIP ticket only includes the previously mentioned VIP access, and does NOT change your already purchased seat selection.
Q: Do I need a ticket to the show in order to be allowed in VIP?
A: YES! You need both a ticket to the Show and VIP in order to gain VIP Access! A VIP Ticket is only an upgrade for you to enjoy the VIP events with JK. You WILL need BOTH a Ticket to the Show and a Ticket to VIP in order to gain access to VIP!
Q: When will all of the On-Sales be up including Halifax?
A: By next week - Week of Sept 4th 2012
Q: Are there Gold Circle Tix for Toronto:
A: No, Toronto is only GA Standing Room Only. There will however be a VIP Upgrade for Toronto and ALL Shows!
Q: When will the Dinners and Brunch's go on sale?:
A: Within the next few weeks
Q: Will the Dinners and Brunch's be fun?
A: Everything we do at Live & "Still" Unfinished is fun as long as it involves Bloquitas and JK. If you don't believe me, ask around!
Q: I purchased a ticket today for Montreal and thought it was a "Gold Circle" Ticket as stated.
A: Unfortunately there was a mix up with this and there will be an email sent from Ticketweb to the purchaser of today's Montreal Tickets to upgrade to a Gold Circle Seat IF they want. Otherwise the ticket you purchased today for Montreal is NOT a Gold Circle seat, but still will be a good seat and valid ticket to a great Jordan Knight Concert!!
Q: Do I need to buy a regular ticket, a gold ticket, and VIP?
A: NO! You only need to buy one ticket for admission and your options are GA for all Standing Room Only Shows or a specific section in a Seated Theater (i.e. Gold Circle, Balcony, Floor, etc...). Then when the VIP Upgrades become available, you can purchase those if you would like VIP access. You need BOTH a Show Ticket and a VIP Ticket to gain VIP access. If you are only holding a VIP Ticket, you will not get access to either the show or VIP.
Q: What if I want to buy a ticket for one of the shows and it says there are no more tickets?
A: All of the shows as of Today, August 31st, 2012 are Pre-Sale except for Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria. That means for all of the shows but those (2) there will be more tickets available next week when the On-Sale(s) go Live. As far as Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, those are both On-Sale now and all tickets in each venue are available for those 2 shows! Both of those shows are Standing Room Only, NOT Seated!
Q: Will Jordan bring his red pants to Canada?
A: There is a high probability that those red jeans will make an appearance, but I can't be certain
Q: Will the Live & "Still" Unfinished Show be the same as the Live & Unfinished Show?
A: Yes, but with JK, you never know. He may change it up, but one things for sure, it will "Still" be a kick ass concert...#ahf*ckyeh
Q: Will there be any more dates added to Jordan Knight: Live & "Still" Unfinished?
A: Not at this time, but you never know. We want everyone to experience this show! If there are more dates, it will only be in Canada!
Q: Will Jordan Knight "Live & "Still" Unfinished be going to any other locations other than Canada?
A: No, sorry...
Q: Will there be Jordan Knight Merch available at all these shows?
A: Absolutely!!
Q: Are Bloquitas the best fans on the earth?
A: Without a doubt!!
Q: Is Live & "Still" Unfinished worth flying from lands afar, driving days upon days, running through land mines and dodging speeding cars, going through all the crazy ticket frenzy, spending all sorts of time and money, climbing the highest mountains and swimming through the deepest oceans, losing endless hours of sleep watching @jordanknight's timeline for VIP On Sales and MORE?
A: You know what I'm going to say...#AHFUCKYEH it is!! Canada, see you in October!!!


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