Marisa Ramirez Teases Blue Bloods Season 4, Gushes Over Donnie Wahlberg's Boy Band Moves

TVF: Danny and Maria, you said before they’re kind of brother/sister, is that the same dynamic between the two of them or are they butting heads at all? How is the relationship with them this season?MR: Not at all. They’re just getting along like great partners, just really working as a team, and having fun together and just going off of each other’s personalities, but it’s fun solving cases together and stuff and there’s definitely a lot of teamwork and they haven’t been butting heads at all. Who knows, maybe that’s coming too. I don’t know. 
TVF: What’s it been like working with Donnie Wahlberg especially now that you’re a series regular and are spending a lot of time with him?MR: It’s so much fun. He just has this kind of youthful energy about him and he makes everything just so much fun, and long days don’t feel long when we’re working together, because everything is just happy and fun and no drama. He loves to make the crew laugh and tell jokes and do silly, boyish things. I just love working with him, really. I couldn’t think of another person in the industry I’d rather be working with.
TVF: Does it ever dawn on you, like, ‘this guy was a teen idol at one time, dancing around and singing.’MR: I’ve gone to see him and the band twice. I went to Staples Center and then I drove down to Atlantic City when he was out here. I think it dawned on me there, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m working with this guy every day. Now he’s a detective, but he’s standing up there and his shirt is off and he’s shaking his ass for all of these chicks who are just screaming their heads off, but I actually get to work with him every day. Hang on a minute, is this real?’ Yeah, but he’s so much fun, and all the guys in the group are just so nice, and it’s such a cool thing and such a neat experience. 
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