Metro Sweden: Interview with Danny Wood

New Kids on the Block: We always try to reinvent ourselvesNew Kids on the Block occupies Annexet in Stockholm on Tuesday to give fans an intimate gig. Metro met Danny Wood who told me what he thinks of Sweden, about why he can not give any advice to One Direction and what he thinks about his daughter is in love with Jordan Knight.

Your tour is described as "An intimate evening with New kids on the block." In what way is it intimate?
- We have played at many major venues but we have tried to play a few less in the U.S. and it gives totally different feeling with the audience. We have not done that in Sweden before and we wanted to try to give fans a new type of experience that feels personal. We are always trying to innovate, said Danny Wood, 45, to Metro.
You released the album "10" last year. But will the audience, despite it still only hear the old songs?
- If you are a hardcore NKOTB fan, then you want to hear the new songs as well, but generally speaking, so the audience for the old songs. But we play all the old songs, no matter what. That's why we're here. One can not, as a performer, avoid their old songs or think that your latest album is the best.
If someone had told you twenty years ago that you will keep on with this today, what would you say then?
- If someone had told me I had laughed. I had never even imagined that we would be reunited after our fifteen years long residence. It's like One Direction are still under 20 years. We are fortunate, blessed, and I am proud that we have managed to stay together and for that we are still driving on.
What would you give advice to today's boy bands, like One Direction. How do they manage to stay together for so long and still have an audience?
- I have no advice to give them, why would they listen to me? The best advice I could give them is to enjoy every second. I will.
You took a break for fifteen years. Did you miss the group then or it was nice to do something else?
- I did not miss it at all. The success happened so quickly that it was almost difficult to manage, and we needed to be apart. But groups today, as One Direction, have it much worse than we had it then because there's social media. Whatever they do, then there is everywhere now. If I went out with a girl nobody knew it, no one put it out on Instagram three minutes later. These things did not materialize.
What was it like to start over with the New Kids on the Block Again?
- It was fun and especially fun for my daughters had no idea how great we were. They knew I had been in a group before and that we were singing but they did not know the extent of it. Now they are accustomed and sometimes follow them on tour. My 16-year-old Chance Love Jordan (Knight, Editor's note). Sometimes he drives Princes song "Kiss" on stage and of course it has a certain sexual allusion and once when she was at a gig, I saw her standing in the audience and the film Jordan when he sang. She said afterwards "I'm sorry dad, but he's so cute." I answered like "Yeah, it's better that you have a crush on him than on someone I do not know."
Do you have family on this tour?
- No, they go to school. But that's okay. Things are going well and they know I'm going home. It is worse for Joey McIntyre who have small children, the oldest is sort of five or six.
How does it feel to be back in Sweden?
- It feels good! The fans came out to the airport and met us when we arrived. It's not like when One Direction come here yet, haha. And so I was off and running yesterday and it was cold. I live in Miami and it's really cold here. It snowed ju-May!
How long will the New Kids on the Block to hold on?
- Haha, I do not know. As long as we are healthy and able to give the audience a show so we continue. We have fun!

Filippa Frisell doing internship at Metro got a question for Danny Woods. She wondered who his role model. - I would say my dad. He is a good role model. He travels with us on our tours and he is a sort of ambassador for the NKOTB. He socializes with fans. For the group as were probably the pioneers Jackson Five. They came before us and those we looked up to. Now we are not up to the artists that way, but we go our own way. Hopefully other artists up to us now.

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