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Day 60-ish

Sitting in the dressing room for the French Canadian version of The Voice (La Voix) with NKOTB. I am supposed to stay off my feet today and so far: mission accomplished in that one. I have had moments of anxiety/ excitement since I stopped into Boston to pick up my bib on Friday. Emotions start coming to the surfice. I am now thankful for the distraction of going to Toronto and Montreal this weekend. I’ve been sleep ok but then mercifully I just had a really good nap!! So we will shoot La Voix and be done at 7:40 and then jump on a plane and get into Boston around 10 and hopefully I’ll be in bed by 11-ish :)… feeling good. Let me thank you one more time for all your thoughts and prayers and well wishes!! See you out there on the course :)

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