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- Artist Direct:
"I like the new you," Donnie Wahlberg croons on "Remix I Like The", the first single from New Kids on the Block's, 10.
He could very well be talking about his group's latest record. 10 feels unequivocally and undeniably "new". It's not the work of a pop juggernaut reaching for past glories; it's the epic vision of five musicians whose feet are firmly planted in the future and are still leading the pack. That's the most magical and marvelous thing about 10. It's New Kids On The Block's best album to date and a 21st century pop milestone.

 New Kids On The Block "10" Album Review — 5 out of 5 stars
- Billboard:

 - Yahoo! OMG UK
New Kids On The Block score a 7 with '10'
 . Newsday:
New Kids on the Block's '10' review: Boy banders still got it
- Boston globe:
New Kids all grown up and falling short on drab ‘10’

- Entertainment Focus - UK:

" This ensures that 10 is a cohesive pop masterclass with New Kids on the Block proving that they can keep up with the younger crop."
"New Kids on the Block may have been around for 27 years but they put the majority of the current pop groups to shame. 10 is a cohesive record that reminds you that the group are vocally one of the strongest still in the pop landscape."
 4/5 stars
New Kids on the Block – 10 album review
  - Entertainment Weekly:

- Huffington Post:

In a world where true pop romance is dead, this 12-track album separates the men from the boys in the musical arena. They sing with confidence on the touching ballad "Back to Life" (a wink to their phoenix-like rebirth?), issue a playful, energetic party invitation on the first single "Remix (I Like The)" and let emotion pour in "Miss You More."
Their swagger in "We Own the Night" puts to shame their contemporary counterparts who sing in only one direction. They may not set teenage hearts aflutter anymore, but they've got the rest of the market covered.
'10' Review: New Kids On The Block Returns With A 'Catchy Pop' Album 
Also in:
Washington Post:
New Kids on the Block’s 6th studio album, ‘10,’ issues invitation 1 can’t refuse
Vancouver Sun:
Album reviews: New Kids on the Block, The Black Angels, Charles Bradley and more
- Glamour Magazine:  
"Glam Tracks:"We Own Tonight," "Jealous (Blue)," "Back to Life"
Our Rating: ♥ ♥"
Glamour's Hot List of Albums to Download This Week, Starring New Kids on the Block
- The Star - Canada:
New Kids on the Block release new album, 10: Review
 - Rhapsody:
10 - New Kids on the Block
 - Idolator:
The Best Song Wasn’t The Single: “Crash” is dance-pop perfection.
Best Listened To: On your way to the Package tour
Idolator Rating: 2.5/5
New Kids On The Block’s ’10′: Album Review
- Music OMH - UK:
New Kids On The Block – 10
- JSOnline:
New Kids on the Block. 10. The Block
- All Music UK:
New Kids on the Block. 10
- The Guardian UK:
New Kids on the Block: 10 – review
- The Arts Desk UK:

New Kids On The Block - 10
 - The Scotsman UK:

New Kids On The Block: 10. The Block/Boston Five

- MIMO Weekly:
New Kids On the Block “10” – Album Review

- Song Lyrics:
Listing: The Top 5 Boyband Cliches From New Kids On The Block’s ‘10’
- Boston Herald
New Kids show signs of stunted growth on ‘10’
- Michigan Daily
 Nothing new in NKOTB's '10'
- Polaris Magazine:
10 • New Kids On The Block

10 • New Kids On The Block

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   New Kids On The Block: 10

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New Kids on the Block 10 Album {Review & Giveaway!}

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Review - New Kids on the Block - 10

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