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* The Director Guilds of America made a review of how the serie "Blue Bloods" works inside. See a couple of pics from the article:
FAMILY FEAST: (above) Barbosa (in gray sweater) makes sure all the pieces are in place for a Thanksgiving scene
After directing two episodes in the show’s first season, Michael Pressman (right) came on board as co-executive producer.
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* In case you missed this week, read a few spoilers of the upcoming season of the serie :
"This season of Blue Bloods Linda, my character, goeas back to beeing a nurse, so all the stuff I learned on Third Watch is not wasted! It will be great!" - Amy Carlson

" In the third episode, while Danny’s busy tracking down a rapist-killing serial murderer, Erin and her D.A. ex-husband find themselves arguing against each other in court over a case involving one of her family members."

"Erin is going to have to defend her dad in court — against her ex-husband! That's right, Erin will go head-to-head with her ex as the pair battles over the Constitutionality of one of Frank's new policies involving building searches. (Peter Bermann has been cast as Erin's ex.) But Frank won't be able to follow the case too closely: He'll be too busy with a young man who wins a chance to be "Commissioner for a Day." Although he submitted the winning essay, his real motive is to get Frank to reopen the case of his mother's murder, which has long since been mothballed."
Source: TVGuide

First episode of Blue Bloods will be called "Domestic Disturbance" premieres on september 28th.
Source: Spoiler TV
 * A couple of new names has been  revealed to be guests on the new season:

Season Three Casting News
Sebastian Sozzi (“My Generation”) will recur as Vinny Cruz, Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) new partner, a fast-talking, charismatic cop from one of the toughest precincts in the city. His first episode will air Friday, Oct. 5.
Michael Madsen (“Resevoir Dogs”) will guest star as John, a professional criminal just released from prison and determined to get his revenge on Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) who arrested him and ruined his life. His episode will air Friday, Oct. 5.
Source: CBS
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* Here you can watch a few videos from fans tapped from the set of Blue Bloods (Thanks to MiyaPark, MrWoodhaven11421 and Ben7seven7 on youtube)

* Here you can watch more pictures from the set of Blue Bloods:

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