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First off, let me start by thanking everyone for making Live & Unfinished and Live & "Still" Unfinished an unbelievable adventure for me!! It has been amazing for me throughout all the Shows, VIP Brunches, Dinners and Events to be able to see everyone of YOU and I truly appreciate all of your continued support!!
Let's do it again sometime!  (hmmmm)....
NOW, for all of those asking, yelling, kicking, and screaming at me for this....I am happy to announce that all my latest tour Merch is now available online at jordan !!!
I'm talking about Live & Unfinished Tour T's (both US & Canada Versions), O-Face T's, Tote Bags, #ahf*ckyeah Bracelets, and Pin Packs!!!
Also available?  Bundles!  That's right! We have both a US version & a Canada version
I wanted to make sure those that may have missed out while on the road had a chance to get it here!!
All T's will be available in all sizes and we will do our best to fulfill orders and ship as fast as possible, especially with the Holidays coming up!!
Again, THANK YOU!!!



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