EURWEB: TNT’s ‘Boston’s Finest’ Wraps Season in Wake of Tragedy

*TNT reality series “Boston’s Finest” ends its freshman season on Wednesday with an episode given more weight in light of Monday’s bombings.
As previously reported, the show is a passion project for its producer Donnie Wahlberg, a to-the-bone Bostonian whose tweets made national news yesterday as he sought an update on his New Kids on the Block band mate Joey McIntyre, who was running in the race.
Joey eventually tweeted that he was ok, and had crossed the finish line just five minutes before the two bombs went off, killing three people and injuring at least 170.
The handful of cops featured on “Boston’s Finest” were likely among those called to the horrific scene.
Wahlberg isn’t a cop, but he’s certainly played a bunch of them on TV. He’s currently NYPD detective Danny Reagan on CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” and suited up as an LAPD detective on NBC’s short-lived “Boomtown” in 2002. An opportunity, therefore, to follow real officers from his hometown was right in his wheelhouse.
“This is what speaks to my sensibilities,” Wahlberg told us during interviews for the show. “I’m in Boston all the time. I’m in those streets every day. I deal with the people there every day. So for me, the story that I want to tell is about the people that I know. It’s about the people I grew up with, the people I grew up around, and people who are doing heroic things.”
Below, Wahlberg explains why he was the best person to bring “Boston’s Finest” to the small screen, and to TNT in particular.


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