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THE DROP: New Kids on the Block played Radio City Music 2010...pop reflections...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If you're not aware, we here at True Genius Requires Insanity have a bit of a love affair going with popular music. We love pop music so much that we throw a quarterly party that celebrates 50 years of it, FRIENDS at DC's Wonderland Ballroom. Intrinsic to the development of my love of pop music was New Kids on the Block. In 1989, I discovered the single "Hanging Tough." Just like the entire rest of the known universe, I became a fan. I may have only been their only eleven year old black male fan, but there I was nonetheless. I followed the New Kids from "Hanging Tough" to the ever tough and in retrospect cringe worthy remix of "Friends," and even supported Donnie's lil bro Marky Mark, finding "You Gotta Believe" and "Wildside" much better singles than "Good Vibrations." My NKOTB love continues on to the Jordan Knight solo era, as his "Give It To You" stands up against anything N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys released in the same era. The legendary boy band is a timeless piece of pop culture's edifice and is deserving of all praise.

Now, all grown up and in their late 30s, the group is once again on the touring circuit. Yeah, Donnie's an actor, Joey's got facial hair, Jonathan's a real estate broker, Danny sells private jets and I definitely went to a Jordan Knight concert at Arlington's State Theatre in 2005 and have an album of him covering NKOTB tracks as muzak ballads on my iPOD. In these economic times of gloom for the recording industry, there are viable solutions for mature pop acts, as people are always more apt to want to dance with the girl they know is a good time than the new girl at the party.

Take a second and enjoy the video linked above, and reminisce about what was probably a better time in life, and certainly a better time in music. Enjoy!

Backstreet Boys Make the New Kids Fans Scream

Backstreet Boys Make the New Kids Fans Scream

By Aileen Wong/ Monday June 21, 2010 11:40 AM EDT
Backstreet Boys Make the New Kids Fans Scream
AJ McLean, Nick Carter and Joey McIntyre
Janette Pellegrini/WireImage

Boy band fans got a tuneful surprise Saturday night at New York's Radio City Music Hall when the Backstreet Boys made a surprise appearance at the New Kids on the Block concert.

"You get two for the price of one tonight," Nick Carter told the screaming crowd.

The New Kids on the Block – Joey McIntyre, 37, Donnie Wahlberg, 40, Danny Wood, 41, and brothers Jordan, 40, and Jonathan Knight, 41 – were sitting in front of a white curtain bantering when they launched into the Backstreet Boys's 1999 hit "I Want It That Way," an hour into the concert.

As the audience began to sing, the curtain lifted, revealing the Backstreet Boys – Brian Littrell, 35, Nick Carter, 30, A.J. McLean, 32, and Howie Dorough, 36, who finished out the song.

Cue the deafening screams!

After the big reveal, the musicians embraced on stage, and both groups continued singing. Then the New Kids ceded the stage to the Backstreet Boys, who performed another number.

"I want to thank those guys right there," a gracious Littrell said. "They are our mentors. We've been fans of theirs for a long, long time."

After performing their 2002 song "Shape of My Heart" while perched on stools, the Boys left the stage with some protest – "Bring them back," screamed some fans! – only to reappear at the finale when the NKOTB performed "Hangin' Tough."

At the end of the show, all took a bow and jumped off the steps on the stage as green and white confetti and streamers rained down from the ceiling.

New Kids On The Block And Backstreet Boys Sing Together: In NYC (VIDEO)

June 21, 2010 11:36 PM EDT

Boy Band Fans it doesn't get much better than this! This weekend at the New Kids on the Block concert at Radio City Music Hall in NYC the Backstreet Boys made a surprise performance of I Want It That Way.
The only way that could have gotten better is if Nsync showed up! I remember New Kids on the Block was my first concert I ever went to and I cried because it was so loud. I was also a HUGE BSB fan from the start. Think about the variety of generations of fans that attended the concert. How exciting for the people at Radio City to have experienced this!
Justin Bieber may be the new boy sensation, but just for one night he better watch out because this is amazing! Check out the video below!

New Kids On The Block perform a live concert at Radio City Music 
Hall on June 17, 2010 in New York City (photo by Chris2010 / Meet The 
Famous) Photo via Newscom

New Kids On The Block And The Backstreet Boys Perform TOGETHER On Stage

June 21, 2010 02:34 PM EDT

This is something you really don't hear about every day. If you attended the New Kids On The Block concert at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday June 19th, then you were in for a big unexpected treat. When the boyband broke into their cover of the Backstreet Boys hit song, I Want It That Way. those in the crowd were able to see the Backstreet Boys walk out on stage to join the New Kids On The Block. Video of the moment has now hit the net, and I have that for you below!
I can admit being a fan of New Kids On The Block during the 1980s. I had my New Kids merchandise! That boyband reunited three years ago and they released their first album, The Block, in 2008. The Backstreet Boys are far from boys now, but even with losing one of their original band members, the band is still together and going strong. I was a fan of them as well! Yes, cheesy boyband pop is a guilty pleasure. What do you think of the two together on stage?

© Regina Avalos

The New Kids on the Block Love Women's Breasts

In a surprise to this Anti-Gossip writer, the New Kids on the Block prove that like a fine wine, they get better with age. Gabby Reese Calls on President Obama to Be a Big Bad Mama Jamma!!
Women in their 30s Love NKOTB More than Ever
It was hard to imagine the crowd at the New Kids on the Block concert at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night getting any more emotional than they already were as the five former boy banders (now man banders?) crooned "Please Don't Go Girl." But they did. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as the guys brought out a $110,000 check made out to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Band member Danny Wood lost his mother, Betty, to breast cancer in September 1999. Since then, the band has sold special NKOTB tank tops and donated portions of ticket sales to breast cancer charities in Betty's honor.
"Through all of this, I wish my mother were here to see it, but I know in my heart that she sees it every night," Danny told the crowd of wildly emotional women (and three men).
Danny's declaration ended up in a group hug that felt so genuine that I want to rename these now-approaching-middle-aged crooners, The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants.
While talking to Joey McIntyre before the show, he told me brotherhood is actually pretty accurate.
"We are more like brothers than buddies. We're not each others only best friends. We have lives outside the group and we're not brothers, but we are somewhere in between," Joey said. "We have this unique and cool relationship and you know I think it is a kick that we all still want to do this together. These guys wanting to do it, just makes me want to do it more."
If their fans have anything to say about it, the guys will be doing it for a lot longer than they ever anticipated when they shot to fame as the sexiest 18-year-olds in America (yeah Bieber you weren't the first).
Joey told me they will happily keep performing after they collect their AARP cards.
"If our fans want to see us and someone asks us then of course we will be doing it."

Backstreet Boys Team Up With New Kids On The Block In New York, Leave Me Devastated

Somehow the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys plotted against me. I don't know how this happened. I've only showed my unwavering support to both bands over the span of two decades. And, yet on Saturday night (June 19) in New York City, those two bands decided to hit the stage together — yes together — to perform, and yet no one told me about it.

When the New Kids played Radio City Music Hall over the weekend they decided to cover BSB's classic hit, "I Want It That Way." During the cover (or at least from what I can ascertain from the video posted below, since, you know I somehow wasn't there myself), the boys of Backstreet joined them on stage for the song. Cue the seemingly endless screams of joy (none of which came from me since, you know, I wasn't there). And then BSB played "Shape of My Heart," which is an amazing song and just might be my favorite track ever from the Boys.

"As for TONIGHT'S Concert... BACKSTREET BOYS got my respect forever!" Donnie Wahlberg later tweeted. "That was awesome! What a night!... My heart is full."

Is my heart full? It is — full of sadness and disappointment and regret. Am I devastated? Yes. Will I forgive either band for not including me in this magic? I am not sure. Do I want to cry as I watch the footage? A little bit. Do they owe me? Big time.


Jessica Simpson Loves 'NKOTB!'

Jessica Simpson Loves 'NKOTB!'
Jessica Simpson shows her love for 'New Kids on The Block' as she leaves Abe & Arthur's on June 23, 2010 in New York, New York.

NKOTB + BSB = a lot wet panties

June 21st, 2010

(video from Yikes77)

Yesterday New Kids on the Block was playing Radio City Music Hall when they were joined by another boy band the Backstreet Boys. The excitement from all of those former-teeny boppers was so ear numbing loud that I now have a headache that has Excedrin written all over it. Just think if their screaming was that high pitched, I don’t want to know how wet their panties were because it was a 30-something’s wet dream in 1999. Just think in 10 years the Jonas Brothers will get the same reaction when they join BSB at a show.
BTW I hope the two adult boy bands do a tour together so other women can enjoy them because according to those squeals it something they want to see. They can call their venture NKOTBSB, don’t you think? Just some advice if you go to see them, bring the aspirin because you are going to need it.

New Kids on the Block Still Have the Right Stuff

By Jo Piazza  Posted Jun 21st 2010 04:00PM

If you are concerned that Bieber fever is spreading like wildfire, then you should be extra worried about a more mature pandemic with a strain that has mutated so many times there is little hope for a cure. It's New Kids on the Block fever, and it seems to infect women ages 27 to 40. Proof of the madness this pyrexia can cause was found at Thursday and Friday night's NKOTB concert at Radio City Music Hall.

Kathy Marcus, 33, had traveled from Philadelphia to see what would be her seventeenth NKOTB show. She had made each of the boy band members a bedazzled T-shirt. On the back, it read, "Who Loves You? Kathy."

She went back to the stage door, where a body guard accepted the shirts and promised to give them to the guys. This happens a lot. The band gets hundreds of home-made T-shirts and jerseys at each performance.

One woman nearly fainted at the site of Donnie Wahlberg striding into the theater, not incognito enough behind dark sunglasses. (Memo: Don't ask Donnie why he wears said sunglasses indoors during an interview, he gets super prickly.)
Other near middle-aged women bitten by the NKOTB bug clutched dolls of Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight. One woman balanced her doll in one hand and a hot pink sign in the other, which read on one side, "I f***ing love you." On the other side it simply said, "Moist."

It was doubtlessly these fans and millions like them who propelled the New Kids on the Block to a successful comeback in 2008 and has them selling out venues across the country for this year's 'Casi-No Tour.' And the boy banders turned man banders, who one day hope to be old banders, know it. We took a few minutes to chat with Joey and Jordan before Friday night's show about how much their fans truly love them, the fact that they don't watch 'Glee' (not sure if we believe it), the low point of their lives and why one of these days they will just turn into the boy band version of 'The Golden Girls.'

Is it awesome or terrifying to finally be playing Radio City?
Joe McIntyre: Last night was personally amazing and fun, but I think it was added pressure. It's a heavier gig. You try to soak it up, but its such a historic venue that it takes some time to get into your groove.

What's the wackiest thing one of your fans have done to get close to you guys?
Jordan Knight: Everyone always asks that. Like they want us to tell them bad stories. We do have dedicated fans, but they're not as nutty as people think. They're just into us. They love us. We reciprocate their love and we put a lot of time into making our fans happy.

Joe: They put a lot of time into the notes and gifts they give us.

So you reciprocate your fans love how? Social media? Twitter?
Joe: We do that, but it's a lot more touchy-feely than that. It's very heartfelt. We're constantly trying to think of special events and moments where we can pay them back. It's a wonderful relationship.

(Note: Joe cried twice onstage during Friday night's show.)

You guys have had a long run. What's the high point and what's the low point?
Joe: The low point was arguably getting woken up by sprinklers in my front yard, probably about ten years ago.

After what kind of night?
Joe: You tell me, use your imagination. And the high point is playing Radio City Music Hall.

Jordan: I'm too even-keeled for high and low points.

So no more waking up wet on the lawn?
Joe: I'm up before the sprinklers come on now. We have families now. It's almost cliche, but anyone with a family and kids knows it is the great equalizer and balances your life and gives you perspective and energy and makes you want to give your best all the time.

Do your kids think you're cool?
Jordan: My 10-year-old still thinks I am cool and we're cool, which is cool. When he turns 12 or 13 everything is gonna change.

You know what would be fun, if you guys guest-starred on 'Glee.' Any chance of that happening?
Jordan: Sure, why not. It would be the perfect show?
Joe: You've watched that show right? It's like 'Fame.'
Jordan: I haven't seen it.
Joe: Me neither.

Do you guys think you'll be doing this when you're crusty old men?
Jordan: It would be fun to do this into our golden years. When we were 18, these right now were our golden years and we thought we could never do it. We thought we'd be too old and crusty.

Joe: We think we look better than some of the older bands out there. (Note: During the performance, Joe performs 'Sweet Dreams' in a dinner jacket with nothing under it. His abs rival Taylor Lautner's.) And of course we will keep doing it. Say you're just hanging out one day and somebody says [they] will give you a million dollars for the summer to go tour with your buddies. You're gonna say yes.

Jordan: My mom says it doesn't matter how old you get, you still have the same feelings inside and we still have those great feelings. I think [that's] the beauty of this whole thing. People say we started the boy band thing. There's that and then we reunited. Now, we set a new precedence that boy bands can get back together. We shattered the window they said we had.


Backstreet Boys And New Kids On The Block Team Up!

Check out this AMAZEBALLS video of the New Kids On The Block performing at Radio City Music Hall this past weekend, where the Backstreet Boys joined them on stage for a surprise performance of I Want It That Way!
Look at the two different generations of fangirls losing their shiz all over the place! All they need now is a dose of Bieber fever and reality would just implode!

NKOTB and BSB on Entertainment Tonight

NKOTB & BSB on ET - 06-21-10

Backstreet Boys make surprise visit at New Kids on The Block concert

By Joe Brooks (WIREUPDATE) — Boy band lovers rejoiced this past weekend as two of the most iconic groups both took to the stage in New York City. The Backstreet Boys made a surprise appearance at the New Kids on the Block concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

(Performance Below)
The two groups both sang the Backstreet Boy’s hit single "I Want it That Way" while fans in the crowd were shocked to be in attendance for the encounter. New Kids on the Block were a boy band from the 1980s and 1990s who sold over 80 million records worldwide. The group disbanded in 1994, however they finally got back together in 2007 to record a new album titled "The Block".
Despite being around for three decades, this past weekend marked the first time that The New Kids on the Block ever performed at Radio City Music Hall.

New Kids On The Block - New Kids Thrill With Backstreet Boys Duet

New Kids On The Block
Caption: New Kids On The Block (Picture) launch their Concert Cruise Miami, Florida ....

New Kids Thrill With Backstreet Boys Duet

Fans at a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert were in for a double delight on Saturday (19Jun10) - when the pop stars brought out the BACKSTREET BOYS for a duet.
The 1980s group thrilled fans at New York City's Radio City Music Hall when they began to cover Backstreet Boys' hit I Want It That Way for the sold-out crowd.
And the audience proceeded to go wild when the Backstreet Boys themselves stepped onto the stage to finish the song with the New Kids.
After the show, New Kid Donnie Wahlberg wrote on his blog, "As for TONIGHT'S Concert.... BACKSTREET BOYS got my respect forever! That was awesome! What a night!... My heart is full."

NKOTB in RCMH 19/06/10


New Kids performed in NYC on Saturday night... and guess who joined them on stage??  Yup - Backstreet Boys!!
If I was there, I think I would have pee'd my pants from all the excitement!
Too much information?  I'm sorry...  LOL
Enjoy the video!!
Chat soon,
Miss Pina

New Kids On The Block & Backstreets Boys: Concert Duet!

New Kids On The Block & Backstreets Boys: Concert Duet!
The Backstreet Boys come out on stage and perform their smash hit “I Want It That Way” with New Kids on the Block during their concert at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday (June 19) in New York City.
“WE want it that way!” NKOTB tweeted of their duet with BSB.
BSB: Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, A. J. McLean and Howie Dorough; NKOTB: Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight.
Watch a snippet of the video below!

New Kids On The Block & Backstreets Boys: Concert Duet!

NKOTB @ Radio City Music Hall 17/06/10

via Getty Images

New Kids On The Block Get On Top: Wake-Up Video

By the time June 1989 rolled around, New Kids on the Block had already become a phenomenon. The quintet of dreamy dudes from Boston had made a habit out of making teen girls swoon from coast to coast, but their first two huge hits singles from their second album Hangin' Tough — "Please Don't Go Girl" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" — fell short of the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (though they both broke into the top 10). On this day in '89, the group scored their first chart-topper: "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)," the falsetto-heavy piano ballad that became an instant staple at middle school dances.
In an interesting development, the charts of the 1980s were completely the opposite of the charts today. Back then, an album could stay at the top of the Billboard 200 for months at a time, but a multi-week reign at the front of the singles chart was just about impossible. Today, there's a different album at the head of the line every week and the singles chart tends to be ruled by one song for weeks at a time. Thus, "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" spent only a week on top, knocking off Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" but falling to Richard Marx's "Satisfied" one week later. New Kids on the Block actually had two chart-toppers in '89, as "Hangin' Tough" broke onto the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in September (displacing Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted" but later bowing to the power of Gloria Estefan's "Don't Want to Lose You" a week later).
All told, Hangin' Tough went on to sell 16 million copies worldwide. Though never particularly known for their visual sense (their videos were mostly of the five New Kids performing and goofing around, which is all anybody ever wanted anyway), the clip for "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" is a tasteful flashback to a (slightly) simpler time.

nuevo vlog de Jordan Knight

Big Foot in NYC

Wahlberg and Snoop Dogg put their loyalties on the line

Never mind that boring bet between Hizzoner Tom Menino and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. How about rapper Snoop Dogg’s wager with the Celts’ No. 1 fan Donnie Wahlberg? The SoCal hip-hopper, who proudly wears the purple and gold of his beloved Lakers, bet the New Kid singer $20,000 that LA would have its way with Boston in the NBA Finals. (No, Wahlberg and Snoop aren’t tight, but they have met a few times and share a love of basketball.)
“I was just minding my own business, and a bunch of people tweeted me about Snoop’s bet,’’ Wahlberg told us before last night’s Game 6. “My first thought was, of course, but I also thought it might be illegal and I don’t need the IRS coming after me.’’ 
So Wahlberg suggested they do it for their respective charities, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Snoop Youth Football League. Snoop said sure but also upped the ante, declaring that the loser has to wear the other team’s jersey for a week. 
“I’d rather walk around with 20 live skunks hanging from me than wear a Lakers jersey, but OK,’’ 

Wahlberg told us. Win or lose, he’s suggested the bet be settled onstage at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, where NKOTB play tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Wahlberg’s waiting to hear back. 
“I’ve always been a Snoop fan, obviously,’’ he said, “but this has been fun.’’

Donnie guest role on In PlainSight might let him win an Emmy??

 Guest stars vie for Emmys

Comedy, drama candidates compete for nominations


Whether adding a few well-timed zingers in a single episode or playing out a dramatic arc throughout much of the season, these guest stars were an invaluable addition to their respective series.

Donnie Wahlberg
"In Plain Sight"
Why: Beantown native Wahlberg, who as Mark's brother doesn't often doesn't get the credit he deserves, plays a Boston crook who comes to New Mexico and tries to give up his life of crime for the sake of his teenage son.

Jordan Knight radio interview with 96.3 FM WDVD

Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight

New Kids on the Block vocalist Jordan Knight chats on the “Blaine & Allyson” show in advance of his June 19 concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor

Joey McIntyre in Corduroy Magazine VII


“I started getting pissed off and getting mad at people who were saying ‘You’re not relevant anymore’ and ‘The music business is changing.’ I had to knock them down one by one and make music loud enough and strong enough to drown them all out.”
His boyish charm and smooth voice have endeared him to millions of fans across the globe, but in a new interview with Corduroy Magazine, former teen heartthrob Joey McIntyre reveals a surprisingly different side of himself, sharing about his recent record label battles and thoughts about quitting the music industry altogether.
Excerpt from article:
When you’ve been selling out stadiums and topping music charts around the world since the age of 13, what is there left to accomplish? Joey McIntyre, it seems, just wants to go to school.
“I’d like to go to college and study world history or languages,” says McIntyre, best known as the youngest member of New Kids on the Block. “I want to take time to learn.”
But first, there’s some unfinished musical business to attend to, namely a new solo record – his fifth – that finds the singer, now all grown up at 37, taking a more introspective look at his career. This time, he’s also taking a more beat-driven route, with songs that whiz and bounce with Red Bull-esque energy and lyrics that find the smooth-voiced singer — dare we say — a little bit angry.
“I started getting pissed off and getting mad at people who were saying ‘You’re not relevant anymore’ and ‘The business is changing,’” he says, explaining his moment of rare aggression. “I had to knock them down one by one and make music loud enough and strong enough to drown them all out.”
As for what the future holds, McIntyre is optimistic if not, guarded.
“I always think I’m fucking done [and that] I’ll never do it again,” he says when pressed about leaving music behind to focus on new projects. “I’ve learned to go with the flow and not be too attached to the outcome.”
(Also available at Barnes & Noble, Universal News, Chapters, Indigo, etc…)

Pictures by Peter Ash Lee & Corduroy Magazine

Billy Bush Gets In On The Action with Donnie Wahlberg and Snoop

Billy Gets In On The Action with Donnie Wahlberg and Snoop
June 15, 2010
Billy Gets In On The Action with Donnie Wahlberg and Snoop
Snoop Dogg and Donnie Wahlberg(Getty Images)
Snoop and Donnie have a $20k bet on the outcome of the NBA Finals. Billy wants to sweeten the pot and Donnie calls in to accept!


BT in Casino Rama NKOTB concert

Had a Blast with the BT Gang at Casino Rama. I had an Amazing steak dinner at Lombardi’s and then watched New Kids with the Gang. The Crowd was Wild!! I really enjoyed watching our crew – April, Tracy and Josie freak out. I can’t say I was ever a fan but I always enjoy a night out at Casino Rama. I met a lot of really nice BT fans on Friday Night. Until the next concert at Rama…maybe John Mellencamp.

Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Challenges Donnie Wahlberg Over NBA Championships

Snoop Dogg
No one can say Snoop Dogg doesn't go hard for his city. Although his beloved Los Angeles Lakers currently are down three games to two against the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals, Snoop has taken to the Internet to voice his support for the Cali team in the NBA finals. He's even taken on boy-bander and hard-core Boston fan Donnie Wahlberg and challenged the Celtics supporter to a bet over which team will take home the trophy.
Snoop lays down the gauntlet in a video posted on his website, calling out Wahlberg and offering $20,000 to the charity of the winner's choice.
"What it do, Big Snoop Dogg, Lakers fan #1. Wahlberg what it do? Y'all want that bet? Let's get it crackin'," Snoop says. "20 Gs to your favorite charity, Lakers beat the Celtics, that's what it do!"
Comedian Mike Epps also reps for the Lakers and goes at Beantown fans in the video. "Boston, y'all ain't got nothin' on 'em," Epps jeered. "That cabbage green ain't got sh-- on that banana yellow, bitch!"
Snoop ropes in Donnie's brother Mark Wahlberg and Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White as well in another online video where he demands, "I need some free UFC tickets to all the upcoming fights and I need to be on 'Entourage,' I need to get in a movie with you, Marky Mark."
The Doggfather and the New Kids on the Block singer also have been going at it on Twitter. After putting up the $20,000 wager, Snoop upped the stakes, tweeting to @DonnieWahlberg, "Letz turn thiz up. Loser has to wear the winners colors for a week too!"
For his part, Wahlberg isn't taking Snoop's taunts lying down. Wahlberg tweeted on Friday that they should exchange the check onstage at Radio City Music Hall when NKOTB perform there this week. "I'll pay for the flight, rooms & expense. The loser steps on stage in the other [team's] jersey to hand over the check!"
But after the Celtics beat the Lakers in Game 5 on Sunday, Snoop Dogg kept it gentlemanly, tweeting, "Aight @donniewahlberg congrats green came strong but we goin 7 games!"
Wahlberg graciously accepted the props and gave Snoop a friendly tip about how the Lakers could take it all. "Thanks for the congrats @snoopdogg! I think it could go 7 but somebody, besides KOBE, needs to step up for LA or we will win it all in 6!"

Swarm swoons over NKOTB

The New Kids on the Block perform
 before a packed house of mostly women at the Colosseum Saturday, June 
12, 2010.
The New Kids on the Block perform before a packed house of mostly women at the Colosseum Saturday, June 12, 2010. 
Photograph by: Scott Webster, The Windsor Star
I suppose I realized the true power of New Kids On the Block when a woman elbowed me in the head.
It was during the climax of their song Tonight. The five boys from Boston had entered the audience area to stand on platforms and get personal with their fans. Less than five feet away from my seat was Jordan Knight -- the dapper one with the flawless falsetto, looking enviably trim and vigorous at 40 years old.
The women were a swarm of shrieking voices and outstretched arms. Cameras and cellphones were thrust high like weapons. I didn't stand a chance. Even the security detail looked nervous.
When Knight reached out to slap five with the many-handed mob, the screams reached a crescendo pitch.
It occurred to me that if he pointed me out and ordered them to tear me apart, they would do so without question.
The CIA called their mind control experiments MKULTRA. But I fear nothing, for I have witnessed a more revealing piece of history: NKOTB.
There were warning signs. The capacity crowd at Caesars Windsor's Colosseum on Saturday night was screaming before the show began. They were screaming at the countdown to the show, displayed over the stage in giant red digits.
Many in the overwhelmingly female throng displayed their loyalty in the form of homemade T-shirt slogans: I Heart NKOTB ... Mrs. Donnie Wahl-berg ... D-Dub Love. Others showed adoration in another manner -- heaving cleavage.
And for their faith, they were rewarded. More than two decades since Hangin' Tough, the quintet is in phenomenal shape, possessed of greater fitness than their youth. No middle-aged paunchiness. As Donnie Wahlberg said so many years ago, the NKOTB are indeed "too strong."
Not even an obvious curtain error at the start could keep the hormones from flowing. The audience responded to every choreographed lady-pleasing move: the opening of jackets, the grabbing of crotches, the pumping of hips.
Just as much of a revelation was the strength of NKOTB's voices. An acoustic ballad medley showcasing Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre proved that their vocal cords have suffered no diminishment over the past 22 years.
Nor have they lost any showmanship: After a particularly long note in Please Don't Go Girl, McIntyre dropped to his knees and wiped away a tear. The audience's appreciation was ear-splitting.
By the time McIntyre strutted the stage in a half-naked solo performance incorporating the Eurythmics hit Sweet Dreams, grown women were in paroxysms of pubescent lust. Or late-80s nostalgia.
But Donnie -- despite having the weakest singing voice of the group -- remained the crowd favourite. The multitude was at his command, replying to his every call for yeahs, ohs, whoas, etc. His butt-swivelling nearly brought the house down.
At one point, he merely struck a pose and beckoned for louder and louder screams.
He was not disappointed.

NKOTB @ Casino Rama

New Kids On The Block’s Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight took their tour to Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario last night.
I never know what to write about these guys because while I don’t dislike them, I can’t say I’m a big fan or anything, but I know there are some peeps out there who love these guys! You know who you are ;)
If you weren’t able to see last night’s show, they are also performing there tonight.

New Kids On the Block still hangin' tough

By Ted Shaw, Canwest News Service June 11, 2010
Singers Joey McIntyre, Jonathan 
Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Danny Wood of New Kids On The
 Block appear on NBC's 'Today' show at Rockefeller Center on May 8, 2009
 in New York City.
Singers Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block appear on NBC's 'Today' show at Rockefeller Center on May 8, 2009 in New York City.
Photograph by: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
Now that the New Kids on the Block are the comeback kids, the feeling couldn't be sweeter.
Jordan Knight, NKOTB's falsetto specialist, said the group keeps proving the critics wrong.
"When we began, we were told boy bands last about five years, get really popular, then disappear and are forgotten," Knight, 40, said.
In 1994, nine years after they were assembled from a massive audition process in Boston, NKOTB released their fourth bestselling studio album, Face the Music.
"The one thing we're most proud of," said Knight, "is against all odds and what critics were telling us, we reunited and came back and enjoyed some success."
All five original members - Knight, his brother Jonathan, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre - reformed after nearly 13 years apart to record The Block in 2008.
It marked an emphatic return to form, then a series of successful tours.
"We heard it all," said Knight. "They called our music simplistic, said our fans were nothing but mindless, hormonal girls and that we were just good-looking guys who didn't have any talent.
"But we knew otherwise. We knew our fans were great and there was a reason they got into us in the first place. We didn't listen to the critics and we did it our way."
During the dark years after Face the Music, 1995 to 2007, there was always a glimmer of hope NKOTB would return.
"The whole time we weren't together," said Knight, "we were all agreed that nothing is forever. Never say never. We kept telling ourselves that. The door was always open, and I'd say now the door is definitely wide open for another album and another tour."
In his distinctive Boston-area accent, Knight said part of the reason for the latest success is that each member has a chance to perform solo material during the concert. He and fellow Kids Wahlberg and McIntyre perform at least one song each from solo albums.
The songlist is a balance of old and new, he said. "Some groups come back and all they do is focus on the past. Others ignore the past and only do new stuff, but that denies the past."
The New Kids haven't forgotten the old fans. Their sets this tour have included most of the early hits - I'll Be Loving You (Forever), Cover Girl, Hangin' Tough, Step By Step and Tonight, among them - and several songs from The Block, including Single, 2 In The Morning and Grown Man.
The show itself is more elaborate than anything they've done before.
"There was a lot more care in our approach this time," he said. "In the past, we just kind of threw a set list together and went for it. But putting a show together now is an art. You pay attention to things like the transitions from song to song, the order of the songs, the length of each one, the staging. It's almost like putting together a Broadway show."
Likewise, when the five decided to record the reunion record, The Block, they didn't go ahead until all the pieces were in place.
"First of all, it had to be the five of us. It would not be the same without the five; it would be lame."
There were suggestions Jonathan Knight would not return for health reasons - he had been experiencing anxiety attacks - and that Wahlberg's acting career would keep him away.
Then, there was the name. All the Kids were in their late 30s at the time. Would they change their name? Already, they were being billed primarily as NKOTB to downplay the youth element.
"That was the one thing everyone asked us," said Knight. "And every time we were asked, we said, 'No way!' A group transcends its name. You didn't see the Beach Boys changing their name."
Knight grew up on a diet of English rock 'n' roll his older siblings listened to - Queen, The Who and Led Zeppelin. Later, when he got into breakdancing, he listened exclusively to hip hop.
A lot of The Block features Wahlberg's raps along with the soul and R&B flavours of earlier albums. But there was no grand design to the overall sound of The Block.
"People perceive us (being) shrewder than we actually are," said Knight. "We didn't think too deeply about the music. It was more feel than anything else. If something needs a rap here, we put it in; if it needs a falsetto there, we put it in. There wasn't a lot of planning that went into it."
In the same way, the band doesn't work at staying together. It's a natural process, sort of like family, said Knight. It's not all sweetness and light in the NKOTB universe.
"It's kind of like having brothers. There are times when we're really tight and times when there's friction. Healthy friction. Sometimes, someone rubs you the wrong way and you don't like him for it, but you don't stop loving him. The bond is always strong."

New Kids On The Block @ Casino Rama

Friday, 11 June 2010 01:13
The 80's Boston boy band that stole countless hearts of screaming teenage girls - New Kids On The Block back for their reunion Casi-No Tour 2010 after two decades of absence with a stop to a sold-out crowd at the Casino Rama on June 10.

Everyone has grown up including the audiences but not all audience are the 30s something as expected, the 20s something made up for a large portion of the crowd as they were too young to attend the boys' concerts back in the 80s and tonight concert was their chance to see the boys in action. The verdict - the boys still have their moves.
 New Kids On The Block members - Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyle, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight.  The Boston boys have two more scheduled performance in Southern Ontario - Casino Rama June 11 and Casino Windsor June 12.

Photos by Dominic Chan/n8n media group

Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block vs. CK Mornings - CKSY Radio

Casino Rama NKOTB concert review

Casino Rama, Rama -- June 10, 2010

New Kids On The Block perform Thursday night at Casino Rama. (Photo courtesy of Peter Turchet)
RAMA, Ont. - It was once more around The Block - and then some - at Casino Rama on Thursday night as ‘80s Boston boy band, New Kids On The Block, performed in front of hysterical, screaming female fans during the first of two sold-out shows.
And even for the most cynical, like those who remember their lacklustre performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards a couple of years ago, NKOTB proved to be no old men on the curb.
It probably helps that since releasing their first album in 14 years, 2008’s The Block, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joe(y) McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood - now all in their late ‘30s, early ‘40s - have been on the road non-stop, beginning with the first night of their reunion tour at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre in September 2008.
“It feels good to be back north of the border again,” said Wahlberg, wearing his trademark baseball hat.
After a running countdown, the five singer-dancers opened the 90-minute show with The Blocks’ "Lights Camera Action," with a blinding white light backdrop that initially showed them in silhouette.
Dressed in various shades of black, grey, silver and white with plenty of sparkling bling, and backed by a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, turntablist, it felt like the New Kids’ heyday all over again especially with the loudest response for such oldies as "Right Stuff," "Tonight" - which saw them wander into the audience to high-five excited fans fans - "Step By Step," and "Hangin’ Tough."

“We need Danny and Joey” requested Wahlberg of the two members who got held up in the crowd. From that frenzied moment, the fivesome attempted to take it down a notch to no avail.
“You don’t mind if we slow it down,” said Jordan Knight during an acoustic set of ballads - "I’ll Be Loving You," "If You Go Away," "Please Don’t Go Girl" - that saw the five men sit down with their musicians on acoustic guitars.
“We just want to take our time and tell you how much we appreciate you and love you.”
But when McIntyre hit a big note down on his knees during "Please Don’t Go Girl," even Jordan commented: “Joe, you got them riled up.”
“That first night we got back together, that first show in Toronto, we’ll never forget it,” said McIntyre. “It’s good to be back in Toronto. I know we’re an hour or so outside of Toronto, but we can call it Toronto.”
Added Wahlberg; “You got me emotional now Joe. That first night of our reunion in Toronto, in all of my years of performing, that’s one of my favourite nights.”
As a group, they then performed The Block’s "Single," leading up to more inspired solo turns, before finishing up the show as a quintet on "Full Service" and "Summertime" - both from The Block - the ballad "Close to You," and "Step By Step" and "Hangin’ Tough" with a bit of "We Will Rock You" thrown into the mix.
A shirtless McIntyre, dressed in a black tuxedo jacket with tails, wowed the crowd - and recalled the best Chippendales dancer ever - as he performed The Eurythmics’ "Sweet Dreams" and "Twisted."
He was followed by Jordan Knight, who came out to do "Never Let U Go" mashed up with P.M. Dawn’s "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss" while Wahlberg rapped, before Wahlberg’s solo outings on "I Got It" and "Cover Girl."
“I love you Canada,” said Wahlberg, who eventually held up the Canadian flag and held it close to his heart.
“And if you make me love you anymore I’m going to have to get some sort of passport and become a Canadian citizen.”
3 out of 5 stars
Lights Camera Action
One Song
Favourite Girl
Right Stuff
Click Click Click
Dirty Dancing
I’ll Be Loving You
If You Go Away
Please Don’t Go Girl
Sweet Dreams/Twisted - Joe(y)
Never Let U Go/Set Adrift On Memory Bliss - Jordan
I Got It/Cover Girl - Donnie
Full Service
Close To You
Step By Step
Hangin’ Tough/We Will Rock You

Donnie phone call with The Big Show



  Watch this at WEEI

 Wed, 9 Jun 2010
Donnie is back and calling in to the Big Show to recap Game Three and tell Celtics to keep 'hangin' tough'.

Celtics Lay an Egg, Spoil Date Between Maria Menounos, Donnie Wahlberg

Maria Menounos, Donnie Wahlberg Hopefully Maria Menounos and Donnie Wahlberg hit up Sully's Tap after the Celtics' ugly Game 3 defeat, because nothing wraps up an awful date ever more than a brutal Finals loss followed by warm, skunky beer and a few dozen drunken fist fights.
The local celebrities and C's fanatics took in the Lakers' 91-84 Game 3 win from their courtside seats. But Menounos, who arguably single-handedly gave the C's the series-win over the Magic with these antics, was rather calm for the North End battle. Pick it up, Menounos!

Donnie Wahlberg says NKOTB are hangin' tough for grown-up fans

Donnie Wahlberg is taking things step by step.
Alli Harvey
Donnie Wahlberg is taking things step by step.
Scott Stinson, National Post · Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2010
If Justin Bieber were to stop recording music in a couple of years, and then 20 years after that mount a comeback, he would be wise to listen to the words of Donnie Wahlberg.
Wahlberg is one-fifth of New Kids on the Block, the group that was two decades ago the Most Important Band in the World, if that title were determined solely by teen and pre-teen girls. Their albums topped the charts, they sold out arenas, and they sold lunch boxes and pencil cases by the millions. They would, like Bieber, be a daily trending topic on Twitter if such a thing existed in 1989.
But, when the group reformed in 2008, it had been ages since they graced the cover of Teen Beat. Would anyone come see them sing?
“We were financing the reunion ourselves. We were taking all the gambles,” Wahlberg says over the phone from his home in Boston during a break from a tour that brings the group to Southern Ontario this weekend. “Our gambles were based on the hope that our fans who were now age 30 to 40 would come back. But we kind of forgot that when we were really successful the first time around we had a lot of five-, six- and seven-, eight-year-old fans. Those fans are now 23, 24, 25. And suddenly we realized we underestimated the scope of our audience.”
Plus, he says, the audience seems to finally have crossed gender lines.
“Guys who hated us in high school are now married to the women who loved us in high school, and they can’t refuse going to see our concert anymore.”
Wahlberg says the reunion, which included a lengthy tour in 2008 to support a new album, and a much smaller tour this spring, has been a revelation.
“We meet fans all the time who say, ‘I was too young to see your concert, and then you went away, and now I can come to the show.’ You see these gorgeous young women walk into the show, and you think they must be there with their mom and they are, like, ‘No, I’m a huge fan.’ It’s pretty cool.”
Though the other New Kids -- Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood -- pursued various projects during the time the group “went away,” Wahlberg carved out the busiest career, with acting credits including The Sixth Sense, the Saw films and Band of Brothers. He acknowledges that boy bands became far more accepted in the post New Kids-era, but says he doesn’t regret clearing the way for the likes of *NSYNC et al.
“Was it a surprise to me to see Backstreet Boys on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine? It was, because Rolling Stone was the rock ’n’ roll Bible, and we were voted worst band, worst tour, worst singers, worst everything during our career,” he says. “So it was ironic to see Backstreet Boys on there, but that’s how things change. MTV used to boycott our videos and now it’s all teenagers screaming and yelling and carrying on the way they used to ridicule our fans for doing. Was I bitter about it? No. Not at all. I think one day MTV woke up and said, ‘We’re turning all these young girls away, we better start playing what they like.’ ”
He seems sanguine about never getting the critical acceptance that others have received since.
“There’s always going to be somebody who paves the way, and who gets sort of beat up for what they are doing, and years later it becomes the norm,” he says.
“Look at MC Hammer. He was a ‘pop rapper,’ and he caught a huge backlash. And pretty much everyone now is a pop rapper. Puff Daddy is a street-smart MC Hammer, if you’re going to be honest about it.”
The tour includes their old hits, he says, but also the new songs they wrote since reforming, and Wahlberg says the audience likes it that way.
“They can listen to Hangin’ Tough only so many times, as 30-year-old women, before they get sick of it.”
- New Kids on the Block play Casino Rama on June 10 and 11, and Caesars Windsor on June 12.

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The fastest selling cruise charter of all time is New Kids on the Block; NKOTB currently on tour

Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the New Kids on the Block are 
currently on tour
Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the New Kids on the Block are currently on tour
(AP Photo/Peter Kramer)
Boston band New Kids on the Block has cruised into a new record.  The band's NKOTB cruise has been named the fastest selling cruise charter of all time.  From May 14-17, 2010, fans of NKOTB who were lucky enough to obtain tickets before they sold out were treated to concert performances, photo sessions, and parties with the original members of New Kids on the Block.
Participants of the second annual New Kids on the Block cruise also received VIP concierge services, gift bags filled with exclusive NKOTB merchandise, and the opportunity to win prizes.  The cruise took place on the Carnival cruise ship Imagination.  Although the cruise sold out quickly,  fans were able to be put on Carnival's waiting list. 
New Kids on the Block was created in Boston, Massachusetts in 1984, disbanded in 1994, and reunited in 2007 when they released their first new album in more than a decade.  Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood are the band's founding members.
After the NKOTB cruise ended, the band continued a very limited tour of the United States.  The tour begins on June 10, 2010 and ends on June 19, 2010.  Dates on the tour include three shows in New York at Radio City Music Hall.  Two of the three shows are currently sold out and the third is sure to follow soon.  Visit for more information and to purchase tickets while they are still available.

Maria’s Madcap Adventures: Rockin’ With The New Kids On The Block!


New Kids On The Block Still Got It!

Posted by Yvette Casillas On June - 5 - 2010
New Kids On The Block/The Venue – Hammond, IN/6/4/10
New Kids On The Block 2
When I told people I would be seeing NKOTB I got mixed reactions from “OMG I would so see them” to “New Kids? Um aren’t they currently old enough for AARP?” Oh no my friend, NKOTB still have it! After the kaos of getting to the show we walked into a room of crazed fans and frantic security as the men of NKOTB were making their way thru the crowd of screaming fans. The show was different from any other time I have seen The New Kids, accompaning them on stage were their very own drummer, guitarist, DJ & even keyboardist. The show was dripping with dramatic acts and sexiness. Joey started “Please Don’t Go Girl” on his stool and ended up finishing the song on the stage floor. The guys talked about last years cruise tour and polled the audience to see who was on the cruise. I was shocked at how many ladies actually made it out for the cruise and still came back for more.

New Kids On The Block 5
During on song Joey came out in pants and a suit jacket with no undershirt. Don’t ask me what song it was because I was too distracted by his pure hottness of perfectly defined abs.
New Kids On The Block 9
New Kids On The Block 10
New Kids On The Block 11
New Kids On The Block 12
New Kids On The Block 13
New Kids On The Block 14
New Kids On The Block 15
New Kids On The Block 16
My favorite part of the show was when Donnie came out for a solo wearing a muscle shirt that showed off his massivley hot arms. After the song he put on a shirt & jacket and that is when the ladies started to boo him. He told everyone “if you come back tomorrow I’ll keep it off.” The room filled with cheers. Then he said “Come back Sunday and I’ll take it all off.” The crowd went nuts with screams and hollaring.
New Kids On The Block 19
New Kids On The Block 18
New Kids On The Block 21
Even tho NKOTB aren’t boys anymore they sure are sexified men and can still make the girls go wild!
New Kids On The Block 1
New Kids On The Block 3
New Kids On The Block 4
New Kids On The Block 6
New Kids On The Block 7
New Kids On The Block 8
New Kids On The Block 17
New Kids On The Block 20
New Kids On The Block 22
New Kids On The Block 23
By the end of the show women where throwing things up on stage like these awesome boxers that Donnie ended up putting on.

New Kids On The Block 24