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Day 32

Got my bib number!!!! Yeah!! I am feeling good.
Did 16.5 last Monday in 2:30 (9 minute miles). Felt ok about it.
Did 10 miles this past Sunday in 1:20 with an even 40/40 split for 8 minute miles, so that was cool.
Taking it down a bit this week but then this next big run on Monday is for 18 miles! Gotta map that run out… I want to get more conscious of mile markers and what the course has- so a little more research than just getting out there and running.
All this is really a privilege. Good thing there’s only a month to go- I think my wife is getting tired of me skipping out the door :)
On a side note- Ryan Hall, the fastest time by an American at Boston (2011) had to drop out of race this year due to injury… Guess I’m gonna have to go win the whole thing now!

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