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Day 21

Wow…guess I’ve been too busy training to blog…or don’t have the extra energy to do so. Waahhh!!! *whine*
Last Monday I did 15 miles. Most ever! And I did the last half faster. Did the last two mile in 16 minutes…finish strong!!!
As I’ve said, I’m trying to not heel strike and stay on the balls of my feet. Its working. I think my calfs are gonna be the size of Comm. Ave. by the time I get to Boston.
I continue to just do what my trainer has layed out for that day. Can’t say enough how amazing that is to have it all put out for you.
Tomorrow is an easy X-training day and then Monday I run 16.5 miles! Yikes!
Gotta start planning my route for that…Hmmm… Hollywood sign maybe…a little inspiration from the stars on the Blvd?? Maybe.
Thanks for reading oxox
Oh, btw! I filled in my form to get my number for the marathon and sent it off to Hopkinton!!

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