Q&A: Jenny McCarthy Talks ‘Dirty Sexy Funny,’ and marriage

Boston.com: So you’re bringing your show to Boston and your fiancé, Donnie Wahlberg, will be joining you and the other comics at the Wilbur. Do you feel like an adopted Bostonian considering the deep roots Donnie and his family have with the city?Jenny McCarthy: You know, I’m hoping that’s what it means. I would be honored. I feel like Chicago and Boston are two cities that you can probably say somewhat mirror each other. There’s a lot of Irish Catholic – we drink beer – and are very down to earth. So I’d love nothing more than to be considered a Bostonian.
Boston.com: Do you guys have anything special planned while you’re in town? A trip to see Alma perhaps?McCarthy: I have no doubt we will be with the matriarch of the Wahlbergs. We’ll spend some quality time with her the night before just to get some family time in.
Boston.com: How much time have you spent with Donnie and his family?McCarthy: Of course not as much as I would likeBoston.com: Now you have a wedding coming up and both of you are parents, is it hard balancing the upcoming nuptials with work and family life?McCarthy: I’ve realized that there’s no such thing as balance, and if I do, it might be for five minutes. Kind of letting yourself be guilt free, or not being able to maintain that perfect kind of balance, I feel like I’m constantly seesawing it. You’re either working too much or not working. It’s really looking at what’s in front of me and staying as present as I possibly can, that’s the only way I can deal with our schedules, because it does get crazy. I mean, my schedule is busy, and I’d never met someone whose schedule is worse than mine. The fact that we’ve been able to spend as much time as we do together blows my mind and makes me realize that we were absolutely meant to be together.. Everyone has got such busy schedules. But the amount that I have with them, I’m surprised we’ve been able to manage it. Probably because of the show, “Wahlburgers,” it really provided like a reason for everyone to stop what they’re doing and get together. If anything good comes out of reality shows, I’ve been witnessing one good thing, which is family coming together.
Boston.com: Speaking of work, tell me more about your show, “Dirty Sexy Funny.” What’s your approach to coming up with material for the stage? What do you find funny?McCarthy: I went to a comedy show three years ago, and you know how when you go to comedy nights, there’s always this one comedian that really makes you laugh? Well, I thought to myself, what if I picked four or five of the funniest chicks of each night and branded it. How fun of a night would that be? I spent – and I’m not exaggerating – three years, I went from club to club to club, writing on napkins, finding girls, auditioning them, then doing workshops, and putting it together on stage and making a live show from it. It’s turned out exactly the way I want it to be. I wanted it to be part of the show, even though I’m not a stand-up [comedian], I appreciate it, so I created these media vignettes that you see throughout the show. So not only am I emceeing the night, there’s also some really funny videos that I’ve put into the live show.


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