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  •  Watch a video with part of the bonus features of the new DVD: Season 2:

"I love episodes in Blue Bloods where the family all has to rally to the same cause, or is affected by a situation -- if the crime somehow impacts everyone," says Donnie Wahlberg, while Bridget Moynahan explains, "I think different people are responding to different relationships on the show in the family dynamic."
  • New DVD has been released on september 11th, if you haven't yet, here is what you'll get:
"Blue Bloods: The Second Season" includes a slew of never-before-aired deleted scenes, a special inside look from the set with stars Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes, a two-part documentary on the making of the series, and an exclusive interview with music legend and season two guest star Tony Bennett, the must-have collection will be available just in time for the third season broadcast premiere this fall.
Special Features:
-On the Set with Donnie & Will
-Keeping it Real, Season 2
-A Higher Standard, The Story of the Reagans, Season 2,Part 1
-A Higher Standard, The Story of the Reagans, Season 2, Part 2
-Gag Reel
-Deleted Scenes
-Meet the Maestro: Tony Bennett
-Audio Commentary
  • Actor Louis Ozawa will appear on episode six.

LOUIS OZAWA CHANGCHIEN will play the role of Raja.
Louis has appeared recently in the Bourne Legacy and Predators.
Here is the description
Late 30s, this Malaysian drug trafficker is an "arrogant hard-ass" who ran the New York drug trade for his kingpin brother back in Malaysia. Sentenced to 20 years for his crimes, he's being brokered as the "ransom" for a kidnapped cop. Regal and disdainful, he's convinced that he and his brother have the police exactly where they want them -- but Danny and the team have an unusual way of making him talk
  • Watch a few short promo videos of the new season:

  • Watch a promo of the season premiere:

  • In case you missed it before, here are some details about the upcoming episodes of the new season:
Episode 1
Episode 2
  • TVGuide is doing a sweepstake where you can win a copy of the BB Season 2 DVD. Click HERE to apply.

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